All the Barnett Crossbow Problems (Solved)

What if your Barnett crossbow sensor stops working just before shooting? Sometimes, dry fire problems arise.

Some users complain about the broken strings as well. Perhaps its string engagement isn’t placed properly, or the reason could be a jammed trigger.

Let’s explore what might be preventing your crossbow from functioning correctly. Read on for all the Barnett crossbow problems and their solutions.

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List of Common Barnett Crossbow Problems And Solutions

Here is a list of all the problems Barnett crossbow users typically face:

  1. Defective Sensor 
  2. Broken strings 
  3. Dry fire 
  4. String not pulling back 

Defective Sensor

If the sensor is defective, it can automatically load arrows and fire unexpectedly. The sensor might stop working properly due to damage to the device inside the sensor holder.


First, open up the sensor holder and check its tiny device for any defects. Try cleaning and repositioning them. If the sensor still doesn’t work, consider purchasing a new single sensor device.

Broken Strings

Many Barnett users have mentioned that the strings often break while shooting. This issue can arise when the distance between bolts and strings is not properly maintained.


After a few uses, the bolts may move closer to the strings. To address this, open up the strings and back bolt parts. Ensure that the bolts are positioned at least 2 inches away from the string. Additionally, carefully inspect and tighten the screws.

String Not Pulling Back

One of the most common problems with Barnett crossbows is the failure of the string to pull back. This can occur due to damaged triggers, broken strings, a dirty string, or an overused crossbow.


Begin by inspecting the trigger. If it is jammed, fire the crossbow several times without loading arrows; this can often resolve the jammed trigger issue. Also, check the condition of the string and replace it if it’s broken. In the case of older crossbows, clean the dirty string thoroughly.

Barnett Ghost 400 Crossbow Problems

A list of Barnett Ghost 400 crossbow problems: 

  1. Arrow loading problem 
  2. Firing issues 

Arrow Loading Problem

The crossbow sometimes encounters issues when loading arrows. If you don’t grip the trigger tightly enough, the arrows might fail to load. Alternatively, the arrows could be too heavy for your specific crossbow.


When shooting, apply strong pressure to the trigger. The manufacturers of the Ghost 400 have noted that it requires more force to engage compared to other models. Additionally, review the weight limit provided in the guidelines and ensure you purchase arrows within that limit.

Firing Issues

The trigger could be the source of firing problems experienced with your Barnett crossbow. Alternatively, the safety mechanism might not be functioning correctly.


Inspect the trigger for any potential jams. Address such issues using the method mentioned earlier. If the safety mechanism is damaged, replacing it would be a prudent choice.

Barnett Vengeance Crossbow Problems

The only problem that users complained about Barnett Vengeance crossbow is:

  • Problem with the serving

Barnett Vengeance serving problems

Sometimes the Barnett Vengeance crossbow doesn’t serve right after firing. It happens if the center string is not placed well or is broken. 


Check the position of the center string only. For a tight-fitting, adjust it with glue. And in case of old or broken strings, change them immediately. 

Barnett Predator Crossbow Problems

All the Barnett Predator crossbow problems –

  1. Bearing issues 
  2. Weight problem 

Bearing Issue

Barnett users have reported a problem with the bearing, citing poor performance. The cause is the absence of grease in the bearing, or the hole in the bearing becomes too large after multiple uses, resulting in the inability to secure the shafts.


Enhance the bearing’s performance by applying additional grease. To address the issue of the enlarged hole, utilize a rubber adjuster to restore the ability to hold the shafts securely.

Weight Problem

Users frequently encounter difficulties related to weight, which can hinder accurate aiming. This problem emerges due to the relatively heavy arrows and components of the predator crossbow.


Since not all arrow components can be altered, consider unloading the bolts and utilizing lighter arrows to mitigate this problem.

Barnett Crossbow String Problems

Problems that Barnett users face with the string:

  1. String engagement problem 
  2. String aid problem 

String Engagement Problem

If you’re experiencing issues with string engagement, it could be due to loose components or a broken string.


