Ravin vs Tenpoint- Which Crossbow Gets You Better Hunting?

Having the right crossbow can make your hunting triumphant. However, with so many variations and types out there, picking up the right crossbow is hard, doesn’t it? In this article, we will be trying to spell them all out! 

So, what are the key differences between Ravin vs Tenpoint? Both are quite the same in terms of delivering speed. You can expect around 500 fps maximum from these. However, Ravin is much more lightweight. The arrow handles are more flexible and comfortable in TenPoint. The Ravin brand comes with less expensive crossbows. 

That’s not everything. To assist you in making a decision, we have scrutinized both types of crossbows deeply.

Continue reading, if you really want to discover which crossbow to pick!

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Ravin vs Tenpoint: A Quick Glimpse

Before heading to the in-depth discussion, we feel like getting you a quick overview of them can be essential. Here are the highlighted comparing aspects below-

Comparing FactorsRavin CrossbowTenpoint Crossbow
Speed (Maximum)500 feet per second.505 feet per second.
Kinetic Energy140-145 FP-KE120-125 FP-KE
WeightMore LightweightLess Lightweight
Power Stroke11 Inches14 Inches
Axle To Axle6 / 10.5 Inches9 / 14 Inches
Pricing Range$1,200 to $4,000$3,000 to $4,500
Comparison Of Crossbow brand between Ravin and Tenpoint

Got the gist? But still, too early to come up with a conclusion!

So, let’s proceed with a detailed discussion.

Ravin vs Tenpoint: Detailed Comparison

Enough of getting quick snippets! Now, we will have a detailed discussion to understand which one should be the ideal pick for you.


Ravin brings so many types of crossbows including the electric snippet series. Most of them can deliver a speed rate of 430 to 470 feet per second.

In the meantime, Ravin’s latest R500 Series crossbows seem the most speedy on our radar.

Accelerating speed up to 500 feet per second is its specialty. Meanwhile, manufactured with a 400 grains arrow keeps the pace uninterrupted and seamless. 

If we look at the TenPoint, here’s the Nitro 505 model coming with the fastest speed. Interestingly, the model name itself suggests the capability of serving 505 feet per second.

 Huge, right?

Also, you will experience its 227-foot pounds of blistering power during hunts. Along with that, TenPoint still hasn’t produced a more robust and speedy crossbow in its manufacturing history.

Curious about what its other models might deliver? You can consider their speed rate of them ranging between 350 to 450 feet per second. Not bad, is it?

Basically, the TenPoint and Ravin both make no compromise in the string and cable’s aging issues. At the same time, how much these tools have stretched over time can vary the overall speed.

Cocking and loading

TenPoint crossbows are much easier to cock. Also, in terms of loading, Ravin can’t provide much flexibility that a TenPoint bow can. That said, cocking and decocking in Ravin is a little harder.

You will require minimal effort towards cranking it, especially in the TenPoint Nitro 505. In the meantime, having a well-equipped crank grip puts users at ease.

Meanwhile, Ravin comes with cheaper handles. If you maintain a tighter budget, Ravin 500 can be a pick while being a bit uncomfortable to grip. And, be cautious while gripping the bolt around the tip with Ravin crossbows!

As soon as you put the cocking mechanism on the table, Ravin plays with innovation. You won’t find any straps or even ropes while the trigger group moves on threaded rails.

On the other hand, TenPoint asks users for the extra care on this issue. Its strap might get disconnected from the inner cranking mechanism.

Looking for a standard finger shield? Then, TenPoint has the perfect design for you.

If you focus on the uncocking process- both may seem flawless and simple.

Fewer things you need including-

  • Unload your bow
  • Insert the handle
  • Make the crank reverse.

But here’s a small difference you may go unnoticed-

Most of the TenPoint crossbows are required to press the releasing tab to begin the uncocking.

However, Ravin is quite simple, just do the uncrank and it starts processing. No extra layer of work is required.


Let’s dive into testing their accuracy- a crucial factor for your hunting. Ravin crossbows are compact and accurate to 100 yards.

It can offer accurate arrow arrangement starting from 20 yards while incrementing in 10-yard. TenPoint also delivers accuracy in 50 to 100 yards.

Relying on the precision of optics, crossbow arrows play a vital role in accuracy.

What if you shot six, three-bolt groups at 50 yards from a bar with a lead sled? Ravin would almost pick a 2.7-inch group. And, a 3-inch group might be the average for TenPoint.

In the meantime, up to 40 yards is enough efficient range for bow hunters. Enough lethal for hunting indeed!

Final Verdict

Considering the speed scenario in mind, go for TenPoint crossbows! In Particular, picking the Tenpoint Nitro 505 can provide exactly what you require from a speedy giant crossbow.

One more thing, the cooking and loading process often go unnoticed, don’t do that! Pick TenPoint and you will experience its higher flexibility and durability.

Also, if you keep a limited budget, it is always suggested to prefer the cost-effective option. In that case, the Ravin r10 might be the ideal pick for you.


What is the most accurate TenPoint crossbow?

TenPoint Vapor RS470 is considered the most robust crossbow model. Coming as a long-range crossbow, this model can ensure higher accuracy and precision in hunting.  Along with that, it suits the Garmin Xero X1i range to find crossbow scope.

What is the quietest crossbow?

The Siege RS410 has been serving users with the quietest compact hunting experience. Users can find an unmistakable sense of comfort here while getting devastating speed.

Is leaving my crossbow cocked for long periods safe?

Try not to retain your crossbow cocked for more than 8-10 hours. If not, you might find the string and cables having premature stretches.

Final Words

Now you know exactly which factors between Ravin vs Tenpoint you should be looking for! And after all, both do not belong to the same league! Hopefully, our review helps you crack the best buy!

That’s all for today. Happy hunting!

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