5 Simple Ways To Measure Arrow Length (Compound+Recurve)

Measuring arrow length is crucial not only for accurate shooting but also for safety.

This post will show you five simple ways to measure compound, recurve, and traditional arrow length.

So, how to measure arrow length? The ideal way to measure arrow length is to measure the back of the arrow to the deepest throat of the nock. Arrow length is the distance of the arrow shaft. To some extent, arrow length correlates with draw length and archers’ arm’s Length. If your draw length is 29 inches, the arrow length would be 30 inches.

Most beginners don’t even know what arrow length is and what arrow size is. Also, most of them have a vague idea about draw length and arrow length.

No worries. You are going to know all about this in no time.

Keep reading.

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Why is it essential to measure arrow length?

First off, why is it so important to measure arrow length?

More often than not, beginners tend to mess up between arrow length vs arrow sizes. 

Novice archers find it very difficult to pick the appropriate arrow length that suits them best.

But, what makes the Length of an arrow so important to archers?

It’s because arrow length is directly correlated with speed. Speed affects the dynamic spine of an arrow (Spine refers to the stiffness of arrows).

Balance point measurement of an arrow is crucial, and to do this; you need to use FOC equations.

On FOC equations, false data will produce deficient results.

Picking the wrong Length of arrows can create life-threatening injuries like ‘arrow through hand.’

Can you now perceive how important it is to determine arrow length for your bow?

5 Absolute Best Way To Determine Arrow Length

In this section, I will show you the exact process of how to measure arrow length for a bow.

I will tell you how to figure out arrow length for compound bow, recurve bow, and traditional bows.

Ever since you, no worries mastering the simple techniques below, you will have a solid understanding of measuring arrows for any kind of bow.

Let’s jump right in.

Method #1: Arm Measurement

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Formula: The Distance from the center point of your chest to the fingertip of your hand.

How to do it?

  • Stand upright next to a wall. Extend your two arms out with opened palm.
  • Measure from the center point of your chest to the fingertip.
  • Get someone’s assistance in step.
  • Now, add 1 inch with the measurement.
  • The final result would be your arrow length.

Method #2: Draw Length

This method requires the measurement of a draw length. Here’s how to measure the draw length for your bow. Get someone to help you find your draw length.

With that said, the main process of this method requires finding your draw length and then adding ½ inches to it.

The final value would be your draw length.

Isn’t that simple?

Now it’s time to move to the next method.

Method #3: Using A Draw Arrow Indicator

If you have got any ‘draw arrow’ at your disposal, this method is applicable. If you don’t know what a drawn arrow is, a drawn arrow is as similar as a usual arrow but longer and has measurement marked all along the side.

So, how can you take advantage of this arrow to determine arrow length?

Grab this arrow and pull back at your full draw length, which you feel comfortable. Now, have a look at the measurement marks on the riser just got in touch.

There you have it!

Method #4: The Rush Archers Technique

If you are having a hard time determining arrow length, this technique would be super helpful for you.

Curious to know?

Well, this is simple and straightforward.

Add ⅕ inches approximately with your draw length. In case you don’t know, here is how to determine draw length.

Method #5: The Broomstick Technique

What if you live alone and at the moment you’ve no one to assist you in measuring draw length.

No worries. There are solutions right there in your home.

You just need a broom!

What next?

  • Hold the broomstick at the center point of your chest and let the sweeping end away in another direction.
  • Hold it tightly, and when you’re sure about it, expand your arm out horizontally with the ground.
  • Now, look where the fingertip touches on the stack and rigidly hold that touching point with fingers.
  • Slowly, down your arms and mark on the touching points.
  • There you have it. Now it’s time to measure the distance.

How to determine arrow length for recurve bow?

The traditional bow is nowhere as near as a compound bow in terms of performance. But, some people prefer it inspired by history.

The speed of traditional bows like longbows and recurve aren’t anywhere near compound bows, which makes traditional bows less accurate and less forgiving. It’s because traditional bows can’t produce as much potential energy as compound bows to transfer it to the arrow.

This leaves traditional recurve and longbows on the edge of competition.

So, when picking arrow length for recurve bow, you need to consider three things.

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. Safety

If you pick weak and poorly constructed arrows, it won’t yield enough speed required for accuracy. Accuracy is crucial for both target shooting and hunting.

Weaker arrows tend to bend quickly, which affects the arrow’s flight. Arrow flight problems directly affect accuracy.

So, when deciding an arrow length for a traditional recurve, first ask yourself what purpose you’re using arrows.

If the answer is for target archery, then get a lighter arrow. In this case, your arrow’s draw length would be lower and thus arrow length.

On the other hand, if the answer is for hunting, you need a heavier arrow. For this instance, your traditional recurve arrow’s draw length would be higher than this arrow’s length.

How to determine hunting arrow length?

Good question.

There’s a difference in features for hunting arrows and target arrows.

Target arrows are lighter. Contrariwise, hunting arrows are heavier, having lots of penetration power.

If you are looking for an arrow just for target practice, you don’t need a heavy arrow with huge penetration power.

So, what Length of arrow do you need to choose for hunting?

If you intend to hunt, you need to choose arrows that are heavier and longer.

How Your Safety Correlates With Arrow length

This article is about picking the right arrow length.

So, you definitely should know about the relationship between arrow length and arrow safety.

How long your arrows should be not only important for accuracy but also for safety.

  • If your arrow is too short, you will put yourself at the risk of shooting yourself, as the arrow will push back after drawing. In rare cases, it can be a serious risk like an arrow through the hand. (Which is terrible)

Bonus Tip: Never Buy or use a bow that is too short. To stay even safer, consider choosing arrows that are longer than your draw.


How long should my arrows be for a 29-inch draw?

Your arrow length for 29” draw would be 30-31 inches.

How long should the arrow be for a 27-inch draw?

Your arrow length for a 27-inch draw would be 28-29 inches.

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