Access the string section and tighten all screws, as they tend to loosen after multiple uses. Additionally, replace any broken strings.

String Aid Problem

When string aids malfunction, the strings might jump over the bolts. This can occur if the bolts aren’t adequately secured.


Ensure the bolts are securely positioned against the strings. Alternatively, attach an additional rubber adjuster to prevent string aid problems.

Barnett Crossbow Scope Problems

The problem that Barnett users often face  with the scope is:

  • loose scope 

Loose Scope

The crossbow fails to fire accurately when the scope is loose. The scopes become loose primarily due to overuse, or if the scope is not properly positioned before shooting.


Prior to loading and firing, verify the scope’s position. For a more lasting solution, you can adjust the scope using additional glue. Additionally, if your crossbow is old and damaged, consider replacing the scope.

Barnett Recruit Crossbow Problems

The problem that Barnett Recruit crossbow users face is:

  • Rail issues

Barnett Recruit Crossbow Rail Issues

Users have reported that the rails do not remain straight for an extended period. They tend to twist after about ¾ of their usage. This issue arises when excessive pressure is applied to the triggers.


Attempt to hold the trigger with the appropriate amount of pressure to prevent the rails from breaking or twisting. However, if the quality of the rails is not satisfactory, consider using stronger and more flexible ones. These rails will revert to their original position even if they twist immediately after shooting.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Problems

Dry Fire

At times, the crossbow experiences consecutive dry fires. This occurs when the bolts are heavy or something is impeding their proper movement.


In this scenario, simply unload the heavy bolts or replace them with lighter ones. Additionally, inspect the bolts to ensure nothing is obstructing them.

Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Problems

The Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow is an excellent bow for the money. It is well-built and offers numerous features that contribute to its exceptional value. While there have been some issues reported by archers concerning this bow, they are minor and can be easily corrected.

The primary issue with the Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow is the string tensioner. Over time, the string tensioner can break or become damaged, leading to the possibility of the string snapping while you are shooting the bow. This poses a risk of injury to both you and your target, so be sure to inspect your string tensioner before every shot.

Another frequent problem with this crossbow is the potential for the safety button to become stuck in place, making it challenging to disengage it from its locked position.

This situation can be perilous if you require the safety feature in an emergency. Therefore, ensure that your safety button functions correctly before each shot. On this specific model of the Barnett crossbow, you might need to remove the scope or red dot sight to access the safety button.

Barnett Quad 400 Problems

The Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow is an exceptional crossbow to start with. It boasts a high caliber, lightweight design, and ease of use.

However, like with all Barnett products, there are potential issues that you may come across.

The Barnett Quad 400 serves as an excellent tool for hunting or target practice, offering substantial power and a faster shooting speed compared to most other crossbows within its price range. This crossbow achieves a speed of 370 feet per second (fps).

The draw weight stands at 175 pounds, accompanied by a bolt weight of 350 grains. This configuration allows it to easily accommodate both light and heavy arrows without complications.

One of the primary challenges individuals encounter with their Quad 400 crossbow is the difficulty in properly loading the cams.

To address this, you can utilize the rope cocking device that accompanies the bow upon purchase or opt for an aftermarket rope cocking device such as the Barnett Cranker. This addition will significantly simplify the process of loading your bow in the field or at home before embarking on hunting season.

Another frequently reported issue when using this crossbow is difficulty in sighting it due to excessive movement in the scope while shooting arrows at varying distances.

Barnett Crossbow Scope 4×32 Problems

Scope Shift Problem

After numerous uses, the scope shift no longer functions correctly. The scope turns off after a few adjustments. This issue can arise with older, worn-out scopes.


You might temporarily address this by readjusting the scopes, but this solution won’t be long-lasting. Therefore, it’s advisable to replace the scope to prevent any shafting issues.

