How Do Lighted Nocks Work? (Nuts and Bolts)

You have been thinking about installing lighted nocks to arrows. But not sure if the lighted nocks will work with it!

So, how do lighted nocks work? The lighted nocks work utilizing LED light and batteries, allowing you to track the arrow. Also, you can simply recover it too hence saving your time and money surely because an arrow is expensive enough.

Before investing in lighted nocks, there is a lot you need to know. Come along with me?

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What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Nocks?

A wide variety of arrow nocks are available. They are different based on their sizes, functions, and benefits. 


  • Pin nocks
  • press-fit nocks
  • insert nocks
  • Out-nocks
  • Over-nocks
  • Crossbow nocks
  • Lighted nocks

Each of them has its own unique advantages and uses. Among all of them, the lighted arrow nock is one of the most unique and beneficial to archers. 

The majority of these nocks are press-fit and become lighter as they are used. An archer can see the trajectory of arrows more clearly this way.

How Do Lighted Nocks Work?

A lighted nock has mainly 2 special components

  1. Light
  2. And battery

A led light has 2 legs or sides. The longer one is an anode. Basically, it takes the positive output. The short one is known as the cathode and that’s the negative part.

Okay, let’s come to the battery. Most companies use Lithium-ion batteries in a lighted nock. In this battery, there are 2 sides. Positive and negative. The upper tip of the battery is positive and the rest of the body is represented as negative.

So how do they work generally? In most cases, the longer leg of the light is attached to the positive end of the battery. And the shorter or negative leg of the LED comes to the touch when shooting and the light will turn up. Then when detached, the light will turn off.

Inside the nock, a small switch is placed which is called a piston. This button will activate the lithium-ion battery as soon as pushing and then the LED will turn on.

Can you reuse lighted nocks?

Yes, you can reuse lighted nocks. As lighted nocks have replaceable batteries it allows you to reuse them. They have a certain lifespan. Replace them after their battery dies and use them again. 

Some lighted nocks are fully removable light sticks. From these nocks, you can remove your lighted nocks. You can easily reset your nocks.

When you want to use them, put the LED in the nock unit. And to reset the nock, simply remove the LED. Thus, you can reuse them.

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How Long Will Lighted Nocks Stay Lit?

As I previously mentioned, most lighted nocks use lithium batteries which have a definite life span. They are battery-powered and a decent quality nock can stay lit for more than 30 hours normally. Though the quality of the batteries is varied and different lighted nocks have different lifespans.

Okay, let’s give some examples to you. XHYCKJ-led lighted nocks can provide you with 48 hours of battery backup.

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Lumenok offers a battery life of about 40 hours. Nockturnal lighted nock offers you 20+ hours of battery backup. So, it’s sure that you can find your arrow the next day if you use them.

How Do You Install Lighted Nocks on Arrows?

You just need some materials for that. An arrow, a selected lighted nock, a pair of pliers, and bowstring wax (if necessary) are needed. 

  • Then, hold the lighted nock with your pliers and put it into the arrow. You can do that with your hand. You should be attentive to pressing too hard with the pliers. Make sure Nock will attach tightly to the arrow.
  • But, if the nock doesn’t slide smoothly, use some bowstring wax to coat the nock, and then use it. Withdraw the surplus wax from the arrow.

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How Do You Remove Lighted Nocks from An Arrow?

As soon as you find your arrow, you may want to turn off the light to save battery life, right? So, how can you remove lighted nocks from an arrow?

In the other section, I discussed how you can install lighted nocks. And the removal procedure from an arrow of these two different ways installed nocks will be different.

To remove some nocks, you can just use a pair of pliers or needles or a safety pin and twist it out and pull. You can use your hand also. Now your nock is out. 

If your nock is glued, to remove this you need to bend it back and forth, crack the glue, and twist it to break it off.

Here are some in-depth guides

Are Lighted Nocks Heavier?

Yes, Lighted nocks are heavier than other standard nocks. Most of the traditional nocks’ weights generally vary from 8 to 16 grains

While most of the lighted nocks are double in weight. A lighted nock’s weight can be from 8 to 15 grains heavier than a traditional nock.

Do Lighted Nocks Change Arrow Flight?

Adding a lighted nock on the arrow means it gains some extra weight surely. It causes differences in arrow flight.  

For extra weight gaining, also for the location and distribution of the weight and length of the lighted nock make the difference. I have a dedicated guide where I showed how lighted nocks affect arrow flight.


Do you glue in lighted nocks?

If a lighted nock can’t fix the arrow properly or doesn’t slide into it easily, then you can use glue. But in general, no nocks need to be glued on. 

Should you practice with lighted nocks?

A lighted nock is heavier than other nocks. It causes extra weight gain in the arrow. It can cause a change in arrow flight. So, you should practice with it to get better results in hunting.

How much do lighted nocks weigh?

Normally, a lighted nock is heavier than other standard nocks. Their weight varied from 20 to 30 grains which are almost double that of others. Or you can measure them between .13lb to 0.242lb. 

Are lighted nocks legal?

In most states, lighted nocks are illegal. Because legislation always tries to limit the technology which gives unfair advantages to the hunters. 

How can you make your arrows more visible?

You can make your arrow more visible by using a lighted nock on it. This is the most unique feature of the lighted nock. Use it, and enjoy your hunting.

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