7 Common Broadhead Problems (Solved)

Do your broadheads hit the left several times? Aren’t you getting the expected results in hunting? What is happening actually? And why?

You may face some problems while hunting. That’s because your arrow can be flying left of your arrow, shooting lower, inconsistent shooting, and so on. Don’t be worried. Those problems have easy solutions too. 

Let me show the solution to your common broadhead problem.

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Broadheads hitting left-of-field points

Several causes can be responsible for this situation. Out of the tuning point, poor grip, wind, over the spined arrow, and so on can provoke this problem.


Hitting broadheads left can push you frustrated. Follow my instructions to solve it.

  • Step 1: check your arrow rest position first. 
  • Step 2: Adjust your broadhead’s rest left narrowly according to your demands. It can be 1/16, 1/32, or even 1/64 of an inch. 

Another way, check your aim in the paper tuning method. It is a painless way to check your broadhead’s direction.

Paper tuning

  • Step 1: First take a piece of paper and make a frame. 
  • Step 2: shoot through the paper and check the broadhead direction. 
  • Step 3: If the direction of your arrow is perfect then it creates a center hole. If the paper tears are left, align your rest correctly. 
  • Step 4: Check it several times and adapt your nocking point.

Also, selecting a better broadhead and practicing more and more can reduce the possibility of this problem. So be clinical and hunt better.

Why Do My Broadheads Shoot Inconsistently?

Your broadheads can face this problem for several reasons that can be made by you or for your broadhead. Okay, what are they?

They can be a lack of stiffening of your arrow, poor release, cam timing, arrow rest contact, improper arrow spine, etc.

Too-stiffer arrow produces extra flex while shooting and catching air to touch the blades. Then your broadhead shoots inconsistently. 

A lack of proper skill can create inconsistency. Furthermore, an improper arrow spine can create a too-weak or too-stiff arrow. So, it can hamper your shooting.


So how to solve this problem? Okay, you can first choose a stiffer arrow. That probably offers you a better experience in shooting. Also, you can practice more and more to be the perfect shooter. 

Then, make sure the arrow is spined perfectly. If not, paper tuning can help you greatly to distinguish it. Go through this method and enjoy shooting. 

Also, arrow flights can largely be affected by improper arrow left. So, you need to pay concentration to fix this.

Why Are My Broadheads Shooting Low?

Okay, if you are an aged hunter, then you may face this problem undoubtedly. Why did this incident occur? 

Mainly selecting an incorrect arrow is responsible for this problem. Also, lack of skill and misalignment of arrow-rest can be responsible for that. It’s one of the big issues. 


So, how can you overcome this problem? 

  • Diminish your operation error and practice more to avoid this problem. 
  • Align perfectly and select a properly spined arrow. 
  • Modify your arrow rest correctly. 
  • Preferring a perfect arrow can also help you to make yourself safe from this problem.

Why are my broadheads shooting left?

A big portion of bow hunters asked “why are my broadheads flying left?”. It’s a very typical question for them. What are the main causes behind this problem?

The too-stiff arrow flies left normally. Over-spine arrows are too stiff usually. Another prominent reason can be wind. 

Alignment issue, torquing the bow also affects flying left of your broadheads. Poor grip or insufficient practice also makes this problem.

Why is my arrow not shooting straight?

As always mechanical errors of an arrow or yourself are responsible for this type of problem. How to fix it? 

Incorrect arrow rest, misalignment, lack of stiffness, or excess stiffness, any cam being extra faster, wind, and so on are responsible. 

If you are not skilled enough in this segment, then you may also face this problem.


Okay, now I am going to answer your big question. Firstly, adjust your broadhead on a suitable rest on the basis that it is needed. It plays an important impact in the straightness of an arrow. 

You can grab the help of the paper tuning method and cam timing. Also, choose the right arrow which will help you better while shooting. And lastly, practice more and more to avoid this problem as well as to be an expert.

Why can’t I get my broadheads sharp?

Sharpness matters? Yes, sharpness matters. Broadhead’s sharpness can give you the expected outcomes in hunting or can make you frustrated. How?

Think of 2 knives. One is not sharp enough and that won’t surely cut your vein. But the sharp one can easily make you seriously injured. So, thus sharpness of the broadhead will give you the perfect results in hunting.

Your broadhead can lose sharpness effortlessly. After using it several times for testing purposes, it will surely lose its sharpness.

When you move your arrows in and out of the quiver numerous times, your broadhead’s sharpness will reduce. So, after testing or practice, resharpen or replace your broadheads.

Is the sharpening process difficult? No, it’s not a tough task. But be careful while forcing. Because the extra force on your broadheads while the sharpening process can decrease sharpness and sometimes can crack your broadhead.

How Do Broadheads Affect Arrow Flight?

Frankly, broadhead blades act as little wings. So, any kind of variation that happens while releasing, can lead away from the expected path. Okay, at this point, I am going to mention all the reasons why broadheads affect arrow flight in list form.

  • If the broadhead catches more air, it can change arrow direction heavily. 
  • A lighter broadhead can make your shot lower. 
  • A heavier broadhead can give you better results comparatively.
  • A less perfectly aligned and mismatched broadhead will cause inconsistent shooting.
  • Over spined arrow will hit left usually.

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