Can You Use Broadheads For Target Practice? (Debunked)

I’m all geared up for the upcoming hunting fall and purchased a bunch of brand-new broadheads. But can I use broadheads for practicing targets? Or should I save them for a live hunt? 

Well, it’s highly recommended to shoot the block and nearby archery targets. It means they are the best option for practice shots. But a live hunt? Save your field points for that. 

Broadheads are suitable for other archery targets depending on the material and type of the target. 

Let’s see how effective it is to practice with broadheads and what else you can shoot with them.

Should You Practice With Your Broadheads?

In the whole archery world practicing with broadheads is considered the best option.

So, yes you should practice targets with your broadheads till your next hunting competition. 

But why do archers prefer broadheads for practicing? Well, a broadhead is almost like fletching but the slight difference is it works on the front of the arrow. And this is what makes you change the front profile of the selected arrow.

So what happens next? The blades catch the wind and your broadheads prevent the effects on the target. 

And the amazing fact is nowadays most broadhead manufacturers are making a specific practice head. Which is designed to fly differently than field points while shooting. That’s going to assure you an accurate accuracy. 

But the problem is, most of the newcomers in this field don’t know about the role of broadhead practicing. Also can’t solve the common broadhead problems.

And these things are expensive I must say. So they don’t want to waste it during the practice session. 

But I say, it’s an investment as broadheads make the practice more effective than anything and you can use them for different targets too. So why not go for them?

Can You Practice With Mechanical Broadheads?

Mechanical broadheads and regular ones have a slight difference and they don’t work similarly. Then how do mechanical broadheads work?

You can compare it with field points as they have a lot of common mechanisms. And their flying strategy exactly follows the field point. 

Moreover, these are more expensive than your normal broadheads. And often professional hunters use them to shoot living targets instead of field points. So I think there is no need to practice with your mechanical broadheads. 

You can save them for other far yards or live shoots. As mechanical broadheads need to get shot from at least 70-90 yards (100 yards is the best option), you can’t use it for practicing. Because 30-50 yards are preferable for regular practice. 

Also in most cases, we use foam targets for practicing, and mechanical broadheads are not suitable here. But with a cardboard archery target or woody aim, and an appropriate distance, you can practice with that. But doing that every time will be a waste of money. 

Can You Shoot Mechanical (Expandable) Broadheads Into A Target?

No need to say twice about the significance of mechanical broadheads in the field of archery. And especially the expanded ones which are widely used for live hunts. But can you practice with expandable broadheads?

Shooting mechanical broadheads into targets cut the wind better than expanded ones as there is no extra blade exposed on the outside. And expanded broadheads are extremely quick and sharp which may not be a good choice for practicing.  

Here, I must say shooting with a regular broadhead is preferable, and mechanical can be used in some specific targets. But I see no necessity of practicing with a mechanical expandable broadhead. 

Can You Shoot Broadheads Into 3d Targets?

Can You Shoot Broadheads Into 3d Targets?

Not all targets are designed to bear the stress of broadheads. But only the McKenzie offers some special 3D targets which you can use for both field points and broadheads. But that’s not all. 

You can shoot 3D targets with broadheads for a few trials. Because overdoing it is going to decrease the lifespan of the target. The field point is preferable here as no target can hold up broadhead shots for too long as the field point shots. 

Can You Shoot Broadheads Into A target?

We don’t want to waste a single part while practicing and that’s why practicing with broadheads arises so many queries. So, can you target practice with broadheads or is there any risk?  

All targets are not the same. As well as not all the broadheads. But for regular practice use a normal broadhead from a favorable distance. And that must be the safest and best option for your daily practice. 

Can You Shoot Broadheads Into A Block Target?

Yes, why not? Block targets are a great choice for mechanical and fixed broadheads as there are no external blades to cut the wind. 

Remember the quality of materials is also important here as the arrow can get damaged with poor blades.

Also, avoid expandable broadheads with block targets because they can affect the sharpness of your broadheads. You have to spend again to sharpen mechanical broadheads.

Can You Shoot Broadheads Into A Bulldog Target?

Bulldog targets are said to be lifetime targets as their longevity and performance are far better than regular ones. So yes you can shoot broadheads into bulldog targets. 

But ensure the blade quality is top notch otherwise the arrow must get damaged. Try expandable and sharp broadheads to get more advanced experience. 

Does Shooting Broadheads Into A Target Dull Them?

We shoot into different targets with our broadheads. But do targets dull broadheads?

My 500 fps compound bow performs like a 350 one when I use foam targets. On the other hand, block targets keep the accuracy and speed the same. So what do we learn from the result? Broadheads can get dull by some targets but not all. 

Do Foam Targets Dull Broadheads?

In most cases, the foam targets affect the sharpness of your broadheads and yes, make them dull as well. 

But the damage is not that major until you practice with foam target and broadheads combination regularly.

What Kind Of Target For Broadheads?

Different broadheads require different targets, such as block targets are suitable for both your mechanical and fixed blade broadheads. On the other hand, bulldog targets are better for practicing with expanded broadheads. 

You can use foam targets too but that’s only for 1 or 2 trial shots. Even 3D targets are also used but that’s rare.


Do broadheads have a dull edge?

Dull edges are more durable but they can affect the accuracy too. As your broadheads can be reused and sharpened again and again there is no reason to make a dull edge even if it increases the blade lifespan.

Can you practice with Rage broadheads?

Yes, you can practice with your Rage broadheads and they will serve almost like the field points. 

So you can get the experience of field points during practice sessions. And their tips work amazingly and fly better than many vintage broadheads. 

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