How To Adjust Draw Length On Any Bow (The Ultimate Guide)

How do you balance your arrow speed with draw length? Mine always fail. Controlling the thumb release is getting hard too. How to adjust draw length on your bow? How long should it be?

The longer you adjust your draw length, the higher the speed will tend to rise. To control it you need to go with an easy release with the appropriate force of 5lb at least. And don’t forget to purchase the one at which speed you can cope. 

But that’s not all as adjusting draw length gets more complicated if you don’t go systematically. So, what’s more, to know? 

Can the draw length be adjusted? Let’s see how to adjust the draw length on the bow.

Why Do You Need To Adjust The Draw Length On Your Bow?

Which bow do you own right now? You can’t deny the importance of draw length no matter what bow you are holding. 

It’s going to determine the whole length and accurate size of the bow as well as the arrows.

Are you a compound shooter? Then there is a special importance that lies here for you as compound bows bear several sets for draw lengths measurements. 

The most crucial fact is that when you shoot a bow with the exact draw length, 

It’s going to help you to maximize your overall potential. And as an archer, you can’t get your best shot and proper form without adjusting the draw length. 

Another fact about adjusting draw length is that by maintaining it,  your bow accuracy can take a serious hit, but when you shoot at a wrong draw length it also puts you at serious risk of injury. 

Therefore, it’s a must that you take time and ensure that the draw length is absolutely fine when you are planning to set up a new bow.

And did you wonder, what happens if the draw length is too long?

When your bow arm suddenly drops or anyhow tends to swing at the side, then the draw length is surely too long.

And When it happens, your bow’s scapula goes to push the bow’s arm too far as well as extend just before you release the arrow. 

Ultimately there is no place left for the arm to go furthermore. So it as usual drops or swings any of the sides.

How To Know If Your Draw Length Is Too Long or Shorts To Adjust?

What does the correct draw length look like? How do you measure if your draw length is beyond the limit or shorter than expected?

Well, the perfect draw length for everyone allows us to shoot in a favorable position.

With the bow’s arm the elbow is unlocked (it means, just a slight bent) and this is how you release your bow arm elbow.  As well as the forearm points straight forward to the target.

Now if you get your bow release arm elbow point slightly left then the draw length is probably too long to shoot. Also if the point goes against that or the or right, your draw length is too short to throw. 

The new archers are always stuck on the -How long should my draw length be? or Can you adjust the bow draw length?

If you want to determine the accurate draw length of your bow then-

  • stand straight upright
  • Gradually spread your arms on both sides
  • Now measure the wingspan of the fingertips of your middle fingers. 
  • After that, divide those measurements by 2.5. And this is how to measure the draw length on a bow. 

And no matter whether it is too long or short, you can adjust the draw length for any of your bows. But there are a few differences between adjusting the draw length of different bows. 

How To Adjust The Draw Length On A Compound Bow?

Well adjusting the draw length depends on the bow you are holding and also varies from model to model. 

How to adjust draw length on compound bow

So how do you measure a proper draw length compound bow? Let’s see how you adjust the draw length-

Step 1

Take your regular compound bow in front of you and then take your arm’s length, basically your wingspan. For that stretch your arm out right and have someone measure you from the one tip of your finger to the other tip of your finger.

Step 2

Now whatever amount comes, you need to divide that amount by 2.5 right? And you’ll get a number and with that number, you want to round it, and whatever is the closest number to that okay?

Step 3

You’ll find a booklet with your compound bow that shows you what your draw length should be based on your wingspan. So for a regular compound bow, it will set approximately 29 inches.

Step 4

Just focus on where to adjust your draw length and you’ll find the point by stretching it to 29. So that is where you adjust your draw length.

Step 5

Now you’ll need an Allen wrench right you can just remove that and once you remove that this thing can be removed by hand. Then It’s time to pull back and it’s really simple.

Step 6

Make sure both sides have to be on the same number. Like you can’t have one on the 30-inch and another on the 28th. 

So you just have to set both of them to 28 inches as we’ve found out or whatever number you have both of them have to be the same.

Step 7

Now to give a final touch, you’ll find some screws on the top of the bow. Adjust them so that the draw length remains on the same point during the shoot. 

Also, try to tighten them before every shoot but remember overdoing it can create scratches as well. 

That’s all about adjusting the draw length of your compound bow. 

How To Adjust The Draw Length On An Old Compound Bow?

As the old or vintage compound bows do not have to lock bolts to adjust the draw length you have to do it without locks by lowering the poundage.

Old ones have less or zero draw adjustability, so use a bow press with your old bows and provide more slack to the cable for easy adjustment. 

Here are the exact steps- 

  1. Lower bow poundage
  2. Lock the bow cams or place them in a press.
  3. Now provide more and more slack to those cables to adjust your old bow more easily on its position.

How To Adjust The Draw Length On A Diamond Compound Bow? Is It All The Same?

No, there are also a few differences I’ve found. In the case of diamond compound bows, we see the wingspans needed are generally larger than the regular compound bows. 

So the accurate diameter of draw length comes between 30 to 31 inches so you’ll need to adjust it up there. And the other procedures are the same. 

Then what about Hoyt compound bow users?

How To Adjust The Draw Length On A Hoyt Compound Bow?

The advertised speed for a Hoyt compound bow is 327 fps on average. 

So,  it will require more draw length to adjust with the power stroke. 31- 34 inches is enough for a Hoyt compound bow and the procedure is almost the same.

How To Adjust Draw Length On A Recurve Bow?

