How to Load (and Unload) a Ravin Crossbow?

I accidentally placed my hand in the string path while loading!. It just shot automatically while I was moving. These are the horrible experiences I faced!

This happens to us too when we don’t load the bow perfectly or forget to unload it while changing the location. The bow hunting journey becomes worse if you don’t know how to load a ravin crossbow as well as how to unload it.

But you won’t have this headache from now on. It’s an absolute breeze. Just check out these guidelines to minimize the risk of accidental loading and unloading of your Ravin crossbows. 

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Step by Step Guide on How to load a Ravin crossbow

When you shoot the arrows it absorbs a lot of energy that hits backward too hard. So if you don’t load it correctly the bows will throw an accidental release. 

As well as not unloading the bow after shooting means calling an accident on your own. Before loading, maintain some of these precautions-

  1. Wear safety glasses.
  2. Clear the bowstring path .
  3. Don’t place your hand over the arrow tip.
  4. And target it in a safe location when preparing for loading.

Now let’s dig into- How do you load a Ravin crossbow?


Inspect the whole crossbow carefully and place a fixed blade. The blade should not be greater than 15/8″ in diameter. 


Check the inserts carefully this time cause this is the stage where most of the users are stuck.

None of the screws and limbs should be loose and damaged. This will make obstacles in the narrow path and loading more difficult.


Now place your hand before the archway bucket. Point your crossbow in an open and safe direction. 


Hold the arrows behind the arrow tip, not in the front. Put the fletching below the rails. Now knock the arrow under the archway and hold it until the clips are properly attached to the bowstring. 

It will take approximately 5-8 sec to engage the arrows. But still, check again to avoid unwanted arrow release. 


And lastly, lay down the arrows on the rollers which you will find at the front of the bow. Now place the safety device “on fire” mood and you are finally done with loading! 

Now you can just go for firing without any hesitation and injury risk. 

Tip: Ravin has a great video to follow along with. Check it out below.

How To Load A Ravin R10, R29, And R20 Crossbow?

Loading ravin r10, r20, and r29 requires the same procedure as other models need. It’s a doddle! Just follow the steps I’ve already mentioned. 

Note: When you load a Ravin r10 crossbow there are no restrictions on the broadhead. You can use it according to your comfortable measure. 

But in the case of r29, always go for a mechanical broadhead. Otherwise, I’m afraid you may face accuracy issues

And remember, never use a premature blade in a Ravin r20 crossbow. It may lead you to aim at an unintended target.

Can You Load A Crossbow By Hand?

Yes, you can load a crossbow with your hand. Even most of the archers prefer loading with hands as it does not require any exceptional gadgets or devices. It is the handiest, easy, quickest, and one of the most economical method!

How to Unload a Ravin Crossbow?

Unloading your Ravin crossbow is super easy. Just follow the steps I’ve mentioned below- 


Once you are done with firing, place the bow in an open and safe direction.


Check the safety device if it shows “Safe” mode. If it’s not you can push the device into “Safe” mode on your own. 


Hold the crossbow from the end of the arrow tip and clear the bow string pathway.


Check if the arrows are safe in the quiver. If not then place them one by one securely. 

Now you are done with unloading your Ravin crossbow successfully.

How Long Can You Leave A Ravin Crossbow Loaded?

It’s not safe to leave your crossbow loaded for more than 24 hours as the strings can not hold the position for too long. It may get twisted or even broken. 

And more importantly, leaving your bow loaded without ensuring a safe location is extremely dangerous. One accidental touch on the sensor and you may regret it afterward. 

How far can you shoot a Ravin crossbow?

In general, a crossbow can shoot up to 100 feet or 33 yards. While Normal Ravin crossbow will allow you to shoot at least 20-70 yards. But some new ravin models like r10 will let you shoot approximately 100 yards or 300 yards! That said, Ravin r 10 is one of the fastest crossbow!

How far can Ravin 500 shoot?

A basic Ravin 500 is one of the fastest models that shoot a maximum of 100 yards and you can balance it with a speed regulator. 

How does an arrow go in the Ravin crossbow?

An arrow is inserted into a crossbow by loading the bow. (Procedure is the same as loading!)  

How far can you shoot a deer with a Ravin crossbow?

If you don’t care about the target you can shoot far but when you are aiming at a target like a deer, you can go a maximum of 80 yards. 


Can I dry fire a Ravin crossbow?

You can have an accidental dry fire with a Ravin crossbow once in a blue moon. As it has an ADF system to avoid dry fires. But if there are any mechanical faults then you may get dry fires.

Can you preload a Ravin crossbow?

You can preload a Ravin crossbow but do not leave it loading for more than 24 hours. And also try to keep it in an open and safe location. 

Do you need a free hand to reload a Ravin crossbow?

You can reload a Ravin crossbow with hands but using an adjuster can be a better and easier option.

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