All the Grim Reaper Broadhead Problems (Solved)

Mine newly bought Grim Reaper Broadhead deflecting on angle shoots. Even the inserts often come off so the broadheads get loose. What’s going on with these? How can I solve all my grim reaper broadhead problems? 

Our grim reaper broadhead fails to cope with the angles when there is not enough way for the tip. Creating a small path for the tip right before the mechanical blades contact each other, can save you here. 

But these aren’t all as we have more problems to discuss. Let’s find out the solution too. 

List Of All The Grim Reaper Broadhead Problems

Here is a list of all the problems that we Grim Reaper Broadhead users usually face-

  1. Grim Reaper Broadhead Angle issue
  2. Broadhead Inserts broke off
  3. Broadheads not opening on impact 
  4. Broadhead not flying the field point

Grim Reaper Broadhead Angle issue

The grim reaper broadhead tip must need some extra space so the blades can move easily. But when you forget to maintain that while installation, the broadhead tip gets stuck.

Also, a ⅝” diameter of the blade is needed to stand at a perfect angle. 


The easy solution for it is to reopen the broadhead parts and install them again with at least 1″ of the gap for the tip. Also, check out the blade diameter.

Try to keep the blades at ⅝” to avoid angle deflection of your grim reaper broadhead.

Broadhead Inserts broke off

Most of the time our grim reaper broadhead inserts come off because of misplacement. 

Broadhead inserts should be wrapped up with several layers to sit properly. Otherwise, they will break off with only a tiny pressure. 

Also installing them free-handed and not pushing enough makes them break down easily. 


Open up the Broadhead inserts and try installing them again. This time try to wrap up the heads in a couple of layers.  You can use a thin towel to grab the blades and also to twist easily. 

It will help you to hold up the arrows on point and with no risk of Breakage of inserts. 

Also, try to do it with a puller, or you can use a small drill to force the insert inside. 

Broadheads not opening on impact

The blade sizes have a great impact on the opening and closing of broadheads. It also affects the replacement of broadheads. 

Shooting with blades more than 2″ makes them stuck on the tip. And they don’t open at once. 

Also if you pull the heads too downward then the blade may affect the accuracy and make problems with an opening. 


Try to maintain the blade size while shooting and the best size is below 2″ or exactly 2″.  They will help the blades too. move easily while shooting.

Also, try to press the heads with gentle force. Too much force will make the blade stuck.

Broadhead not flying the field point

I have found out the reason behind the broadhead-tipped arrow not hitting the same place as a field point arrow does.  It’s because you are not delivering your arrow straight. 

This straight-up of broadheads & down-nock traveling only occurs when you use a loop onto your strings. 


The more you practice to hit on points the faster you’ll overcome this problem. But if the over loop is creating the problem then try to untie them and wrap them again gently. 

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Are Grim Reaper Broadheads accurate?

The accuracy of your grim reaper broadhead depends on the tuning. With a perfect tuning of both of your arrows and bow, you can expect a field point accuracy with the grim reaper broadheads. 

What is the best Grim Reaper Broadhead?

Grim Reaper  “Razortip” has been the best in the field for more than 19 years. 

The Razortip – 035″ thick, and 440SS blades that have the latest aircraft-grade aluminum ferrules are now known as the sharpest, best-penetrating, and toughest Grim Reaper model on the market.

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