All The Hoyt Bow Problems (Solved)

Hoyt, a world-renowned brand in archery and bowhunting, brings the most advanced and bullet-proof carbon bows. Besides finding them trendy and effective, you might also face various issues coming from Hoyt’s different models. 

Want to know them particularly? 

Or maybe you’ve faced these problems earlier in a competition. That’s what the article is about!  Here I’ll discuss all the Hoyt Bow problems.

Let’s get into it!

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Hoyt Hyperforce Problems

Hoyt Hyperforce bows often come with some issues regarding their limb pocket area. Otherwise, this bow coming with Optifade Subalpine camo is highly user-friendly. 

However, in the long run of your usage, a couple of nicks might be found on your upper limb pocket area. Don’t get afraid, as many users do! Simply applying some black nail polish can do the best fix! 

Finding this sort of damage on the pocket and the splinter on the limbs shouldn’t be ignored. All you need is to take this bow to an archery shop or technician.

Interestingly, you won’t find this limb pocket issue so commonly occurring on other bow brands. Hoyt needs a better choice of utilized material- plastic in the pockets. 

As a result, you might face this issue more than once! But replacing the pocket properly can mitigate this risk in the long run. 

In the meantime, coming with aluminum material would be much more convenient for bowhunters, including you. Also, due to the vast availability, you could do the aluminum replacement faster. 

Hoyt Carbon Element Problems

Only a few problems you might discover on Hoyt Carbon Element. But durability can be a major issue. 

Unlike other compound bows, this is not the best fit for aluminum. Unfortunately, tubular carbon can’t provide the same impact that aluminum does! 

In the meantime, you might find its camo a bit underwhelming. The camo limb covers the finishing of your bow from beaming in the sunlight. That’s why camouflaging a longbow or recurve bow can greatly assist your hunting. 

You’ll also find your bow’s joints need to be glued properly. A finishing issue might pop up, too, due to its destructive nature of wearing.

Hoyt Torrex Problems

Hoyt Torrex is undoubtedly one of the finest shooting budget bows that you’ll find available in the market. However, you might face some challenges after getting it set up from the shop. 

Your Torrex cables might yank the rubber string to stop off. It’s mostly occurred when you draw it back after a couple of shots.

Also, you might face cable sliding issues here. Screws tightening the cable slide rod might not be enough to ensure cable clearance.

As a result, applying different cable slides is necessary to get more clearance to your cables.

Hoyt Ventum Problems

Hoyt Ventum bows are quite well-built, which allows being much smoother and speedier! It is developed to be functional while providing adequate options to bowhunters like you! 

However, some common issues, such as false tuning, bad gripping, etc., exist, which you should pay attention to!

Hoyt Ventum 33 Problems

False tuning issues are quite common among Hoyt Ventum 33 bows! This problem might cause you to struggle with one-sided tearing. 

Even if you buy a Hoyt Shim kit for betterment, it might need to deliver what users, including you, demand from it.

This bow has been excessively sensitive to grip. You might see the gripping getting worse daily without getting the key reason. 

A stock grip, different side plates, and turf tape can hopefully bring you a better result. 

Many bow hunters claim that they can’t get rid of a tear when they pull the bow into their back wall and try to pull through the shot. 

Hoyt Ventum Pro 33 Problems

The most common problem with this model is: struggling to get things to tune with any center shot. 

Also, camouflage leaning, shimming, or even limb deflection issues are happening here.

Having a formidable tail right tear can get rid of this situation. Also, you may pick up a shim kit for better results. 

Try to make the topper cam shim on the right side while the bottom shim is on the left.

Chances are there to get an imperfect gripping shot-to-shot. In this condition, you will see the sight housing rotated to you on either left or right side. 

Apart from that, pic rail accessories still need to be across the board, and those available now come in an expensive price range.

Hoyt Ventum 30 Problems

Getting a creaking sound at the beginning of the draw cycle might occur. It’s quite loud that it’ll make you feel like opening or shutting down an old cracked door. 

This issue on your championship won’t be a good sign. Countering this problem requires limb pockets. Also, an ideal grease or lube must be picked to utilize on the limb pockets.

So, damage to the pocket is a big concern if you consider buying this model. Also, be conscious about its splintering on the limbs. 

Hoyt Axius Ultra Problems

The tuning issue is the biggest fear for any Hoyt Axius ultra model! First of all, you need to tie the nocking point properly. 

And this nocking point of your bow will place the arrow in the right place on your bowstring. 

To tie a nocking point, the things that you require are:

  • Bracing measurement gauge
  • Thread
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Hot-melt glue 

Ensure the point is driven from an invariant position while applying constant pressure. Make sure that the nock is clicked against the nocking point. 

Get the serving material and tie an overhand knot 1/16″ downward the nock. In the meantime, check the timing of your rest. 

Hoyt CRX 32 Problems

Hoyt is known for superb engineering. At the same time, getting limb noise on every shooting is a big problem for Hoyt CRX 32 models! 

You might hear a squeaking sound coming from the limb pockets of your Hoyt CRX 32 bow. 

Manufacturers claim this issue might disappear after picking the bow up. They suggest pulling another off the rack and then shooting again so the squeak won’t come. 

But in reality, that’s not the case! Especially when you are competing with other hunters or even going for 100 to 200 shots in a bunch, you can’t tolerate this sound at all!

This squeak usually can be so louder that your appearance is public to every animal in the jungle.

Anyway, let me tell you why it happens! The tension on the screws on the flank of your bow’s limb pockets might not be placed correctly. 

Along with that, the spot must need some lithium lubricant. However, please don’t bother yourself to fix it! 

Visit the dealer so that they can have their way to fix it properly.

Hoyt rx7 problems

Like other Hoyt bows, this RX7 model might also come up with a tuning issue. 

Initially, you might see this RX7 shooting a mild but noticeable left tear. Along with that, possibilities are there to see the nock end of your bare shafts kicking to the left when they try coming out of your Hoyt RX7 bow. It’s a clear sign that your bow has a tuning discrepancy. 

You’re on the safe side as soon as your bows help the broadhead to hit field points! And this result also helps achieve the ultimate goal of tuning. 

What if you’ve got shots hitting the maximum hunting range? The tuning is completely better! But you will need more than tuning discrepancy to achieve it.

In this condition, check the draw length, as the slightest changes may bring a huge contrast in tuning.

You can also conduct a speed test with a pair of additional shafts during the tuning process. 

Hoyt rx5 Problems

Hoyt RX5 is one of the modern Hoyt bows available in the market with excellent traits serving bowhunters. 

However, getting limb deflection often can be a big concern for you! As a result, the overall shooting accuracy will be compromised too. 

You also might discover the center shot is too far inside. It must have been positioned at 13/16 inches to get a better result. Also, the cams can be shimmed for lateral arrow flight

It’s completely a bow shop setup issue. All you need is to visit the shop again with this bow. Many users try a DIY method on their own. But it’s not recommended at all. 

At the same time, finding the limbs uneven is not an issue. When you find this orientation, don’t get afraid! Leaving the limb uneven won’t even bother you while shooting.

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