Does draw length matter for recurve bows? Yes, it does cause without maintaining the draw length there is no chance to make a perfect throw. And the key to accuracy also depends mostly on draw length. 

The perfect draw length for your recurve bow depends on the wingspans. But it mostly lies between 28-34 according to different models. 

If the draw length doesn’t match then can you adjust the draw length on a recurve bow? The answer is, yes you can and it’s easier than compound bows I must say. 

Let’s find out how to adjust it- 

Step 1

So with a recurve unlike with the compound we can’t adjust cams or modules or anything to give us a physical stop burner at full draw. So we work out our drawing in a repose way.

Step 2

Now we need to adjust the bow draw length with our clicker mounted to the riser. So as we pull the arrow back it’ll make a click and that tells us when to fire. 

Step 3

Bring your elbow back in the lineup for arrows. We’ll need a nice line of force running from our bow and the hand back to the point of our elbow. 

The advice I received initially was to increase the draw length and move that quicker further back, having to pull harder to get this elbow around. And which was very effective for me.

Step 4

Grab your bow and come back to full draw and shoot half a dozen to make sure-what should my draw length be for recurve bow.

If it goes more left then the length is considered too long. On the other hand, if the marks go on right then probably the length is shorter than required.

Step 5

So to fix it, set your draw length wherever the arrow finishes. If you set your clicker one or two inches back, that’s a really good starting point.

Step 6

Now shoot again a half dozen of arrows and this time the length must be accurate. And finally,  give the screws a touch-up so that they remain in position for a long time.

How To Set The Draw Length On A Single Cam Bow?

The single-cam comes with a slightly different mechanism than others as it has a top limb that bears one idler wheel. 

It is used to unroll your bowstring when you draw the bow. So the draw length adjustment is a bit tricky. Here is how- 

Step 1

We’re going to start with removing the screw that holds the module on the string top side. You’ll see an alphabetical list there which indicates the draw. So start adjusting from there.

Step 2

Now locate the cam lock right behind the cam and then loosen the thumb knob just by sliding the pin out.

Take the inserts out and place them with a pillar so that they can sit in an accurate position. It will boost up the bow accuracy for sure.

Step 3

Now for this demonstration, you have to pull back a little bit and lock the cam on the outside. And then just simply step on a string you pull up on a carry handle just a bit.

Step 4

Again get the cam to rotate and lock the channel that will give you access to adjust the draw. Now shoot a couple of arrows and check if they are on exact length.

Step 5

Test the length ratio as the compound bow draws and then use a hexagonal wrench to adjust the draw. It will give you a more accurate diameter. And to ensure the position, lock the screws with a piler.

Can You Adjust The Draw Length Without A Bow Press?

For most of the old or vintage compound bows, you must need a bow press as an alternative to the lock. Because they don’t have a draw-adjusting mechanism or a slight scope to manage. 

In the case of modern compound bows, a large number of them carry auto-length adjustment tools. 

Also, they have to lock bolts and holes to adjust the draw length. So in such bows, you can avoid bow presses.

How To Adjust Draw Length On A Bear Compound Bow?

For adjusting the draw length of your bear compound bow first,  adjust the cam module as it allows you to set the draw length according to the accurate length.

Secondly, go for setting up the stop as it is going to ensure that bow cams will stop turning around when we draw back.

Also, don’t forget to use a bow press as it gives a more accurate draw length for bear compound bows.

How Do You Increase Bow Draw Length?

To change the draw length of your bow or increase it, you can use replaceable moods. 

Most of the newest models come with this mechanism, especially the high-end compound bows and replaceable cam in older ones. 

Where there is no replacement mode try to increase the length by loosening the tip screws and then swapping it. 

Make sure the length is accurate according to your bow and then gradually tighten them again.


How to adjust the draw length on a Hoyt compound bow?

The advertised speed for Hoyt compound bows is 327 fps so you need to increase the bow draw length to the regular compound bows. Holding the draw at 28-34 is enough for a Hoyt compound bow.

How to adjust the draw length on the diamond infinite edge?

Diamond infinite edge requires authorized draw length. Diamond infinite the manufacturers recommended adjusting it with the help of nearby dealers. 

If you want to do it yourself you’ll need an extra diamond infinite bow press which costs more.

How to adjust the draw length on a diamond compound bow?

Bring a 3″/32″ hex wrench and take out the module screws which are attached to the cams.

Then replace the position and match that with the module. Note that a bow press is not required to adjust the draw length of your regular diamond bow.

How long should my draw length be?

To measure the exact draw length of your bow, stand straight and wide your arms and take the wingspan reading.  
After that, dividing the measurement by 2.5 will tell you the accurate draw length of your bow.

Is the draw length longer with thumb release?

Usually, the release does not have any effect on the draw length because we set our bow draw length and achieve the proper diameter. And then we anchor from different releases, so they don’t crash. 

How much speed do you gain with draw length?

The speed depends on how long the draw length is as the bow power stroke gets longer with length. Usually, a one-inch draw length creates approximately 10 fps of speed or increases the arrow velocity. 

How long should my arrows be with a 30-inch draw?

According to the Easton spine chart, with a 30-inch draw, an arrow will need a spine of 250 to shoot from a bow and the draw weight range will be set at 70 pounds.
Learn more: Arrow length vs draw length.

How much longer should my arrow be than my draw length?

The ideal practice to ensure an accurate draw is to adjust the length with a 1″ longer arrow. Cause a little bit longer arrow is okay for a perfect draw but a small arrow is not recommended for safety purposes.

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