Can You Reuse Broadheads? [Explained with Solution]

Replacing blades instantly or stopping using old broadheads just hunting for once is hard! Whether you are a professional hunter or an amateur, we suggest retrieving blades and sharpening them again to make them reusable. 

But which footprint should you follow? Worry not, here we provide you a brief on this.

So, can you reuse broadheads? Yes, you can! But some stages you can not avoid such as keeping blades open even after hunting, sharpening them, etc.

Still, we still have many things to discuss in-depth. So, read this article till the end!

Can You Reuse Broadheads?

Yes, you can! No more keeping secrets. Let’s take you to the core discussion!


Assume, you have used the broadhead once or twice maximum earlier. First, look at your chisel tip! Has any portion of nick been taken out of the bolt at the bolt cutter? If it does, then an immediate sharpening is mandatory. 


That will ensure you have a nice sharp point there. No matter how dull your blades are, sharpening nicely ensures good penetration through bones and meat. Along with that, opening up the wound-cutting channel becomes possible.

Step 3

Next thing is to see if the blades catch any gunk or not. Used blades usually get filled with garbage, guts, blood, dirt, and whatnot! 


So importantly, don’t try to fold the blades after hunting. Just put it back in the quiver except by closing the blades. If not, nine times out of ten serve no chance of reusing them again. 


But hey, we still can provide you with a quick solution to this! Fill a cup with water and put the blades down! Overnight, it will soak in water and dirt will be washed surely. 

And then, you can use knives like X-acto to clean those channels out. Make sure, no residues remain there! Now, your blades are doable to be closed or folded.

Now, you get a clear confirmation that your broadheads are reusable.

Does Reusing Broadheads Need Sharpening?

The ability to reuse your broadhead mostly depends on its sharpness. As it goes through meat, bones, and all, you can not expect it smoothly-going through for your next hunt. 

So first, understand whether your broadhead remains sharp enough or not! Here’s a real quick test. Bring in a rubber band, and place it tighter to a frame in a flat shape. And then, get your used broadhead. 

Let’s say, it went only one time through animals, enough for our testing. You will not require getting a too-old broadhead. In that case, the blades will not just work. 

Back to the business again- touch the blade’s one side to the rubber band. Did the band just split into two? Bet, you might not see any cuts on it. Out of 10 times, 6 to 7 times favor the band not cutting it out via old broadheads. 

Now, you know where the problem lies. So, here we off to the solution- letting you know how it can be sharpened!

Can You Expandable Broadheads?

So, the question is can you reuse expandable or mechanical broadheads? The answer lies in simple terms- if the blade is still sharp and has no damage on the broadheads.

You can also reuse your expandable/mechanical broadheads by resharpening them.

How to Sharpen Your Broadheads?

Choosing Smith’s hunting knife sharpener is quite effective. Plastic-built but having a tapered round diamond-coated rod makes it handy to sharpen your blades. 

Just like you demand, it nicely tunes the serrated and standard edges of the broadhead’s blade. Now simply, rub the sharpener with each side of the blade. Do this swooping five to six times. What about if you got only sharpening stones? 

Highly doable, just hone the blade a little bit on the stone. Eventually, you might find a honing stick in your knife sharpener. Get that stick involved in rubbing. 

Simply put, do every possible task through possibly effective sharpening tools. The more you try, the more chances your blade can remove its bluntness. 

And finally, make sure your blades are deployed before rubbing the band again. This time, you will mostly see the band tearing down through your re-sharpened blade. 

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Does It worth it to reuse old broadheads?

The answer to the question mostly depends on numbers! There are both pros and cons to reusing broadheads. I think it’s a good idea to reuse and resharpen old broadheads when it’s still reusable since it will save you a lot of money.


Should you sight a crossbow in with a broadhead?

Yes, you should sight in your crossbow utilizing broadheads. It’s ideal to start the sight in by employing equivalent weight practice points. Now, it’s time to attach your broadheads similar to those you will hunt with arrows.

Will my broadhead go through bone?

Yes, till it hits the right spot, you can surely break bones. And, right tips are also required for this task. Broadhead tips having chisel-oriented points are made to penetrate through bones specifically. 

Are Grim Reaper broadheads reusable?

Yes, these broadheads are highly reusable after shooting. However, examining the blades after each shoot is necessary. Along with that, check whether all other components are good to go further or not. Once you ensure their perfect working condition, reusable for a while is not a problem.

Can I reutilize Muzzy broadheads?

Yes, you can. You can comfortably sharpen Muzzy blades till their edges are intact. However, replacing blades after each shot is recommended. If you find them dinged or gouged, then reusing is not an ideal choice. 

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