Dry fired bow string came off (What to do now?)

When you dry fire a bow, you not only risk damaging your bow but also risk getting injured. But, archers rarely do it intentionally as they know the potential risk associated with it. Despite there being few who are aware of the event.

So, why did your dry fired bow string come off? When you dry fire a bowstring it causes high pressure on the string which causes it comes off from the bow. When you dry fire, you draw a bow without an arrow which creates an additional force on the bowstring.

That’s not all. In this section, I’ll deep dive into how dry firing a bow affects the bowstring. Come along with me if you’re interested to learn.

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Will Dry firing a bow break the string?

Dry firing a bow doesn’t necessarily break the string. Since dry firing causes heavy stress on the bowstring and bow limbs, it can sometimes damage and even break the string.

Dry firing a bow means firing a bow without an arrow which means you are applying all the force in the string pressuring the arrow.

In many cases, dry firing in a bow might lead to string breakage.  Excessive drawing and higher weight of the arrow might cause an arrow string to break.

Dry fired bow: Why would a bowstring come off?

There might be many reasons why your bowstring comes off. One of the reasons is dry-fired bowstring, and dry fire can damage the bowstring. Since dry fire can substantially increase the pressure on the bowstring, it increases the chances of it coming off.

The reason is the pressure applied to a bare bow without an arrow which is hard for the string to survive. And, if it’s repeated, it’s sure to cause such an error.

Other reasons include causing the bowstring to come off:

  1. Torquing the Strings Left or Right
  2. The string is too long.
  3. Release aids can make the string pop off.
  4. If the bowstring is not seated correctly.
  5. If there is a defect in the bowstring.
  6. If the bowstring got terrible.
  7. A string silencer can cause the string to pop off.

How to fix dry-fired bowstring?

You already know why bow strings come off and what dry-fired bow string causes. But, what should be done when accidentally dry-fired causes the bowstring to come off?

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Well, you can do a few things in such cases. Firstly, start by inspecting your bowstring and checking how badly it is damaged. 

For examining the bow, you will need a magnifying glass, a cotton ball, and good lighting.

If you don’t have previous experience inspecting bowstring damage, you might overlook the details about the damage.

So it’s always better to take it to a professional archery shop and tell them about the incident. Unfold and let them know how your bowstring came off during dry firing.

Dry fired bowstring came off from a compound bow: What to do?

The architecture of the compound bow is more complex than traditional bows, and the weight of the compound bow is also higher than others.

So, the compound bow gets affected by dry fire more than others. That said, a bowstring is more vulnerable to coming off from a compound bow than others.

Why did my string come off my compound bow?

You might be wondering why my string comes off my compound bow after dry firing. The obvious answer is that a compound bow weighs more than other bows, and since its weight is higher than recurve and longbow, it’s likely to feel higher pressure upon its dry fire.

When you draw the string without an arrow, you are applying substantially greater force than usual.

How much does it cost to restring a bow after a dry fire?

Depending on the severity of the damage, it costs between $60 to $200 to restring a dry-fired bow. In addition to a labor cost, this can increase by $90-$250.

Also, the cost varies from one archery shop to another.


So, we have got to the bottom of the post, and. I’ve discussed why dry-fired bow string came off and provide you with solutions.

It’s always recommended to remain careful to avoid dry firing. Nonetheless, if it happens without delay, you should take it to a professional archery shop.


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