Common Ravin Crossbow Problems And Solutions (R10, R20, R26, and More)

What if your newly bought crossbow stops firing? Or you are having problems with arrow consistency. Then yAnone. I had the same issues with my Ravin crossbow when I was getting started with the crossbow.

As I encountered the problem, I researched and found some fantastic tips and tricks to deal with this. While troubleshooting Ravin crossbows issues, I always go for deep research on the source. Because without knowing the source and the exact reason, it is pretty hard to find a solution. And, I was wondering why not share those in my blog here with you!

The Ravin crossbow has different models, and each has other problems. And those different problem has different solutions. Are you interested to know about those?

If so, come along with me as I tell you the common Ravin crossbow problems and solutions.

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All The Ravin Crossbow Problems And Solutions

There are many popular crossbow models available in the market. I’ve mentioned all the difficulties that different model owners face and how they come up with a solution. 

Let’s check out.

Ravin r10 crossbow problems

In this section, you will get to know about all the common Ravin r10 crossbow problems and their solutions. So, let’s start off with the problems!

  1. Clutch slipping problem of Ravin r10
  2. Ravin r10 crossbow is not firing 
  3. Blowing up the string of Ravin r10 

#1 Clutch slipping problem of Ravin r10

Every owner complains about some common issues, and clutch slipping is one of them. You can put the first 20-25 arrows without any problem. But after a few uses, the clutch of the crank usually slips.

And targeting has become more complicated than before. It can happen for two reasons, maybe the crank is damaged, or you are not setting the crank torque high enough.


The first thing you can do is focus on cranking and hold it steadily. Try setting the crank a bit higher. Momentum can also be a solution here. But if you still find the same difficulties, contact a dealer and change the crank as soon as possible. 

#2 Ravin r 10 crossbow not firing

A raven crossbow usually fires during cocking. And this switches to the safe mode automatically after it is cocked. But sometimes, a new r10 crossbow can stop firing. 

It can happen if you are not setting the arrows accordingly. Or maybe the arrow’s nock is not seated correctly.


Try cocking it for a few more turns. Now get the arrow’s nock by pushing it more challenging. Usually, 5 pounds of force is enough to seat it. 

It is safe to shoot after the arrow’s nock is seated correctly.  

#3 Blowing up The string

Sometimes your Ravin r10 crossbow string can blow up after 50-60 shots. This can happen because of a faulty bowstring. Or you are not holding it correctly, which may cause the string to blow up from the seat. 


The strings creating problems are mostly smaller-sized. This causes difficulties while shooting. So try some large-sized string. Also, hold the nock tighter while shooting. 

Ravin r20 crossbow problems

The r20 is one of the most renowned models of Ravin. It’s scarce to have a problem with this one, and I’ve explained a few issues that new users mentioned.

#1 Ravin r20 string problems

After a few uses, some Ravin r20 crossbows show string problems. Maybe it is because of uneven strings or the back serving tag end is faulty. 


Lube up the tag from the end and hit it through a lighter to “ball” the back. After burning it, flatten it with your finger until it is warm. But you can apply some wax to make it easy.

#2 Loaded r20 crossbow fails to fire

When your r20 crossbow is loaded fully and still not firing, it may be caused because the bow was not cocked completely. It can also happen if the bolts are not adequately pulled back. 


Check the arrow spring, and if it is clogged, then fix it immediately. Try to pull the bolt back when preparing for cocking. The bows should have been fully cocked.  

Ravin R26 crossbow problems

Ravin R26 is well-known for its accuracy and flexibility. Archers often find some minor problems and check out how they solve them. 

R26 Crossbow not cocking

Sometimes you may have problems with cocking in an r26 crossbow. It is one of the most common issues that Ravin r26 owners suffer from. 

When the crossbow is not cocking you can not fire with it. Maybe you can shoot in a few cases, but you can’t be steady on target. 


Try to pull the string back with full strength to solve this problem. Check out the safety mechanism whether it is working or not. If it does not work, you have to exchange it with a new safety input. 

Ravin r26 fails to group

The Ravin R26 crossbow often fails to group appropriately, and it happens mostly when the screws are loose or there’s a problem with nuts and the bolts.


The first solution to this is using an accurate cocking device. Try to fix the nuts and all the loosened parts. Check the optic area, and clean it if something has stuck on it.