Barnett Penetrator Crossbow Problems

Common Barnett Penetrator crossbow problem is:

  • Speed problems 

Barnett Penetrator Crossbow Speed Problems

The Barnett Penetrator is a high-speed crossbow. Many new users encounter difficulties while shooting. This often occurs because they are not holding it accurately, or the trigger spring might also contribute to the issue.


Adhere to the shooting guidelines when handling the trigger. I recommend employing a speed adjuster in such instances. Additionally, if the trigger’s spring is broken or loose, disassemble the trigger mechanism. Replace the spring and consider using a more flexible one for improved performance.

Barnett XP 400 problems

Barnett XP 400 Accuracy Problems

Certain users encounter issues related to accuracy. They have reported that the middle dot does not effectively cover distances beyond 40 yards, leading to frequent target misses.


To address this, start by expanding the optic space of your crossbow. Afterward, ensure that all bolts, nuts, and screws are properly secured and tightened. By taking these steps, you can rectify accuracy problems and potentially extend the effective range to 50-70 yards.

Barnett XP 350 Problems

The sole problem encountered with the Barnett XP 350 pertains to noise.

Unforeseen Noise Issue

Users might experience undue noise originating from the crossbow during loading and release. This problem often results from damaged limbs and knobs. Additionally, the absence of dampeners can exacerbate the noise.


Address loose and damaged limbs and knobs to mitigate the issue. Integrate a dampener onto the limb to minimize noise. You can also employ a bolt-retention spring to diminish excessive vibrations.

Barnett Raptor Pro STR Problems

The main problems with the Barnett Raptor Pro STR are:

  1. Bad stock trigger.
  2. Poor accuracy.
  3. Poor scope quality. The scope is not accurate.
  4. Poor trigger pull weight.
  5. There is no way to adjust your trigger pull’s hard or soft.
  6. The safety switch doesn’t work very well.

Barnett Droptine STR Problems

At times, the bow strings on the Barnett Droptine STR can become dislodged. This issue tends to affect those who lack experience in crossbow cocking and cam leveling.


To address this, it’s essential to properly level the cam and fine-tune the bow.

Barnett Crossbow Trigger Problems

Trigger Latch

Trigger latching problems can arise if your crossbow doesn’t fire after cocking. This typically occurs when excessive force is applied while pulling the trigger. This can result in increased friction and subsequent latch mechanism failure.


To resolve this, gently pull the trigger or follow the stress limit indicated by the manufacturers. Alternatively, consider using a thumb adjuster to regulate the trigger pull and prevent latch issues.

Are Barnett Crossbows Good?

Barnett Crossbows are manufactured by one of the industry’s top producers. They offer crossbows with special features, boasting impressive speed and exceptional accuracy. Despite their affordable price, they maintain a high standard of quality.

How Accurate Are Barnett’s Crossbows?

Barnett’s crossbows exhibit accuracy spanning from 20 yards to 80 yards. Among all Barnett crossbows, the Whitetail Hunter STR achieves the highest accuracy at 80 yards.

What Is the Best Barnett Crossbow for the Money?

While all Barnett crossbows are reasonably priced, the Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow is widely regarded as the best value due to its comprehensive features and performance.

Does Barnett Make Good Crossbows?

Barnett stands as a leading manufacturer, crafting crossbows equipped with unique features that can be found in the market. These crossbows are constructed with precision and exhibit accurate loading. Moreover, they cater to various budget ranges while maintaining product quality.

Where Are Barnett Crossbows Manufactured?

Having outgrown their Odessa facilities, Barnett relocated. The company shifted its base and manufacturing to the west coast of Florida, specifically in Tarpon Springs. The factory in Tarpon Springs serves as their manufacturing hub and headquarters.


How long do Barnett crossbow strings last?

Barnett’s crossbow string can last more than 100 shots.

Are Barnett crossbows reliable?

Yes, Barnett’s crossbows are reliable, fast, and shoot accurately.

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