Where To Sell My Compound Bow At Best Price?

I bought a speed bow recently but now I can’t handle it! It is too hard for me to focus as it vibrates too much. It’s time to bring a new one but where to sell my compound bow? 

We often bring home the wrong purchase. Like buying a speed bow or bow that is beyond our strength. But buying a new one is also costly and that’s why I prefer selling the used one. Some renowned websites like eBay, Craiglist, Facebook, or even forums can be used as great selling platforms.

But these aren’t all. I’ve found more suitable options where we can sell our old or unnecessary bows. 

Let’s check them out.

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Where To Sell My Compound Bow?

You’ll get a couple of options to sell your compound bow. Like selling now online and offline or direct selling. Both of them have different benefits. I’ll tell you why. 

Nowadays online platforms are getting more popular. People prefer online purchasing more than offline as they are getting busier than before. And online sellers ensure the safe reach of the product to your home. So why not online purchasing? 

While talking about online purchases eBay comes first. Most of the people sold their archery equipment on eBay. And the customers seem happy too. Even the delivery is too fast and every time I’ve got an amazing experience selling archery gear here. 

Now another popular website for selling your bow is Craigslist. This American classified website gives you an original crossbow and a safe delivery. I prefer Craigslist for hassle-free online orders. 

However, there are a lot of marketplaces to sell your used products including compound bows. But Facebook is also a useful medium to sell a crossbow. Don’t hesitate to try once!

And finally, if you don’t find online selling comfortable then go for offline selling. You can go to your nearby dealer and even the shop where you’ve purchased your bow can also be a great option.

Where To Sell My Recurve Bow?

You can sell your recurve bow in any online marketplace related to archery. 

As the prices of recurve bows are usually cheaper than many bows, most of us don’t prefer buying them online

We can get the original ones at local shops at a reasonable price.

And if it’s second hand then it becomes a bit hard to sell. That’s why in case of recurve bow you better contact an offline dealer to get great deals

Where to sell my crossbow?

Selling crossbows is easy because most of the new archers I know try to buy second-hand crossbows for practicing. 

So use online platforms like Craigslist, eBay, and recycling websites. Facebook recycling groups can be a good choice here.

Just like recurve, crossbows are also high-priced items, so I would recommend dealing with an offline dealer or second-hand shop.

How Much A Used Bow?

Well, there is no doubt that you have to consider the pricing a bit while selling a second-hand crossbow! The selling prices will be lesser than the original price.

It can’t be accurately guessed, “how much is a used compound bow?” As it depends on the bow’s condition. But you can get approximately $200 to $400 by selling a used compound bow

But the price of a used regular crossbow is not as much as a compound bow. 

In the case of recurve bow, a well-manufactured and damage free recurve bow can be sold for $100-$300.

Why Should You Buy A Used Bow?

When I was a beginner at archery I bought a second-hand crossbow for practicing. And it helped me a lot to purchase the new crossbow next time. 

That’s why I always suggest all the new archers practice with a used bow. As they are cheap, you can save your budget for the next one.

I’ve seen people having recurve bows buying used speed bows. And that’s an amazing idea I guess. As sometimes we don’t need all types of bows all the time. And all can keep every newest model in the collection. 

This is where used bows are getting also a preferable option for archers out there. 

What To Consider Selling A Bow?

You can’t just pick up your bow and take it for sale. People are not here to water their money. 

Customers want the best deal that can save their money and also get a damage-free bow. So you must consider these 4 crucial points before you sell your bow –

  1. Bow Condition

Bow condition is the first and foremost criterion that you must maintain. Why would people buy your bow if it’s damaged? So try to sell a bow with less damage so that the customer doesn’t need to spend much to fix it. 

Don’t forget to add what extra features your bow’s got. This is gonna catch the buyer’s attention at once. 

  1. Packaging 

Packaging is an important phenomenon here as it throws the first impression of any product. Also, the perfect delivery without creating any harm to the bow depends on the packaging. So don’t compromise here. 

  1. Transportation 

Who doesn’t want fast and hassle-free delivery? Try to ensure the transport system is safe and won’t damage the bow. Also, try to give the fastest delivery possible. 

  1. Prices

Now the most crucial thing to consider is the price, you know. No one is here to buy your used bow at a high price. So keep the price reasonable considering the conditions of your bow.

Final Words

Buying second-hand archery equipment is now very common as they are reasonable and let you keep multiple bows. 

That’s why selling used bows is easier than before. Several online marketplace e-commerce platforms and even social media are amazing options for selling a compound bow.

So don’t worry about your unused crossbow, just go for the best deal possible.

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