Safety is not engaged when cocking

When you are cocking your r26 crossbow, sometimes it may fail to engage the safety. As a result, you may not fire through this crossbow. Or, in a few cases, the crossbow will fire without a safety mechanism, but you will not be able to target well. 


First, you need to tighten up all the loose parts of the crossbow and seat the bolts properly in place. Also, check the arrow-retention of the crossbow and reset it accordingly. This will certainly get your problem solved. 

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6 More Ravin Crossbow Problems

Ravin crossbow limb problems

One of the most common problems in Ravin crossbows is limb breakage. Limb breakage mostly happens because of the user’s unconsciousness. If you don’t put the string correctly, it will blow up and hit the limb, and this may cause damage to the limbs.


The first solution is to use the crossbow properly and follow their user guidelines. Never try to shoot with uneven strings. If you still face the problems, then try attaching a new limb. 

Ravin’s crossbow blowing up

If you do not use the Ravin nock, you may face blowing problems. Sometimes, this problem arises when the crossbow is not fully tuned, and poor quality string causes issues.


Use higher quality bowstring. Tune your crossbow correctly. Or you can install a new nock for shooting. 

Ravin crossbow accuracy problems

The Ravin crossbow is well known for its accuracy, and it’s rare to have accuracy problems with Ravin. But sometimes, when you don’t use the arrows accurately, some accuracy problems could arise. 


The simple solution is to hold sensitivity while shooting. Check the arrows and focus on your serving. Accuracy problems will be easily removed. 

Ravin crossbow scope problems

Ravin crossbow users often complain about scope problems. The Ravin r15 crossbow has a double ring while illuminating. Sometimes the problem is in the manufacturer, or maybe you are not adjusting the eye focus properly. 


Always try to adjust the eye focus perfectly to avoid such problems. You can also contact Ravin to change it to another scope. 

Ravin crossbow string problems

Most of the Ravin owners complained that their crossbow keeps breaking. The reason behind it is that the bolt is not seated tightly on the string, and that’s why it jumps over when you try to shoot.


Use the bolt properly and seat it against the string tightly. Try to hold the arrows steadily while shooting. Change the broken or faulty strings. 

Ravin crossbow arrow rest problem

When you use a heavy arrow, you may face arrow resting problems. Some archers shoot with two arrows at a time, leading to this problem.  


It would be best to nock the bows accurately while shooting with a Ravin crossbow. You can also try spin wings in this case. 

Ravin crossbow trigger problem

Ravin crossbows hardly have trigger problems, and owners rarely have to face issues with triggers. But if someone faces trigger failure, maybe it is because they have been using the crossbow for too long. 


Try resetting the setting after a long period of use. Check the trigger parts carefully while purchasing any second-hand crossbow. 


How long will a Ravin crossbow last?

The longevity of a Ravin crossbow depends on you and how you use it. An average hunter can expect five to ten years of excellent service. But the professional hunters who use it more can work with it for 3-5 years at least.  

What is the warranty on a Ravin R10 crossbow?

You can get five years of warranty on your R10 crossbow. You can have this warranty against cocking mechanism, trigger, defects in equipment, and craft. It would help if you also used it according to the official guidelines of R10. 

Do Ravin crossbows have a lifetime warranty?

Ravin crossbows do not have a lifetime warranty, and they offer you a five-year warranty with a few conditions. With proper care and use, you can enjoy Ravin service for up to 7 years. 

How long do crossbow limbs last?

According to the owner’s experience, your crossbow limbs will give 1500 to 2000 shots without any problems. Some archers may face limb failure after 500 shoots. But they can recover it by replacing the strings.

What is the most accurate Ravin crossbow?

Ravin has tested all the crossbows, and they confirmed that the Ravin R29X crossbow is the most accurate one. Ravin r29X can fire almost at 430 FPS which no other Ravin crossbows have reached yet.

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  1. Brandon, I own a Ravin R26 crossbow used for deer hunting in Illinois. I have had and hunted the crossbow for the last 3 archery deer seasons. I had the string and cables replaced after the second season due to what appeared to be some slight fraying of the string. The new string was difficult to properly seat the bolt without maximum pressure (beyond the est 5lbs listed in the user manual), The archery shop doing the work indicated Ravin had increased the number of strands in the string thus causing the bolt seating issue. They offered no reasonable alternative to correct this. Using a finger nail file board, I carefully buffed only a very small amount off the Ravin nock inside bumps and resolved the problem. The bolts fit well and you hear the click when engaged, the safety works, & neither accuracy nor bolt flight is affected.


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