All The Barnett crossbow problems (Solved)

What if your Barnett crossbow sensor stops working at the time before shooting? Sometimes dry fire problems arise.

Some users complain about the broken strings also. Maybe its string engagement isn’t placed well. Or the reason can be a jammed trigger.

Let’s find out what’s stopping your crossbow from serving properly. Read on all the Barnett crossbow problems and solutions. 

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List of Common Barnett Crossbow Problems And Solutions

Here is a list of all the problems Barnett crossbow users usually face- 

  1. Defective Sensor 
  2. Broken strings 
  3. Dry fire 
  4. String not pulling back 

Defective Sensor

If the sensor is defective, it can automatically load arrows and fire unexpectedly. The sensor stops working properly because the device inside the sensor holder may be damaged. 


First, open up the sensor holder and check its tiny device. Check the defects and try cleaning and placing them again. If the sensor still doesn’t work, then just buy a single sensor device.

Broken strings

Most Barnett users mentioned that the strings often break apart while shooting. It happens because the distance between bolts and stings is not maintained.


After a few uses, the bolts come closer to the strings. So open up the strings and back bolt parts. Place the bolts at least 2 inches far from the string and this time, check the screws properly. 

String not pulling back

The most common problem with Barnett crossbows is that the string is not pulling back. It happens because of damaged triggers or broken strings. Another reason can be the dirty string or overused crossbow. 


Open up the trigger first. If it is jammed, then fire several times without loading arrows. This will fix the jammed trigger. Also, check the string and change if they are broken. Also, clean the dirty string in case of old crossbows. 

Barnett ghost 400 crossbow problems

A list of Barnett ghost 400 crossbow problems- 

  1. Arrow loading problem 
  2. Firing issues 

Arrow loading problem

The crossbow sometimes shows problems while loading arrows. When you don’t hold the trigger tight enough, the arrows fail to load. Or the arrows are too heavy according to your crossbow. 


While shooting, hold the trigger with all your force. The manufacturers of ghost 400 mentioned that it needs more stress to move than others.

Or check the weight limit given in the guidelines. Buy arrows according to that limit.

Firing issues

The trigger may create a problem if you face firing issues with your Barnett crossbow. Or the safety is not working. 


Check the trigger if it is jammed. Fix it with the process mentioned above. Or if the safety is damaged, then the smart decision is to replace it.

Barnett Vengeance crossbow problems

The only problem that users complained about Barnett vengeance crossbow is:

  • Problem with the serving

Barnett vengeance serving problems

Sometimes the Barnett vengeance crossbow doesn’t serve right after firing. It happens if the center string is not placed well or is broken. 


Check the position of the center string only. For a tight-fitting, adjust it with glue. And in case of old or broken strings, change them immediately. 

Barnett predator crossbow problems

All the Barnett predator crossbow problems –

  1. Bearing issues 
  2. Weight problem 

Bearing issue

The barnet users mentioned that the bearing gives poor service. The reason is there is no grease with the bearing. Or the hole in the bearing becomes too big after several uses that it can’t hold the shafts. 


Add extra grease to the bearing for better service. Tighten the hole with a rubber adjuster to hold the shafts again.

Weight problem

The users often find difficulties with the weight, and it hampers the aiming. As the arrows and the parts of the predator are comparatively heavy, this problem arises.


You can’t change all the arrow parts, so just unload the bolts and use less weighed arrows instead. 

Barnett crossbow string problems

Problems that Barnett users face with the string –

  1. String engagement problem 
  2. String aid problem 

String engagement problem

If you are having problems with the engagement of the strings, then it must be the loose components, or the string is broken.


Open up the string section and tighten all the screws as they become loose after several uses. Also, replace the broken strings. 

String aid problem

When String aids do not work properly, the strings jump over the bolts. It happens if the bolts are not tight enough. 


Seat the bolts tight enough against the strings. Or use an extra rubber adjuster to it to avoid string aid problems.

Barnett crossbow scope problems

The problem that Barnett users often face  with the scope is:

  • loose scope 

Loose scope

The crossbow doesn’t throw when serving on time due to loose scope. The scopes get loose firstly because of overuse. Or the 

the scope is not rightly placed before shooting. 


Check the scope position before loading and firing. You can get a permanent solution by adjusting the scope with extra glue. Also, the scope needs to be changed if your crossbow is old and damaged.

Barnett recruit crossbow problems

The problem that Barnett recruit crossbow users face is-  

  • Rail issues

Barnett recruit crossbow rail issues

Users say that the rails do not stay straight for a long time. It just twists over after ¾ use. It happens if you hold the triggers with too much stress. 


Try holding the trigger with accurate pressure so the rails will not break or twist. But if the rails’ quality is not worthy, try string and more flexible ones. They will return to the position if they twist right after the shoot. 

Barnett jackal crossbow problems

Dry fire

Sometimes the crossbow gives continuous dry fires. It is because the bolts are heavy. Or something is stopping it from moving properly. 


This time all you need to do is unload the heavy bolts. Or change the bolts with lightweight bolts. Also, check if something is stuck on the bolts.

Barnett whitetail pro str problems

Barnett whitetail pro str crossbow is a great bow for the money. It is well built and has many features that make it a great value. There are some issues that archers have had with this bow, but they are minor and easily corrected.

