Mission Sub-1 XR Problems (Solved)

The Mission SUB-1 XR is a precision crossbow produced by Mission Crossbows.

Are you encountering issues with your Mission Crossbow? If so, there’s no need to panic—I’m here to assist you.

This article will address various common problems associated with the Mission Crossbow and offer corresponding solutions. Additionally, we will provide valuable tips for troubleshooting and resolving these issues.

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Mission Sub-1 XR Problems

Mission Sub-1 XR has maintained its popularity as an air firearm for an extended period. Recently, numerous shooters have come forward with concerns about cocking problems associated with this model.

Certain users have noted that the bolt closes excessively quickly, while others have encountered challenges in fully cocking the Crossbow. Although a definitive solution remains elusive, a relatively straightforward remedy appears feasible.

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Cocking Issues with the Crossbow

This predicament has historically manifested, yet with some crossbows no longer featuring this capability, the status of the safety mechanism—whether set to “safe” or “fire”—during cocking may bear minimal significance. In such cases, it’s imperative to ensure that the string is retracted entirely.

Failure of Locks to Engage During Cocking, Resulting in Non-Firing Crossbow

It appears improbable that the bow was adequately cocked during the process. The string might not have been drawn back far enough to activate the safety mechanism.

Safety Fails to Engage During Cocking, Yet Crossbow Fires Successfully

The overall quality standards within the national bow industry should ideally be enhanced. One potential solution involves activating the sport mode to trigger the cocking mechanism and then proceeding with regular operation. However, given the presence of a malfunction, I recommend seeking assistance from a local bow center.

Potential Failure of Crossbow to Fire Despite Being Cocked and Loaded

Similar to the preceding scenario, there’s a conceivable chance that the bolt failed to complete its full rotation. Conversely, I’ve likely encountered this issue several times with my fishing crossbow, even when manually pulled.

You’ll notice that the bolt isn’t sufficiently positioned backward to establish contact with the string and, most importantly, deactivate the anti-dry-fire mechanism (ADF). This is a positive revelation, as otherwise, the bow might discharge with a bolt in position but lacking string contact.

This video explains the Anti-dry firing mechanism

You should also verify that the arrow-retention spring is in proper working condition to ensure the bolt is fully secured.

The crossbow’s inadequate grouping can stem from various factors.

Numerous possibilities could be contributing to this issue. Examine all the fasteners, nuts, and screws securing your optic in place and conduct necessary checks. If not all are adequately tightened, this might resolve the problem.

Mission Sub 1 Problems

The Mission Sub 1 represents the latest and most advanced model in crossbow rangefinders. Despite several improvements over its predecessors, I’ve noticed accuracy issues with this model.

A prevalent problem with the Mission Sub 1 involves inaccurate sensors. This can lead to incorrect distance, elevation, and wind direction readings. It’s possible that the sensor is dirty or malfunctioning, and replacement might be necessary.

Calibrating the Mission Sub 1 accurately can also pose a challenge. You may need to make multiple adjustments to the settings before achieving reliable readings. Additionally, environmental factors like temperature and humidity could affect the calibration process.

Issues with Mission Sub 1 Lite

Encountering problems with Mission Sub 1 Lite during crossbow archery can be frustrating when aiming for a target. The bow’s lightweight and composite limbs contribute to instability while shooting. Moreover, the shorter draw length adds difficulty in achieving accuracy.

Perseverance will be key as you work through these challenges. While initially complex, you’ll eventually overcome these obstacles.

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Mission MXB 400 Problems

The Mission MXB 400 crossbow stands as one of the most popular models on the market today. However, I’ve observed certain issues associated with this model. Here are some common problems:


The Crossbow has a tendency to jam, particularly during rapid firing. This frustration arises as it can hinder accurate targeting.

Wide Shot Placement

A major complaint concerning this Crossbow is its tendency to shoot wide, often more extensively than other models within its class.

When dealing with each string, ensure they are fully engaged and flush against the wall. If one hook is farther from the wall than the other, unequal pressure will tug the string back, leading to misalignment and potentially a slight accuracy reduction.

Who Manufactures Mission Crossbows?

Mission Crossbows are produced by an American company known as “Mission Archery,” founded by Matt McPherson. Matt McPherson, the CEO, and chief engineer of the company, boasts over 50 years of engineering and design experience. The quality of the crossbows in the market is certainly noteworthy.

When in Doubt

These are common issues and solutions, but there could be others. If the suggested remedies prove ineffective, don’t panic. Take your Crossbow to a repair shop and have an expert examine it. They might be familiar with your situation and can provide various options for resolving the problem.

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  1. What do you do when you buy a brand new sub-1 Mission XR and the hand crank will not fit on the part that it needs to be put on it’s too tight and won’t slide over it

    1. I took it to the shop where I bought it and the guy says there’s nothing he can do he showed me another one for $34 to put on the left side of it instead of the right but I am right handed I paid $2,400 for everything I really appreciate it if I could get the right one

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