How Do Bow String Silencers Work?

Do you know string silencers can reduce sound by nearly 90%?

But how?

Yes. I’m going to answer your question in a moment. In addition to I’ll tell you how do bow string silencers work. That’s the main topic of this post, though.

Bow String silencer inherently can dampen the vibration of the string. Bowstring silencer prevents friction between the layers of string thread by being attached between the string layers. Exactly this way, it works.

I will show you exactly how it happens step by step. Keep reading.

What Is A String Silencer?

A string silencer is typically a woollen-made device specifically designed to dampen the string vibration created while releasing the arrow. The instrument used to silence the string may also mechanical. But in my opinion, the typical one better performs, suppressing the string noise. I know it’s confusing if you do not know the types of string silencers. So, I will try to categorize them to represent, understand, and easily make decisions.

Types Of String SIlencers

According to Properties, I can categorize it into two. One is typical and another mechanical. Beaver balls are usually used as standard string silencers. There are many brands out there who makes mechanical string silencer. They also work well. There’s an excellent alternative to string silencers. The best and far most effective choice is using a limb dampener.

Here’s How Do Bow String Silencers Work Really

Before jump right in, let’s have a look at what makes bowstring noisy.

 Before answering this question, I want to ask you a question. Do you know how a gun works and why it sounds when triggered? The bow works in the as same way as guns more accurately as the ancient gun.

How the noise created when someone triggers a gun? Think a bit. You will be close to the answer.

When you pull the bowstring backward, it got stiffer and gained potential energy. Another thing happens here. Bow limbs flexed. Now when you release your arrow, do you know what happens? 

When you release the string, it fires the arrow forward with the help of limbs. But it’s hard to utilize all of their stored potential just for the sake of firing an arrow!

Why? Because the arrow doesn’t require the same energy as the bowstring and limbs stored together while got pulled backwards.

Yes, that extra potential repeatedly compels the string to go back and forth.

Result? ‘Twang’!

You might go through using a heavier arrow would solve the problem, but it can’t eliminate entirely.

 (I’ve got a slow-mo video from youtube showing the same process in a compound bow. Here I’m attaching it so that you can visually see the process also)

Now, you are ready to tell precisely how do bow string silencer work.

Now, you know how the noise occurred. I think if you think carefully, you can figure out the cur by yourself. Yes, it’s that simple.

All your efforts should go towards eliminating or lowering the friction that occurred while releasing the arrow. To be honest, you can’t get a perfect weighted arrow either you could take advantage of. So, you solely have to rely on lowering the string vibration as you don’t have control over the string coming back again.

To lower the friction, you need to build an obstacle between two string threads. How can you achieve that?

There’s a lot of great bowstring silencers out there, but anything can work in its place. It brings us a question about how to make a bowstring silencer. For this, first, we’ve got to know whether a homemade string silencer works or not.

What do you think?

Yesss. It works well and sometimes well as well as purchased string suppressor.

Sounds interesting?

Yea! Now I should be telling you how you can make a bowstring silencer!

Thankfully, with the household’s daily accessories, you can achieve that. You may take the advantages of such thing at hand like Leathers, rubber bands, cable, or even string serving fit for it! 

Let’s get back to the flow. You can use a ready-made silencer or can make it by yourself. That’s total up to you.

So far, our goal was to make an obstacle between string layers. Using string silencer, we just achieved that. I won’t tell you the bowstring silencer placement process of the cause that itself requires another full post.

When the silencer builds an obstacle, it suppresses the string to get backwards and create friction.

Boom. You got the answer. Yes, exactly this way, bowstring silencer!

Wasn’t that simple?

How Many Bow String Silencers Should I Use?

In the preceding paragraphs, I told you how a bowstring silencer work. The main job that string silencer play in shutting that buzz is suppressing the string by creating an obstacle.

So, guess how many string silencer should you use to dampen the sound?

Tell me, one or two;? Or even multiple?

You need to use two string silencers at the same distance from the end of the limbs. So that it can facilitate the string’s operational process.

A little note, the more string silencer you use, the better it would suppress the string as well its noise. Wait. Using many silencers might slower the arrow speed. ( About t tell you about that)

Are string silencers necessary: Why Should Use A String Silencer On Your Bow?

I want to be super straightforward in answering the question.

If you like to hunt with your bow, then you should get the best string silencer. Yes, you should get that.  

Else simply skip that part. Cause the amount of noise it will reduce is very little to understand and only that impact you are on hunting.

Hope you got it. Not like to prolong anymore.

One last thing to be noted, some string manufacturing company claims that using silencer results in a speed boost into the arrow. By that’s not totally approved by the users’ community,

Do String Silencers Realy Work?

Yes! It works if you can place it accurately with good string suppressor.

You may not sense the little difference, but it makes sense if you are in hunting.

Yes, the difference is little. But it works. Keep the doubt away.

Do String Silencers Affect The Speed?

Yes, string silencer affects arrow speed. But the rate it reduces is little and often outweighs the downside. It is because string silencers only reduce by 5-6 feet per second(FPS).

Another question you might go through does silencer affect on bowstring lifespan?

The direct answer is no. But sometimes can affect.


Hope I could make you understand how do bow string silencer work and whether they really work or not. I also tried to answer the question of what speed changes happen using a string silencer. And I cleared the confusion about whether should you use a string silencer or not.

Hope that helped you. If so, consider commenting below about what is popping into your head right now.

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