Common Rage Shock Collar Problems! [How To Fix Them]

Haven’t you faced anything challenging with the shock collar? You might have! Though collars are easily replaceable, you shouldn’t ignore these problems.

Worry not! I’ll spell out some easy fixes regarding this topic! 

What are the key rage shock collar problems? The key problems indicate the positioning and tightening issues of the Rage shock collar. Easing the collar up accidentally or intentionally will cause difficulties while flying. Also, you need to put this into the right position.

These explanations are not enough! I’ll explain them in detail in the next section!

Quick Table Of Rage Shock Collar Problems and Fixes

I believe you must have a bird’s eye view even before digging out the whole scenario of the rage shock collar problems. I have sorted the most common problems with quick fixes in the chart below! 

Rage Shock Collar ProblemsFixes
Positioning IssueIdentifying tiny arrows
Tightening IssueApply gentle pressure before installing it

Got some ideas from this table? I bet you did! But this quick recap might not give you a clearer idea, does it? Worry not, here we are off to see things deeply!

Common Rage Shock Collar Problems And How To Fix Them!

Let’s explore now what are the common Rage shock collar problems that you must know!

Problem 1: Positioning Issue

Without keeping the collar in the right place, you’ll start seeing the Rage broadhead popping up different issues further. 


The arrow is quite tiny which is difficult to notice in some cases. Also, less lighting is a case when you might not find this point out! 

How To Fix:

First of all, you will see a tiny arrow that is molded into the bottom of the shock collar. And, it indicates positioning the blades properly. 

If you don’t find this arrow, simply slide the collar onto the shaft of the broadhead so that one of the pedals gets underneath the blade itself. And then, makes the broadhead locked once the shock collar slides up.

Problem 2: Tightening Issue

You already know how the shock collar works, right? But the lack of tightening this up might keep your broadhead struggling. Also, don’t make a wrong collaboration with the blades. Unless you have to sacrifice your regular hunting or even tournament!


Lack of concentration while tightening or the collar quality can make itself deformed. Also, it will cause your broadhead to wobble.

How To Fix:

No problem with the flights! But mostly, before starting the flight, it might get eased. You need to position this collar properly just like I explained earlier in this article

Also, let’s not bend or pull so often before getting the collar inserted into the broadhead. Apply gentle pressure to install. 

Are rage shock collars reusable?

No, you can’t! Rage shock collars are just the similar one compared to other brands’ shock collars. It will demand a new one to get replaced on to your broadhead after a shot you have made.

Actually, these collars are made in a manner that doesn’t allow the collar to run several times.

What are shock collars for arrows?

Basically, shock collars control the arrow blades of your broadheads from prematurely placing. This incident might take place if you bump the arrow or broadhead when it’s situated on the stand.

These collars are developed to break upon impact. As a result, you will be needing them to replace the previous one after every shot.

Do Rage broadheads shoot like field tips?

Yes, Rage broadheads are quite excellent for hunting. They can fly like field points and can pierce like a sledgehammer. Especially, the Rage Hypodermic broadheads maintain a thin profile during the flight. And, this approach enhances overall range and accuracy.

Final Words

Now you know exactly how to get rid of the Rage shock collar problems, don’t you? Also remember, don’t pull the collar off with heavy pressure.

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