How To Remove Arrow Inserts? [2 Tested Way]

Many people consider removing arrow inserts a very complicated task. Although the folks know exactly how to make it done successfully but can’t play in practice, Yes. I do not deny that it’s a little tricky process. But when you know the exact process of how to remove arrow inserts from carbon, Aluminum, or any kind of arrows, then it will be much easier for you to do.

There is no hard and fast rule for removing an arrow insert. You can manually remove the insert by leveraging on tools. The best and safest way to remove inserts from any kind of arrow is to use an insert removal tool. 

Don’t worry. I will show you how to remove the arrow with an insert removal tool and demonstrate how to do it manually.

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What Is Arrow Insert?

An arrow insert is part of an arrow that holds the head to the arrow. Adhesives such as Glue and epoxy are widely used to hold the arrow inserted correctly at the arrow’s end. The importance of perfectly attaching the insert inside the arrow shaft is inevitable as the head is the most lethal part of the arrow.

How To Remove Inserts From Carbon Arrows?

Hitting Process is the easiest and quickest way to remove an old carbon arrow insert. You can do the same mechanism either manually or by using an insert removal tool.

In my opinion, the best way to go would be to use an insert removal tool. That’s the safest and easiest way. But if you do not want to spend money on it, you should follow the manual method, which I don’t recommend.

At first, I tell you the most straightforward method, use an arrow insert removal tool. It will cost you anywhere near 50$. The device comes with necessary components that can be used to remove the insert from almost any kind of arrow.

Removing arrow inserts with that tool, here’s how.

Well, the process is simple. First, you need to heat up inside the shaft holding the arrow insert. You can easily do so by entering the head of the heated tool inside the arrow shaft. That way, Glue inside the arrow shaft will be loosed, and with the aid of the device, you can easily pull out the insert.

It is as simple as that.

I am attaching a video below explaining the same process of removing the insert from carbon or any other arrow.

Now it’s time to tell you about the other manual process. I will not recommend the process as it may damage the insert as well as the arrow itself.

The mechanism of the process is no exception from the previous.

The main difference is that you have to heat the arrow shaft by yourself to remove the insert.

Before I begin, let’s know about the tool you need to carry out the process.

Here is the list (I also linked products for your convenience in case you don’t have them)

Now, follow the next section.

How To Remove Arrow Inserts [Step By Step]

  1. Set up the propane torch on a plane surface.
  2. Turn on the valve.
  3. Set the arrow shaft 1-2 inches from the flame of the propane torch.
  4. Heat a few minutes.
  5. Remove from flame and twist the insert with pliers.
  6. If not done, repeat the process until done.

It’s not that hard job. But the problem occurs when you use pliers trying to twist and pull out the insert. In most cases, people break the insert along with the tip of the arrow. My suggestion would be to walk through the safe way and use a tool.

How To Remove Aluminium Arrow Inserts?

Removing insert from Aluminum arrow is somewhat the same as carbon arrow. In my opinion, the best way to remove aluminum arrow inserts is, once again, using an insert removal tool. Before I mentioned how you could use that tool, I won’t tell you also.

If you don’t like spending money on buying tools, follow the manual method I discussed before.

How To Remove Glue, Super Glue, And Epoxy Arrow Inserts

Heat treatment is the best way and most popular way to remove Glue or epoxy from arrow inserts.

Glue or epoxy will melt on heat; thus, it will start to scratch from inserts.

Only by using a burner or propane torch, you can heat the arrow shaft’s tip where the insert locates. After a few moments of heat, Glue, super Glue, epoxy, or any adhesive material will be removed.

Simple, isn’t that? 

Carbon And Aluminium Arrow Insert Removal Tool You Will Need

I thought it might help you if I tell you where to buy the tools required.

Firstly, you can buy an arrow insert removal tool from Amazon, but probably the best place to buy an insert removal tool is from A-design inc. (Not an affiliate link)

All the other tool I mentioned in the post you can buy going to amazon.


The process of removing inserts from carbon and aluminum arrows is a little bit complicated. But you can overcome it by following the easiest methods I mentioned above.

Most people felt it impossible because they like the ‘DIY’ approach. That’s good, but in most cases, with this approach, they can’t finish the right way. I mentioned how you could remove the insert manually and suggested using an insert removal tool to stay rest assured.

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