Mission sub 1 xr problems (Solved)

The mission archery is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2019. It is a variant of the Crossbow Rival. It has a different design than the original Crossbow Rival and comes with an orange ammunition clip.

Are you experiencing problems with your mission, Crossbow? If so, don’t panic. I’m here to help.

This article will discuss all the joint mission Crossbow problems and their solutions. I’ll also provide some helpful tips on troubleshooting and fixing them.

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Mission sub 1 XR problems

Mission Sub-1 XR has been a popular air firearm for years. Recently, many shooters have reported cocking problems with the arm. 

Some shooters report that the bolt closes too quickly; others say the Crossbow won’t cock at all. There seems to be no clear solution, but a simple fix can likely be made.

The Crossbow may not cock

This commonly occurred in the past, but since some crossbows no longer have this feature, it might not even matter whether the safety mechanism is on safe or fire when you cock. In that case, make sure the string is pulled all the way back.

None of the locks engaged while cocking, and the Crossbow will not fire

It was unlikely that the bow was actively cocked while cocking. The string wasn’t pulled back far enough to engage your safety device.

Safety did not engage while cocking, but Crossbow will fire

The national bow industry ought to be doing better in quality. One solution is to click the sport triggering the cocking mechanism, and continue playing as usual. However, something has failed, so I recommend taking it to your local bow center.

Back when cocked and loaded, a crossbow may fail to fire

As in the previous example, it’s possible that the bolt did not have its full rotation. On the other hand, I have probably experienced this issue with my fishing crossbow numerous times, even if the bow only manually pulls.

You’re seeing that the bolt is not seated far enough back to make contact with the string and, most importantly, disengage the anti-dry-fire mechanism (ADF). That’s good news because were that not the case, the bow could fire with a bolt in place but not in contact with the string.

This video explains the Anti-dry firing mechanism

You should also check that the arrow-retention spring is in good working order to ensure that the bolt is fully seated.

The crossbow fails to group well owing to a variety of options

Several possibilities are behind this failure. Take a look at all the fasteners, nuts, and screws keeping your optic installed and perform the necessary checking. If not all are tightened up, you may fix the problem.

Mission sub 1 problems

Mission sub 1 is the crossbow rangefinder’s newest and most advanced model. It has several enhancements over its predecessors, but I have observed problems with its accuracy.

One common problem with Mission sub 1 is that the sensors can be inaccurate. This can result in incorrect distance, elevation, and wind direction readings. The sensor may also be dirty or malfunctioning.It may be the case that your sensor must be replaced.

Another issue with Mission sub 1 is that it can be difficult to calibrate it correctly. This means you may need to adjust the settings several times before getting an accurate reading. Calibration can also be affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Mission sub 1 lite problems

Mission Sub 1 Lite problems in crossbow archery can be frustrating when you are trying to hit a target. The lightness of the bow and its composite limbs make it difficult to maintain stability while shooting. Additionally, the shorter draw length makes it more difficult to achieve accuracy.

Your persistence will help as you work out these missteps. These obstacles can be complex at first, but you’ll be able to overcome them.

Mission mxb 400 problems

The Mission MXB 400 crossbow is one of the most popular models in the market today. However, I have also observed problems with this model. Here are some of the common issues:


The Crossbow has a tendency to jam, especially during rapid firing. This can be frustrating because it can prevent you from hitting your target.

Shoots wide

One of the biggest complaints about this Crossbow is that it shoots wide – often more comprehensively than other models in its class.

When dealing with each string, ensure that they are fully engaged in the string, and that each is flush against the wall. 

If one hook is farther away from the wall than the other, it will result in unequal pressure pulling the string back. Consequently, the string will not be centered. It will exert more force against one side, possibly resulting in a slight decrease in accuracy. 

Who makes mission crossbows?

The producer of mission crossbows is an American company called “Mission archery” founded by Matt McPherson. He is the founder, CEO, and chief engineer of the company having an engineering and designing experience of over 50 years. The quality of the crossbow in the market is beyond questionable.

If in doubt

These are typical concerns and responses; there may be others. If the recommended treatments didn’t work, do not panic. Take your Crossbow to the repair shop and ask someone with expertise to look at it. They may be acquainted with your situation and can offer you various options to fix it.

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