Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Problems and Solutions

Have you ever missed your target due to the over speed of the Carbon express piledriver 390? Or the string didn’t pull back while shooting? Sometimes it can fail to give you mechanical support after a few uses. 

But how can you fix these carbon express piledriver 390 problems on your own? It’s not difficult to troubleshoot these common issues, and all you need to know is the root of the problem and what is causing your crossbow failure.

Maybe you aren’t using the crossbow according to instructions. Or your crossbow has a mechanical failure due to overuse. 

Let’s find these out and check out how you can come up with solutions. 

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Piledriver 390 Problems

Carbon express piledriver 390 is known as the fastest-speed crossbow of the carbon express series. Users often face issues, and I’ve mentioned all common Carbon express piledriver crossbow problems archers complained about. 

Let’s check out how to troubleshoot them.

High-speed arrow problems

We know that the carbon express piledriver provides a fast arrow serving opportunity. But controlling the fast crossbow is not every user’s cup of tea. Most beginners complained that they often miss their target due to fast speed.

It happens because you are not using the crossbow properly. Secondly, maybe the mechanical issue causes problems in controlling the arrows


To get rid of this problem, try to keep the speed below 375. It’s better to shoot at 300fps. If you still face the problem, try using an aluminum arrow to slow down the speed. 

If you can’t find a solution, it’s a mechanical issue. Try changing the apparatus or taking it to a nearby repair shop. Or contact the dealer to exchange it for a new crossbow.

Safety Problems

Does your crossbow have a safety issue? Can’t you move the safety while shooting?

Well, it is a common problem that users often face with old arrows. There are complaints that the safety is jammed, and the nock also stops moving. 

This can happen because of the dirt stuck between the knobs. Sometimes small particles are found in the trigger that also interrupts the balance and causes safety failure.


The solution to this is to clean up properly and rearrange the parts. Take out the knobs and triggers to check them properly. Clean and replace it to use again. See how easy it is to repair the safety problems.

Note, do not shoot while the safety is locked; it may affect the balance and chances of causing an accident or losing the target.

String not pulling back

The string should pull back in a regular crossbow even if you are not firing. But if the string is not pulling back, it’s enough to make your day worse. The string problems are of two types.

The first one is that the strings are not pulling back while firing. And the second one is that the string is not pulling back while on rest. Both of them have different causes. 

If you engage the claws but miss the string, then the string will not pull back. This happens when you aim for firing and don’t check the claws adjustment properly.

Or maybe the thing stuck on the claws makes the string not back while on rest. 


You can fix this one by simply using a screwdriver. All you need to do is, lift the claws and check if it’s holding the string accordingly.

Don’t shoot if it doesn’t catch the strings and may cause target failure. Also, check the claws if it’s dirty or not, and easy cleaning can fix your problem. 

Crossbow latch mechanism problems

A few numbers of users complained about latch mechanism problems. It’s because the trigger is not working properly or you are not using it according to the guidelines. 

Sometimes old crossbows can cause trigger latch problems after 400-500 arrow shooting.


If you have been using this crossbow for many years, the only suggestion is to repair the trigger or replace it at once. 

But if your new crossbow gives you this problem, try to slow down the speed for the first few shots. Speed up the firing after a few uses because new arrows take time to adjust the trigger. 

Cocking consistency problems

If your crossbow is inconsistent enough, you may face a few problems. The first one is accuracy issues. And you may also have difficulties while targeting. 

Consistency problem arises due to imbalanced limbs. If the left limb of your crossbow somehow goes lower than the right one, then the consistency varies. It happens because of overuse and mechanical failure.


If your crossbow is old, try to repair the parts. Check out the string and trigger section. Open up both the limbs and see if they are not in an accurate position.

If so, use a screwdriver to lift the left limb a little. And try shooting again.

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