How To Calculate Arrow Weight (Step By Step)

Want to throw a perfect target while bow hunting? Then arrow weight is one of the most crucial things that you might keep in mind. An arrow with a balanced weight and optimal arrow spines will boost accuracy. To experience reliable bow hunting you must know how to calculate arrow weight. It applies more to hunting arrows.

Arrow makers calculate the weight of an arrow in grams per inch. or GPI. Arrow weights modification with various variables, together with the shaft’s length and consistency; and its material, similar to wood, aluminum, fiberglass, compound, or carbon filaments.

Calculating arrow weight is easy with these simple steps. Check out this guideline to find out the accurately balanced arrow for you.

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Why Arrow’s weight matters?

The most vital thing about arrow weight is safety. Bow makers set their safety conditions around five grains per pound to assist injuries. Arrow shafts should be serious enough to soak up the arc’s energy once you spark your bow.

Firing the incorrect arrow weight for an arc will harm any outfit and damage you furthermore. That’s why the maker’s style curvatures for specific negligible arrow weights.

Besides, heavier arrows won’t fly far enough and lighter arrows fly faster. So, the lighter the arrow weight the faster it will fly. If you are interested in how fast do arrows fly, give this article a read.

Anyway, how does one calculate your arrow’s weight to make sure you’re shooting? it’s not as straightforward as setting the arrow on a scale. Always follow the arc manufacturer’s pointers for selecting a secure arrow weight. Let’s see a way to calculate arrow weight.

Understanding Grains per inch

The GPI is not included on points, inserts, points, or folds, and manufacturers list arrows on their websites and product packaging. Indicators in millimeter size are the industry standard used to calculate arrow weights.

The GPI of arrows determines weight. Arrow length and diameter are included, and GPI numbers are non-restrictive. Nocks, insert points, and fletching points. In addition, manufacturers can provide more info on the GPI on their websites or products in their packaging.

Step-by-step process on how to calculate arrow weight

There are plenty of arrow weight systems accessible to vary the general arrow weight. Reckoning on your necessities, some can have minimum effects that considerably alter the arrow flight.

I’ll discuss all the ways that are usually used for conniving the total arrow’s weight.


The primary step is opting for the exact weigh arrow shaft for the required results. Though the stationary is the same, various makers can supply models in numerous GPI( grains per inch). By conniving the GPI for a finished arrow length and mixing the load of all the factors, you’ll get a detailed plan of what to anticipate for a finished arrow weight.

Learn more: how to determine draw length

Weight Tubes

Weight tubes provide an easy, nevertheless effective amount of weight to add to an arrow. They offer more instigation with a minimum result on the dynamic chine. Offered in 3, five, or eight GPI; weight tubes could also be the result to feature weight while not having to shop for new arrows.


Heavy inserts have returned the foremost common thanks to increasing the load of an arrow. The utmost customary inserts that go with your arrows are all and solely weigh ten to twenty grains.

Arm inserts are created to suit a range of shafts from 204 ″ within the periphery (ex Easton Axis or GT ancient Classic shafts), .234 ″, or 246 ″ ancient Only). The weight of inserts will vary from fifty grains up to a hundred grains.

Overall Arrow Weight

Here’s the step-by-step process to calculate the arrow weight for your arrow. Let’s start the process.

Step 1: Divide the arrow’s length( distance from the very cheap slot groove to the shaft’s end) by two.

Step 2: Find the balance purpose. This can be wherever the arrow balances impeccably. Mark the purpose, and live from there to the slot’s throat.

Step 3: Abate the middle of the arrow dimension( calculated in Step 1) from the balance point.

Step 4: Multiply Step 3’s answer by a hundred.

Step 5: Divide the solution from Step four by the arrow’s overall length. 

Again, it’s forever fashionable to estimate an arrow’s weight with an arrow weight calculator before construction or shopping for arrows for a selected species or quest.

How heavy should my arrow be?

For reference, light-weight arrows weigh 350 grains, a typical arrow weighs 420 to five hundred grains, and a heavier arrow weighs over 600 grains.

How many pounds does an arrow weigh?

A light arrow encompasses a finished GPP of five to six grains for every pound of draw weight. GPP refers to the combined weight of an arrow divided by the bow’s weight for shooting the arrow.

A midweight arrow weighs between half a dozen and 5 to eight grains. Heavy bold arrows weigh over eight grains. This data will be vital once shooting a crook, barebow, or compound.

How do you weigh an arrow?

Grains per inch (GPI – arrows and points) are compared to grains. For reference, the 437.5 grains equal 1 ounce – which makes 0.5258771 oz. All major bow manufacturers list the weight of the different raw arrow shafts.

Are 340 or 400 arrows heavier?

340 are heavier arrows than 400 arrows since their GPI is higher than 340. 340 arrows are for bows weighing 75-95 pounds and 400 arrows are for bows weighing 55-75 pounds. So, 340 will be stiffer and stronger than 400 arrows as 349 will bend less.

How much does an arrow nock weigh?

Regular nocks usually weigh between eight and sixteen grains, whereas contenders will run up to twenty-five grains, which means score-out lighted nocks are doubted the load of most ancient nocks.

How much does an arrow insert weigh?

Most standard inserts that accompany your arrows are unit metal and solely weigh ten to twenty grains. Brass, strong metal, or chrome steel inserts are created to suit a spread of shafts.

How do you know what arrow tip weight to use?

The arrow tip depends on the string field and brand. Every brand provides a list of their total arrow weight according to their bow consultancy. Follow the references provided by your required company to know the perfect balance for your arrow tip.

How much does an arrow weigh in kg/gm?

The approximate arrow speed, distance, and weight differ. Most of the arrows weigh 0.0162 kg. It may vary from brand to brand but standard arrow insert weight is determined in grains.  

What is the GPI arrow mean?

Grains per inch are the business normal for the measurement of arrow weights. Grains are a standard measurement used in various fields. Arrow’s GPI indicates the arc shaft weight. It includes the arrow’s length, diameter, wall thickness, and shaft material. The GPI range doesn’t embody the mark, insert, purpose or fletchings.

Key Takeaways

Calculating arrow weight won’t require you to become Pythagoras. In fact, it’s a fairly easy process.

In this article, I have shown you how to calculate arrow weight step by step.

If you follow through with the process, you can determine the arrow weight in a matter of time.


How much does a 340 spine arrow weigh?

A 340-arrow spine arrow weighs 150 grains. 150 grains is 9.71 gm per arrow.

How much does a 400 arrow weigh?

If an arrow weighs 400 grains, it means it can be shot from a 60-pound bow with more than 100-grain points.

How much does a 100-grain arrow weigh?

100 grains stand for 6.4 grams. So, 100 grains of an arrow will weigh 6.4 grams.

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