Cocking and Decocking Ravin Crossbow: Exactly How To Do It

Have you ever wondered why your Ravin crossbow is too hard to pull back at times? Why is it leading to poor accuracy by stages? However, some new users even fail to keep the bow in place. 

All these troubles are caused by improper cocking of your crossbow and damaging the parts while decocking. And failure to cock your bow means you can’t even load your bow properly. 

But don’t get worked up so easily. Look into this easy-to-do procedure of how to cock a Ravin crossbow and take your bow-hunting experience to an advanced level. 

I’ve even mentioned how to uncock a Ravin crossbow and many more queries you have been searching for. So let’s dig into it. 

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How to Cock a Ravin crossbow? (Step by Step)

Cocking and decocking ravin crossbow

The fact is you can cock your Ravin crossbow on your own. You don’t need any extra mechanical tools either. Here is how- 


Here you go for the first rule- place the rear grips just against your dominant side. In case you are left-handed, mount the grips on the right side.

Fortunately, you can regulate the grips on your own as there is an adjuster present right behind the grip panel.   


Now press the thumb release and get off the draw handle from the mounting bucket. 5lb of force will be enough for you to remove it instantly. 


Now search for the recessed hole present at any of the sides of the stocks. Mount the opened head of the draw handle into it and wait until the magnet adjusts it properly. 


This time place the limb tips on the bow but be sure they are pointed and facing the ground. Also, keep it a bit far from your body and clear the pathway. Don’t call an accident by placing your hands in front of the tips. 


Now you must check the safety device if it’s in “SAFE ” mode. 

Here you go! Your Ravin crossbow is cocked successfully. See how easy it was! You can just go for loading and shooting without thinking twice. 

Note: Never leave your Raving crossbow on cocking for more than 8 hours. Otherwise, you may have to replace the strings. 

How to cock the Ravin r29x crossbow?

Cocking a ravin r29 model is almost the same as a regular one. But there is a slight precaution that manufacturers suggest the new users-

While placing the limbs try to keep a rubber adjuster if you are not familiar with the backward force. Because r29 is one of the fastest models for long shots. 

So it absorbs more energy as well as releases more. But if you get used to it afterward, you can do it without any adjuster. 

How to decock/uncock a Ravin crossbow? (step by step)

Uncocking your Ravin crossbow is trouble-free because you can do it free-handed. Let me tell you how can you decock a Ravin crossbow-


Once you are done with shooting and unloading a Ravin crossbow it’s time to uncock it. First, press the thumb release and gradually remove the draw handle. 


Rotate the arrow strings backward till it comes off at string stops. Now pull them off and give a final check if any of the strings are twisted or damaged.   


Now place the removed draw handle and keep it on the mountain holder. You can disengage the arrow inserts for more safety. 

And once the safety mode is on, you are done uncocking a Ravin crossbow. 

How To Decock (uncock) A Ravin r26 Crossbow?

The procedure of cocking a Ravin r26 crossbow is the same as the other models.  But some users complained that while uncocking the r29 the strings just pull off so fast that it often gets risky.

Oh, don’t get afraid of it. There is a little trick that can save your face from being crushed by a string- 

As the arrows of r29 are a bit larger in diameter the strings sometimes get twisted and suddenly get off while uncocking.

All you need to do is place the arrows a few inches backward while loading the Ravin crossbow. Also, be gentle with it while uncocking. 

How to decock (uncock) a Ravin r10 crossbow?

Uncocking a Ravin r10 crossbow is just child’s play. Simply follow the uncocking steps that I’ve already mentioned. Even there is no record of risk found while doing it free-handed.

How To Decock A Ravin Crossbow Without Firing It?

If you are not intended to fire the bow just unload the crossbow first. Then decock it by removing the draw handle and also the strings for more safety. 

How do you knock an arrow on a Ravin crossbow?

You knock the arrow while placing the arrows inside the bow. It takes at least 5 pounds of force to knock it and the arrows to be seated properly. 

What is the orange knob on the Ravin crossbow for?

The orange knob on the Ravin crossbow is a small tool that allows you to push the knobs onto the strings properly. 

How often should you replace strings on a Ravin crossbow?

Your Ravin crossbow can serve you with a maximum of 500 shots. But it’s better to replace them after 400 shots to avoid poor accuracy. 


Cocking or uncocking your Ravin crossbow is a breeze. Placing and mounting the draw handle, seating the limbs, a simple decocking. And yes, you’re done! 

Hey! don’t forget to follow the precautions to avoid unwanted risks. 

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  1. i have a ravin 10 and the string broke brou in and got it fixed but now the cocking device wont grab the string where can we get this problem fixed

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