How To Install A Bowstring Silencer? (All The Ways)

My bowstring is getting too loud day by day. Even it vibrates a lot. Why is it happening? How can I get rid of this excessive noise?

After a few uses, the bow parts get loose sometimes. That makes it vibrate and the bow structure can also be a reason there. Like recurve bows which are naturally louder than regular longbows. The most effective way to get out of this trouble is to install a bow string silencer. 

But don’t get bothered at all cause I’ve found the most useful way to fix it. Let’s see how to install a bowstring silencer most easily and effectively.

How do you install a string silencer on your bow? (Step by step)

how to install a bowstring silencer

Installation of a string silencer is quite easy to do. Just need to follow the guidelines accordingly.


First of all, collect a server or string approximately 2ft. Then take a sharp razor blade or a knife. Now bring an OMP VIBE or string silencer. 

So you’re going to take one of the strings that usually come in two packs. One for each side. Now take a serving material to tie the silencer on each side of the string. 


Now put the serving material under the string and you’re gonna tie an overhand knot just very loosely. So you have the knot started and it’s gonna sit there from now.

Now simply take the silencer and fold it in half. And you have to fold it in half again.

You’ll be thinking where do you put a bow string silencer? Just wrap it around the string.


Okay, now here comes the tricky part. You have to tie the previously made knot with the folded silencer without coming undone here.

I gently place my finger on the string and pull one end so that it gets tightened up easily. 


Now you’re gonna take another part of the knot and tie it around the bottom. And bring the part to the string again and tie another knot. We’ll do this couple of times so that the knot gets as tight as possible. 


This time cut the excess off and try as close as you can. You’ll see a loop on the silencer as you’ve folded it earlier. Take a pair of scissors and separate them as they remain connected. 


The most interesting and final step is here. Plunk the folder silencer. Do it until it looks like a bloomed flower and does it on both sides of it.

And you’re all good to go! That’s all how to install a bow string silencer. 

You can follow this video as well

How to install a string silencer on your compound bow?

Installing a string silencer on your compound bow is interesting. Because you can add fur string silencers in compound bows. In the case of a normal silencer, use the same procedure I’ve already mentioned. 

And for fur string silencers follow these easy steps –


First of all measure down about 8 inches from your nock loop and divide the strings at that point. Take the end of the first fur-string silencer and slip it right in there. 


Now wrap this around the bowstring the same way as you did for regular silencers.

Do it in a manner that the strings do not twist too much while wrapping.  


Once you get it wrapped down, you’re gonna divide the string on the other end and put the rest of the fur silencer there. 


Finally, give it a little pop to make everything a bit fluffy. And you’re all done. 

Where to place string silencers on compound bows?

Load your compound bow and fire it in a safe place. Keep an eye on the strings and notice where it vibrates the most. Also, find out the loudest location of the bow.

This is where you need to place the string silencer. 

How to install a string silencer on a recurve bow?

Installing a bow string silencer on your recurve bow is almost the same as regular crossbows. You can also install a fur string silencer on the recurve bow. But there is a slight difference in the string’s position. 

As your recurve bow got a longer string than others, place the first end of the fur silencer at 10 inches of the strings. Other procedures are the same.

Where to place string silencers on recurve?

You’ll place the regular silence on your recurve bow at the most vibrated area. 

But in the case of a fur string silencer, the silencer will be at 10 inches of your string point.

Why should you install a string silencer on your bow?

Our bowstrings sometimes get too loud which may affect our concentration and make us lose our aim. Also if you practice archery regularly, it’s impossible to take this noise with every shot. That’s why a silencer can be your best friend here. 

Like excessively loud compound bows, they sound a lot and vibrate more. But when you install a silencer it disperses the energy while releasing the arrow. 

Thus it stops the vibration and loud sounds. This is how a bow string silencer works. Most interestingly, recurve bow silencers can speed up the bow performance. 

String silencer suggestions for you

When you bring your bow home it may serve quite normally. But after a few uses, the strings start to sound louder than before. And you know what happens next! 

Your bow vibrates more and the arrow’s speed slows down. But choosing a silencer that’s not appropriate for your bow, is a complete waste. 

With a suitable string silencer, you can reduce all the sound issues of your bow. Like in recurve bows, Bowjax String Silencers can reduce almost 90% of the noise.

In the case of compound bows, you can get the best performance with Bowjax 1036 Ultra silencer

Key Takeaways

Installing a bow string silencer is fun when you do it properly. Just place the silencer at the accurate place and do warping as I told you. See you’re all done installing a silencer and a way to get rid of all these excessive sounds that are distracting your target!

Before you go, you can check out this article on how long do bowstrings last in case you are interested in it. Either way, bye,

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