How To Sight In A Ravin Crossbow? (Full Guide)

My Ravin scopes were too hard to sight in. Does it happen to you too? Do you struggle to maintain the shooting distance and fail to sight in? And sometimes the scopes just break apart after ⅔ trials, right? 

This happens when we don’t maintain the least 20-yard distance rule while shooting. And we fail to keep an accurate distance from many obstacles. Poor accuracy and damaged scopes are the major culprits here. 

How to sight in Ravin crossbow

But I didn’t stop there. I’ve searched deeply and found all the tricks to perfect sight in my crossbow. So check out how to sight in a Ravin Crossbow and never get bothered again. 

How Do You Sight In A Ravin Crossbow Scope? (Step By Step)

Sighting in Ravin scopes is never too hard if you maintain the precaution and follow the proper guideline. Here is the best way to sight in a Ravin crossbow –


First of all, mount your Ravin crossbow properly and take it to the shooting spot. The place must be open and safe, having no risk of unintended injury. 


Now it’s time to set up a target at the front of a backstop and aim from 10-20 yards distance.


Before you throw your first shot you must turn your FPS dial to the suggested speed according to your Ravin model.


Now you are throwing your first shot within 10 yards’ distance. While taking that shot you have to move the point of impact to where your point of aim was. You can do it with your bow’s vertical and horizontal adjustment tools.


Now once you are confident there, slowly come 20 yards away without losing concentration. Now repeat the same process to maintain vertical and horizontal adjustment.


When you are done with all the adjustments, shoot immediately before losing focus.


Now if your point of impact is lower than your point of aim then you’ll adjust your FPS style up slightly in speed.

Or if your point of impact is higher than your point of aim then you’ll adjust your FPS style by moving it down slightly in speed.

After hitting exactly what you are aiming at now your Ravin crossbow is completely sighted in.

Note: Never touch your FPS style right after this. Wait till unloading it. And if you want to change an arrow, you have to continue this same procedure.

For R171 use Ravin Iron Sight Adapter to sight in.

You can also follow this video to follow through the steps

How To Sight In A Ravin R10 Crossbow?

Sighting in Ravin r10 requires almost the same procedure. A slight difference may present if you want to sight in from 20-100 yards. 

As regular crossbows don’t shoot well from 100 yards only r10 users can follow this procedure-

Step1: Mount and set the crossbow at 20 yards, in a previous way.

Step2: Now repeat the same process at 50 yards and 100 yards.

Step3: Set your r10 at 400 FPS and move to 30 yards to shoot. 

Step4: Now follow the same adjustment rules to complete sighting in your Ravin r10 model.

Sighting In Ravin R29x Sniper, R9, R26, R29, and other models?

Sighting in a Ravin r29x sniper is not as difficult as you think. This speed beast requires the same procedure, but this time you need to keep the fps at 430.  

But while sighting in a Ravin r15 crossbow, set the bolt at 422 fps on average. Because going further can make you lose your aim. 

Sighting in the Ravin r26 crossbow is almost the same as r10 but here you better not shoot from more than 90 yards. 

But sighting in a Ravin r9 crossbow is an easy breeze. Just follow the procedure of regular crossbows and you are done!

How To Adjust The Ravin Crossbow Scope At Night?

Ravin crossbow scope adjustment at night is an easy task. All you need to do is to place night owl optics for night shots and go through the same steps I’ve already mentioned.

What Kind Of Scope Is Best For My Ravin Crossbow?

While purchasing a scope for your Ravin crossbow you must consider the magnification and objective lens size of it.

As it regulates the accuracy and the sight quality of your bow.

Like Ravin r170 specs, which can give you amazing magnifications while R172 has an accurate lens size. High resolution, 100 yards shooting capacity, and Illuminated optics make it the best of all scopes. 

However, if you want to choose one scope for accurate lens size and better resolution go for this one: Ravin r172 scope.

What Distance Should I Zero In My Ravin Crossbow?

If you are intended to “zero” in your Ravin crossbow you can set it up to 10-30 yards. But the perfect distance is 20 yards on average.

Sight in a Ravin crossbow will never be a headache to you if you maintain the distance rule and the fps measure. 

Different models may vary from this reading. But once you get used to it, sighting a crossbow seems amusing!

Wrap Up

You can’t aim your target accurately if you don’t know how to sight in for shooting. And, when it comes to high-tech crossbow like Ravin, you can’t make most out of it without knowing proper sighting-in.

In this article, I explained how to do it exactly in a step-by-step process. I even break it down for most of the well-known Ravin models. I also discussed how to do a sight-in at night.

Hope this helped! If so, you might also be interested in loading and unloading Ravin crossbows.

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