TenPoint Crossbow Problems (Solved)

Both the older and the latest models of TenPoint crossbows are capturing the admiration of archers. Users are enjoying rapid speeds, seamless firing, and exceptional shooting experiences. Nevertheless, as with any tool, problems can arise after some use, and TenPoint crossbows are no exception. Both new users and experienced archers have reported certain issues. Let’s delve into what these issues are and explore potential solutions if your crossbow encounters the same problems. Continue reading for an excellent guide to resolving TenPoint crossbow problems.

What are the TenPoint crossbow problems?

It’s no surprise that TenPoint is considered one of the top crossbow brands. However, like anything worthwhile, TenPoint also faces its share of issues. What are these problems, and how can they be rectified? Here, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the problems, their underlying causes, and their corresponding solutions. To facilitate easy understanding, I’ll outline them according to each TenPoint model.

TenPoint Siege RS410 Problems

The TenPoint Siege RS410 stands as the most popular among all TenPoint crossbows. Take a look at the list of problems that TenPoint users commonly discuss.

  1. TenPoint Siege RS410 Rail Problems
  2. TenPoint Siege RS410 Serving Problems

TenPoint Siege RS410 Rail Problems

Users have complained that their brand-new TenPoint Siege RS410 is displaying rail issues. This occurs due to uncontrolled friction. When pulling the strings back, a balance of control and friction is necessary.

There can be two reasons behind it. Either your control over the crossbow is not appropriate, or the frame rail is somehow damaged.


To control the crossbow properly, follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturers. Additionally, check whether the rail frame is already damaged. If it is damaged, proceed to replace the frame with a new one. Some users attempt to bend the rail back, which may temporarily secure the arrows, but only for a few shots. Therefore, I recommend replacing the damaged frame with a new one.

TenPoint Siege RS410 Serving Problems

In most cases, the center strings create the serving problem in crossbows. Alternatively, the second reason could be a loose serving point.


The quick solution is to tighten the serving properly and apply glue to it. Additionally, inspect the nuts, screws, and center strings. At times, they can lead to issues during back serving. Therefore, endeavor to position them correctly and give it your best shot.

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TenPoint Vapor RS470 Problems

A list of all TenPoint Vapor RS470 problems is provided below:

  1. TenPoint Vapor RS470 Firepower Issue
  2. TenPoint Vapor RS470 Safety System Problems

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Firepower Issue

Your crossbow will show firepower issues if the crossbow is not cocked properly. Or another reason can be damaged triggers. That makes a rough throw and you face firepower issues.


First, try cocking the string according to the guidelines. Most of the new users get a simple solution just by proper cocking. Use a heavy bolt that has stiffer spines. That holds the trigger on point and it lasts long without any damage.

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Safety System Problems

When the safety is stuck it does not work properly. The safety can be jammed after 300 to 400 shots. Also, the engagement of the strings also reduced. So that the safety doesn’t work on time.


Clicking the safety after cocking is the easiest and fastest way to fix this. Hold the cocking ⅔ times and click the safety every time. Continue this process for a while. This will remove whatever is stuck on safety and also solve the jammed issue.

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TenPoint Vengent S440 Problems

A common problem with the TenPoint Vengent S440 is:

  • TenPoint Vengent S440 Accuracy.

TenPoint Vengent S440 Accuracy Problem

If you are facing a poor accuracy problem with your crossbow, then the leading reason is improper cocking. Poor tuning and or loose screws and nuts can also affect the accuracy.


Make sure that both of the hooks of your crossbow are adjusted on point. This will help you in proper cocking while shooting. And you’ll get rid of accuracy problems at a time. Also, tighten up the loose components that are the key obstacles to your bow’s accuracy.

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TenPoint Titan M1 Problems

TenPoint Titan M1 is a very well-developed and user-friendly crossbow. Some new users have faced the minor problem that is mentioned below:

  • TenPoint Titan M1 Speed Problems 

TenPoint Titan M1 Speed Problems

The users complained that they can’t control the speed and often miss the target. It’s because the Titan M1 is manufactured with the fastest speed mechanism. So the reason behind it is not shooting according to the safety guidelines. Or in the case of old crossbows, maybe the strings are damaged.


The first thing you need to do is shoot according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. But as a new user, you can add a speed ring adjuster to your crossbow. Or if you have an old crossbow, then check the strings if they’re broken and damaged. Replacing them is the only solution in this case.

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TenPoint Turbo XLT 2 Problems

All the problems that archers faced while shooting with TenPoint Turbo XLT 2 are mentioned:

  1. TenPoint Turbo XLT 2 Arrow Release Issue
  2. Trigger Pulling Problem

TenPoint Turbo XLT 2 Arrow Release Issue

Arrow release is a minor issue that some users face. It happens only when the trigger is jammed. If something is stuck on it, the arrows don’t release on time. This creates friction, which blocks the way.


The solution is the same as the jammed trigger and safety problem. Try cocking the string again and again and click the trigger at a time. Note: don’t use any arrows while fixing. Try with empty arrows to clear the jam.

Trigger Pulling Problem

Arrow release and trigger problems are related to each other. A trigger problem arises if anything is stuck on it. Or the other reason can be the damaged knob attached to the trigger.


Try the same process I’ve mentioned before to remove the jam of the trigger. Or in other cases, check the knobs and fix it.

