How To Sharpen Mechanical Broadheads? 2 Methods Unfold!

Faced trouble as your broadhead not flying straight? What if you try harder but your blade unexpectedly becomes harmless toward the hunting target? 

Worry not, here I will brief you on some strategies stepwise.

So, how to sharpen mechanical broadheads? Apart from the replacement of blades, you must stick to a plan for sharpening them. Besides, you can use a b-head sharpener or even widely-available stones. However, sharpening broadheads at a consistent angle is recommended. Your broadhead can sever a rubber band with light pressure once it gets properly sharpened.

Still, I remain to discuss things in detail. So, let’s not waste any time and get right to spell you the necessaries.

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How To Sharpen Mechanical Broadheads? Explaining Methods!

Now it’s time to take you on a tour of different ways of the sharpening processes. But, before that, you can check out how mechanical broadheads work.

Method 1: Using Sharpener

I don’t want to do this task unnecessarily. So, before sharpening, here’s a small test of whether you have got a really bad-sharpen broadhead or not! 

Step 1: Prerequisite

First of all, take a rubber band! Interesting, right? This is quite close to smooth muscle mass like animals. 

Practically, you will get a decent idea of how efficiently your mechanical broadhead can go through an animal’s body. 

Simply create a little bit of tension on the band and push the broadhead. See, if the rubber band gets cut off or not. 

Step 2: Flat Surface

Along with these, get a nice flat surface to work on. Keep the broadhead on the arrow so that your hands don’t show up too close to the blades. 

And yes, make sure that your blades are completely deployed. 

Step 3: Bringing Sharpener

Now, it’s time to get some action from your broadhead sharpener. Try to buy this coming with a close guard for your hands and thumb. Using a coarse abrasive is also ideal here.

Meanwhile, sharpeners coming with a broadhead wrench keep your work more effective. Now, get two strokes at a time through it. 

As once you get to the razor edge, you can take the chance of folding the edge over on itself. This process will be done after you have attempted a couple of stripes. 

Step 4: Looking For Perfection

Perfection has no bound actually but once you think enough of edging is done, get out of this process. 

And again, test the blades with the rubber band. This time, you might find it cutting through.

Method 2: Using Stone

In the meantime, different sharpening methods can be used here depending on how much accuracy you want! 

A simple and light touch-up to the broadheads can be enough in some cases! You might bring a fine flat stone and scratch the broadhead very carefully.

Similar to the previous time, leaving the broadhead attached to an arrow makes it easier to handle for this method. Now, hold down the blade edge to be sharpened. 

As a result, it will stay flat on the stone. It’s time to tip the blade up very slightly. Remember, the more you keep only the blade edge touching the stone, the better. 

In the meantime, push the edge along the stone about five or six strokes while holding this angle. And then, turn the blade over and do the same activity on the other side. Keep this process ongoing for a while to have a very sharp edge.

Look, it’s all about sharpening, not making it tinier.

Remember, as soon as you take the blades out of the package, sharpening them before putting on the arrows is your responsibility. Not the manufacturer’s concern!


Do mechanical broadheads fly like field points?

Yes, they do fly like field points. No question about that! But a big doubt exists whether these mechanical broadheads fly like a field tip or not.
However, some blade broadheads adapt to flying like a field tip. You might find the Rage Hypo Crossbow and the NAP Spitfire DoubleCross broadhead act closely to that.

Can you sharpen mechanical broadheads?

There are a couple of ways to sharpen mechanical broadheads. In this post, I’ve shown those ways step by step.

How to sharpen rage mechanical broadheads?

Sharpening for rage doesn’t seem to have any particular method. You should follow ways like sharpening with a stone and sharpener.

Why do my broadheads fly left?

Carrying stiff arrows that are also over-spined might go left. Paper tuning can be an ideal solution while controlling improper arrow spines. Found no perfect shoots pointing at a bullet hole through paper? It speaks about your arrow flying crooked.

Do heavier broadheads fly better?

Not at all! Yes, these might gear your hunting up with their good amount of speed. Also, achieving more lethal shooting is possible. Meanwhile, lacking in momentum and hitting or penetration is an average scenario from bulkier broadheads. 

How to fix my broadheads shooting higher?

Fixing this case requires you to raise the nocking point or loop. Also, you may lessen the other points a bit. Both cases need smaller adjustments. In this manner, hitting the same point through a field point and broadheads is achievable.

Final Words

Now you know exactly how to sharpen mechanical broadheads, right? 

I have tried to keep things easier for you. Hopefully, you can do this right. That’s all from today!

If this article helps you also might be interested in sharpening single-bevel mechanical broadheads.

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