Common PSE Carbon Air Problems! [How To Fix Them]

Couldn’t find the best performance out of your favorite PSE bow? While inspecting the bow, you might discover setbacks related to the limbs. Well, I’ll discuss that here!

So, what are the main PSE carbon air problems? The main problems indicate limb failures. Meanwhile, the limbs can be twisted, cracked, etc. Different scenarios ask for different solutions here.

Now, I’ll show you all the fixes to these common problems.

Quick Table Of PSE Carbon Air Problems and Fixes

I believe you need to see a quick overview before getting deeper into the PSE carbon air problems. I sorted the issues along with the probable fixes in the table below!

PSE Carbon Air ProblemsFixes
Limb TwistingTwist again in the opposite
Limb CrackingCock the bow

Got some ideas from this table! I bet you do. But you still have several things to know deeply. Hold on, we’re getting into this in the next section!

Common PSE Carbon Air Problems And How To Fix Them!

It’s time to explore the carbon air problems with deeper insights. By the end of this, you’ll have a clear idea of how to fix them! 

Problem 1: Limb Twisting

In my experience, the most common problem that you might face is basic limb failures. This type of failure might bring in different scenarios. Cracking, splitting, twisting, delamination, etc., are the most common among them.


If your PSE carbon air bow comes with limbs made of fiberglass composite materials, then the occurrence of limb failure can pop up! These utilized materials are considered the most abused among all the bow construction materials. 

How To Fix:

Among all of the limb issues, I bet you’ll face the twisted limb more often. So, let’s see how you should fix this particular issue. 

The first approach is cold bumping. It’s a very conventional limb twist method. 

  • Hold the bow by the riser.
  • Grip the bow’s limb perfectly where the twist is situated.
  • Gradually twist the limb directing to the opposite side of the distorted twist. 

Problem 2: Limb Cracking

Limb cracking is so common among all limb failures! 


PSE carbon air limbs crack for miscellaneous reasons. However, the most typical reason is manufacturing defects. Also, accidental or intentional dry firing can be the main cause.

How To Fix:

Do a complete visual inspection. Most importantly, cocking the crossbow will get you over the line. 

If any cracks or chips exist on limbs, they might drop little fibers from the cotton ball. You have to extract them from there. 

What is the fastest bow PSE makes?

You can consider the PSE Expedite NXT with a shooting speed of up to 360 fps the fastest bow. Coming with the EVO NXT architecture, this bow can produce the ultimate balance of strength and comfort. With a 370 fps rate, PSE Full Throttle is a faster one too to consider!

When did PSE carbon air come out?

PSE came with its first-ever carbon air riser back in 1996. This product has evolved much over time and now, it’s more than just a thrown-together product. Carbon delivers plenty of exceptional qualities. The ability to range fibers for extra strength is one of them.

How fast can the PSE drive shoot?

The PSE Drive with X-Tech split limb technology brings a comfy draw length adjustability of 25 inches. Also, it can ensure smoother shots. Along with that, it tops the speed up to 336 fps and is possibly credited to its advanced features including a super smooth Drive Hybrid Cam.

Final Words

Now you know what are the key PSE carbon air problems and how to fix them properly! I hope that you can fix them in a DIY process from now on.

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