The main problem with Barnett whitetail pro str crossbow is the string tensioner. The string tensioner can break or become damaged over time, which will cause the string to snap while you are shooting your bow. This will cause injury to you or your target, so check your string tensioner before each shoot.

Another common issue with this crossbow is that the safety button can get stuck in place, making it difficult for you to remove it from its locked position.

This can be dangerous if you need to use your safety on an emergency basis, so ensure your safety button works properly before each shot. You may need to take off the scope or red dot sight to access the safety button on this model of Barnett crossbow.

Barnett quad 400 problems

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow is a great crossbow, to begin with. It has a high caliber, is lightweight, and is very easy to use.

But as with all Barnett products, there are some problems that you might encounter.

The Barnett Quad 400 is a great weapon for hunting or target practice. It has a lot of power and shoots faster than most other crossbows in its price range. The speed of this crossbow is 370 feet per second (fps).

The draw weight is 175 pounds with a bolt weight of 350 grains. This means that it can easily shoot light and heavy arrows without any problems.

One of the biggest problems people have with their Quad 400 crossbow is difficulty loading the cams properly.

This can be solved by using a rope cocking device that comes with the bow when you buy it or by using an aftermarket rope cocking device like the Barnett Cranker, which will make your life much easier when loading your bow in the field or at home before heading out into the woods for hunting season.

Another common problem that people report having when using this crossbow is difficulty sighting their crossbow due to having too much movement in their scope while shooting their arrows through it at different distances away from them.

Barnett crossbow scope 4×32 problems

Scope shift problem

After several uses, the scope shift does not work properly. The scope turns off after a few clicks. It can happen for the old, stained scopes.


You can fix it temporarily by adjusting the scopes. But it won’t last long. So it is better to change the scope to avoid shafting problems. 

Barnett penetrator crossbow problems

Common Barnett penetrator crossbow problem is-

  • Speed problems 

Barnett penetrator crossbow Speed problems

Burnett penetrator is a high-speed crossbow. Most of the new users find difficulties while shooting. It’s because they are not holding it accurately. Or the spring of the trigger can also be a cause here.


Hold the trigger according to the guidelines before you shoot. I suggest using a speed adjuster in this case. Also, open the trigger if the spring is broken or loose. Change it and add a more flexible spring. 

Barnett XP 400 problems

Barnett XP 400 accuracy problems

Some users face problems with accuracy. They complained the middle dot does not range over 40 yards. They often miss the target for this.


In this case, open up the optic space of your crossbow. Then fix the bolts, nuts, and screws and tighten them properly. Thus you can fix accuracy problems. The range will also increase up to 50-70 yards.

Barnett XP 350 problems

The only issue with Barnett XP is the noise problem! 

Unexpected noise issue

Users may get excessive noise from the crossbow while loading and releasing. The damaged limbs and the knobs create this problem. Also, if there are no dampeners, noise can be heard more.


Fix the loose and damaged limbs and knobs. Add a dampener to the limb to reduce noises. Also, you can use a bolt-retention spring to avoid excessive vibration.

Barnett raptor pro str problems

The main problems with the Barnett Raptor Pro STR are:

  1. Bad stock trigger.
  2. Poor accuracy.
  3. Poor scope quality. The scope is not accurate.
  4. Poor trigger pull weight.
  5. There is no way to adjust your trigger pull’s hard or soft.
  6. The safety switch doesn’t work very well.

Barnett droptine str problems

Sometimes bow strings came off in Barnett droptine str. Those who are inexperienced in crossbow cocking and cam leveling face this problem.


The solution is to level the cam and tune the bow properly.

Barnett crossbow trigger problems

Trigger latch

The trigger has latching issues if your Crossbow doesn’t fire after cocking. It happens if you pull the trigger with excessive stress. It increases the fraction, and the latch mechanism fails.


The solution is- to pull the trigger gently or according to the limit of stress given by the manufacturers. Or place a thumb adjuster to control the trigger and avoid lock-latch. 

Are Barnett crossbows good?

Barnett Crossbows are made by one of the best manufacturers around. They provide special featured crossbows that have fast speed and excellent accuracy. Even their price is low and affordable with top-notch quality.

How far are Barnett’s crossbows accurate?

The accuracy of Barnett’s crossbows ranges from 20 yards to 80 yards. Whitetail Hunter STR provides 80 yards accuracy, the highest among all the Barnett crossbows. 

What is the best Barnett crossbow for the money?

All the Barnett crossbows are of affordable price. But according to overall features, Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow is considered the best crossbow for the money.

Does Barnett make good crossbows?

They have the top manufacturer and make crossbows with special functions you can find on the market. These crossbows are built well and load accurately. It also covers the budget with quality products. 

Where are Barnett crossbows manufactured?

Barnett has outgrown their facilities in Odessa. Then the company changed the area. The company’s headquarters and factory are located in Tarpon Springs, Florida’s west coast. Their manufacturing hub and headquarters are now in Tarpon’s factory.


How long do Barnett crossbow strings last?

Barnett’s crossbow string can last more than 100 shots.

Are Barnett crossbows reliable?

Yes, Barnett’s crossbows are reliable, fast, and shoot accurately.

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