Mathews Halon 32 problems (Fixed)

The Mathews halon 32 bow is a powerful compound bow perfect for hunting big game. It has a draw weight of 4.73-pounds and can shoot arrows up to 350 yards. This bow is made from high-quality materials and it is easy to use. However, Mathews halon 32 powerful bow have some problems also. 

So, what are the Mathews halon 32 problems?  First, the arrow damper does not seem to be functioning properly and this causes the bow to vibrate excessively when shots are taken. Second, the arrows do not hit their target consistently. Thirdly, how difficult it is to assemble the bow. Finally, they are heavy for a bare bow. 

Interested to know mathews halon 32 issues in detail? Let’s dive in.

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List of Mathews Halon 32 Problems and Solutions

#1 Timing Problem

Several people have complained about an annoying problem that occurs when throwing Arrow and shows the bottom cam six inches below the top half of either end of the control cable. How correct is this problem? Add a twist to the top portion of the control wire?


The timing on the Halon 32 is sensitive; therefore, only make minor changes at a time. Do not use too much force if the cable on the underside is hitting first. Only add half a turn to the underside cable.

#2 Fixing left lateral nock travel Problem

Sometimes you may face left lateral nock travel issues. But, how to fix the left lateral nock travel? You can use a bare shaft with the top hats and I’ve mentioned how you can do that below.


You’ll use the top hats to shim the cams, which usually come in different sizes. You should buy a complete set to modify the quality of the setup. You’re only supposed to shim the cam once. Be sure to only operate one cam at a time, as you may need to move the second cam. When you do a bare installation, it’s unwise to set up lots of cams.

#3 Broadhead tuning problems

  1. If broadheads hit left and Paper tune tear – tail right, then it causes the problem.


So you have to fix the Mathews top hats and the rest. You should move the cam to the right. And the rest to the left.

  1. If broadheads hit right and Paper tune tear – tail left, then it also causes the problem.


So you should move the cam to the left. And the rest move to the right.

  1. If broadheads hit high and Paper tune tear – tail low, then it might cause the issue.


You should fix the rest and the nock point. Move the rest down or move the nock point up.

  1. If broadheads hit low and Paper tune tear – tail high, then it also might cause the issue.


Move the rest up or move the nock point down.

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Mathews halon 5 problems

The Mathews halon 5 bow was introduced in 2010. Halon 5 bow has 5″ brace height, up to 350 fps speed. A recurve bow uses a computer-controlled system to adjust the draw weight. 

There are reports of problems with this bow, including the inability to fire arrows or the bows not drawing properly. It is also heavy and expensive.

If you are having problems with your Mathews halon 5 bow, there is a solution. These bows can be difficult to use and shoot accurately, but there are steps that you can take to improve your accuracy. 

First, make sure that the bow is well-oiled and properly tuned. Next, practice frequently and adjust your shooting technique accordingly. Finally, read the instructions carefully and take direction from an experienced archer if needed.

Mathews halon 6 problems

Mathews halon 6 bow problems are common and can range from simple to more complicated. Some common issues with the Mathews halon 6 bow include: string binding, pull strength, accuracy, function, and noise. Some users have also experienced problems with the arrow stabilization system.

Many of these problems can be corrected by adjusting the bow’s string and limbs, but others may require a replacement bow.

These bows can be extremely inaccurate, and often require a lot of tuning and adjustment to get them shooting correctly. Try out some of the suggested adjustments and see if they help improve your bow’s performance. If not, consider contacting a qualified archery technician for assistance.

Mathews halon x problems

The Mathews halon x bow is a popular recurve bow that is often used by beginners and intermediates. Nevertheless, there have been reports of the bow failing to fire, sometimes resulting in serious injuries.

Mathews Halon X bow problems can be solved with a few simple steps. The most common issue is a binding issue where the string slips off of the bow’s handle. This can be fixed by tightening the screw that holds the string in place. If the issue is a lack of power, adjusting the draw weight or height of the bow can help.

How much is a Mathews Halon 32 worth?

Mathews Halon 32 bow costs between $550 to $600 and is a powerful hunting bow with a draw weight of 60 pounds and a fast shooting speed.

How fast does a Mathews Halon 32 shoot?

The Mathews Halon 32 is one of the fastest shooting bows on the market, with a speed of 312 fps and a draw weight of 60 lbs. It comes in four colors: black, red, bronze, and green.

Can you adjust draw length on a Halon 32?

If you are using a Mathews bow and want to adjust the draw length, you can do so by adjusting the hand grip. Adjusting draw length on a Mathews Halon 32 bow is easy. Just adjust your hand grip to change the draw length. You can also get a bow with a draw length determined by yourself if you prefer.

When did the Halon 32 come out?

Halon 32 was introduced in 2017.

How much does the Halon 32 weigh?

Halon 32 weigh 4.73 lbs.

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