How to Install (and tune) a Whisker Biscuit? (Step By Step Process)

The sole purpose of shooting is to hit the target precisely every time. It doesn’t make sense of shooting when the bow hinders the accuracy of shooting, right? Just like that if the arrow rest doesn’t work accurately you can’t hit the target or catch the prey! So, it’s extremely important to have the arrow rest installed properly.

So, how to install whisker Biscuit? First, Install m quiet pads and then install the screws on the back to the riser. After attaching the screws, attach the whisker biscuits in front to riser height. After that find the proper level spot on your string. Now it’s time to set your rest and snug it up.

However, you see this is the essence of the process! If you want to install the rest yourself, you must want to dig deep dive into it. So, come along with me till the end.

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What Is a Whisker Biscuit?

A whisker biscuit is an object that rests on an arrow in synthetic bristles and has a large hole in its center. It is entirely enclosed by a hole that allows an arrow to be held in its proper place.

As a result, the rest of the arrow cannot fall; the fall stops. Furthermore, a whisker biscuit is usually a kind of patented arrow rest, which is very necessary for the proper handling of an arrow. The whisker biscuit has a unique synthetic bristle and a particular hole in the center.

A whiskey biscuit must be pretty durable because it allows you to place your arrow on the bow securely and at the same time keep that position intact. This is why you and your arrow can be ready for any hunting. 

How To Install Whisker Biscuit?

If you do not install Whisker Biscuit properly, you will not be able to shoot arrows properly and catch your prey. So, here is the exact process to comfortably execute the process!

Tools Required

Step by Step Process On Installing Whisker

Step No 1: First of all, you need to keep in mind that if you have an old arrow resting, you have to remove it carefully. Also, if it is attached to the bow, it should be well separated.

Step No 2: In this step, you have to place the bow on a shelf and then carefully hold the bracket of whiskey biscuit next to it.

Step No 3: Now, you have to keep in mind whether you are right-handed or left-handed. If you think you are right-handed, you must set the bracket to the right of your favorite bow. On the other hand, if you think you are left-handed, you must set the bracket to the right of your favorite bow.

Step No 4: If you look a little better, you will understand that the mounting hole is found at the top of the shelf of your bow. You have to line up with this when you open the bracket.

Step No 5: In this step, you have to put the bolt through the bracket carefully. Do not forget to make a slide in the mounting hole of the bow next to it.

Step No 6: Now, take an Allen wrench. With the help of Allen’s wrench, the bolt has to be attached to the threaded hole of the bow with the use of screws.

Step No 7: Now tap an arrow and make sure that there is proper rest at the level of this arrow. But keep in mind that if this is not the case, you must adjust the whisker biscuit with the help of an elevation-adjustment screw.

By following these steps, you will be able to easily install Whisker Biscuit and move your favorite arrow as well.

Here is an excellent video you can watch if you want to follow along with the process.

This video shows the process of installing whisker biscuit rest!

How to install a whisker biscuit on a compound bow?

First, you need to remove the old arrow rest and take it separately. After placing the bow in a plane, hold the bracket of the whiskey biscuit properly, and you have to attach it well to the right place from the bow bracket. 

You can see the mounting hole at the top of the bow shelf. Now don’t forget to slide the bolt into the mounting hole of the bow by holding it in the bracket. It’s time to attach the bolt to the threaded hole in the bow with the Allen wrench to keep it in place and adjust it.

How do you set up a Whisker Biscuit?

To set up Whisker Biscuit, you first need to properly level an arrow in a riser. You can adequately throw an arrow at the biscuit as well. Then whenever you see that the arrow in the biscuit is not precisely parallel to the riser, you have to adjust the biscuit properly.

How do you put arrows in a Whisker Biscuit?

The arrow in the biscuit should be kept relatively light. It can be much more convenient to shoot an arrow if it is kept lightly without being too tight. You can put the biscuits in the right place with your right guess, and this will allow you to catch your prey in the right way.

How do you fix a Whisker Biscuit?

First, you need to remove the original whisker biscuit. All the tools of Whisker Biscuit can be fixed by installing them correctly, and you can adjust them appropriately. Also, you can efficiently fix the screws in the Whisker Biscuit by inserting them correctly. Then you should check the quiet pads & bracket. It’s time you add the proper whisker biscuits to your bow.

When should I change my whisker biscuit?

If you notice that your whisker biscuit is not working correctly or a screw is loosening, it is essential to change it. This can be a problem if the focus is not correct when you start shooting arrows. So whenever you notice that the focus is on the right way through the whisker biscuits, it should be changed.

How to tune with Whisker Biscuit rest?

Tuning is important. Improper tuning may lead to arrow flight problem. There are a couple of ways to tune whisker biscuit arrow rest. The most popular one is paper tuning but it might not be a great option for whisker biscuits.

Tuning of bow is very much important since it ensures proper arrow selection, observing arrow flight, determining proper arrow spine length, setting proper knock point, and many more.

That said, it’s vital to tune bows. But, how to tune with whisker biscuits? The first thing you should do is make your fletching offset cut through the rest’s bristles quickly and minimize the damage to your feathers or vanes. Next, you should choose very durable vanes. While most of my hunting has been done with soft vanes, today’s vanes have virtually obsolete that style. 

It turns out that stiff fletching stabilizes arrow flight quickly and holds up much better against the Whisker Biscuit. Many Biscuit devotees prefer Flex-Fletch vanes or Blazers from Bohning.


Which way does a Whisker Biscuit move?

First, you have to flatten an arrow in the riser. Then, when throwing an arrow into the biscuit, make sure that the biscuit arrow is correctly aligned with the riser until the biscuit is aligned.

Do whisker biscuits affect accuracy?

Yes, you can significantly reduce the accuracy of your arrow with a whisker biscuit. The small mistakes that most shooters don’t notice are the ones that can quickly reduce a whiskey biscuit.

Can you Paper tune a bow with a Whisker Biscuit?

In general, whiskey biscuits can tune more efficiently than any regular rest, and the main reason for this is that it can help straighten the arrow quickly. Also, never be fooled by paper tunes, but group tuning is one of the best ways to tune in properly.

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