TenPoint Shadow NXT Problems

All the TenPoint Shadow NXT problems:

  1. TenPoint Shadow NXT String Problem.

TenPoint Shadow NXT String Problem

If the bolt is not seated in the correct position, then the string problem shows up. Or the broken and damaged strings of old crossbows can create not pulling back issues of strings.


Place the bolt 2 inches far from the string. Because after a few uses, the bolts get displaced. Before each shot, check the bolt-string distance for a perfect throw. If the strings are damaged, then change them with a new one.

TenPoint Turbo XLT 2 Problems

TenPoint Turbo XLT 2 is a brand new and well-manufactured model. Users hardly find any problems with it. The only issue that some archers have talked about is:

  1.  Dry Fire Problem

TenPoint Turbo XLT 2 Dry Fire Problem

When you don’t shoot with your crossbow consistently the dry fire problem arises. Also if the bolt is heavy then it will surely stick you with dry fire. 


The solution is to shoot consistently and also keep an eye on accuracy.

Another solution is to unload the bolts.

Your crossbow bolts need to be weighted for perfect firing. So to remedy dry fire issues, you must avoid using heavy bolts.

TenPoint Turbo GT Problems

The two key points about Turbo GT that most users mention are:

  1. Arrow String Problem
  2. Speed and Safety Issues

Arrow Release Problem

If you face a problem with releasing the arrow, then it must be the strings that are not pulling back. And also, it can be the jammed trigger. A lot of problems with triggers are mentioned by TenPoint users.


To solve this problem, repeat the same process of string-solving issues. Maintain the proper distance of bolts and string. So that there will be no obstacles while releasing the arrow. And if the trigger is the key reason, then also go through the jammed trigger solution.

Speed and Safety Issues

Speed is not an actual problem here. Those who complained about it, most of them are new archers. People who can go at the fastest speed often face this problem. And safety issues come with the trigger.


I will suggest you shoot according to their given guidelines. And for better speed control, add a ring adjuster to your crossbow.

TenPoint Eclipse RCX Problems

  1. Scope Mounting Problem.

Scope Mounting Problem

This problem arises when the scope rail alignment is not maintained. When The scopes are too far from the bolts they become hard to mount. Sometimes they do not sit in a place at all. 


You need shimming for your scope in this case. For this, remove all the bolts and adjust them with a proper distance from the scope. Scope rail modifications can also bring solutions.

TenPoint Havoc RS440 Problems

  1. String Changing Problems.

String Changing Problems

When the bolts are twisted after a few uses, you may find difficulties while changing the strings. Or here the other reason can be the damaged old strings.


First, open up the screws and remove the bolts. Check if they are twisted. If they are in a condition to pull back, then pull them and place them in the same way. But sometimes they just break apart by over-twisting. In such cases, replace the bolts with new ones. And also remove damaged strings.

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TenPoint Stealth NXT Problems

  1. Cocking Mechanism Problems.

Cocking Mechanism Problems

Sometimes after cocking the bow, it still doesn’t fire. Every time it happens with overused crossbows. Also, pushing safety backward can be a reason. Fast-speed crossbows can also show this problem.


While pushing the safety, ensure that you are not over-pulling it. After cocking, rest the bow in the fire position. As a result, you will be able to eliminate any early damage to safety. And the cocking mechanism will work properly for a long period.

TenPoint AccuSlide Problems

TenPoint crossbows with AccuSlide sometimes do not crank back. And it may be pulled back before cocking in some cases. The reason could be the trigger box is stuck. So it won’t release the arrows on time. So when you start shooting, the AccuSlide pulls back automatically before the cocking.


Fix the trigger first. You need proper control of the trigger while shooting. Or you can use a cocking adjuster. This thing will stop the auto-rotation. So the cocking won’t take place before the AccuSlide.

TenPoint AcuDraw Problems

You will face AcuDraw problems with the TenPoint crossbow if it is over-cranked. It also happens due to the heavy AcuDraw. Some users cannot control the overweight AcuDraw.


The first solution to this is to fix the over-cranked AcuDraw. It’s a bit tricky to do it at home as it requires professionals. So fix the AcuDraw from a nearby dealer. Or you can try to use a less weighted AcuDraw. Or use AcuDraw 50 for better comfort.

TenPoint Crossbow Won’t Fire

Most firing problems arise if you don’t load the crossbow fully. Or the trigger is not pulled properly while shooting. And the last reason could be damaged arrow strings.


First, you need to load the crossbow fully before the first shot. The next thing is to pull the trigger with enough pressure to cope with the speed. If your crossbow still doesn’t fire, then maybe it’s the arrow string problem. In such cases, open up the arrow box completely and check the strings. It’s better to replace all the broken strings.

TenPoint Crossbow Stuck on Safety

Sometimes the safety can be stuck while shooting. It is the worst experience that one archer can have. This safety is sometimes stuck because of a trigger jam. Or the string is not placed properly.


Open up all the strings. Check its position and distance with the bolts. Place it at least 2 inches apart from the bolts. Click the safety. And to fix a jammed safety, just click and fire your crossbow 3-4 times without using arrows.

TenPoint Pro View Scope Problems

Users of the TenPoint Pro View scope often face problems with speed. Because controlling the friction with this one is tough. Also, if the dots in the scope are not placed properly, this problem repeats.


Replace your Pro View scope with an aluminum-tube scope. It will help to balance the frictions while shooting. Also, for a smooth firing experience, use a lightweight scope. Also, try placing the dots at an accurate distance.

TenPoint Crossbow Scope Problems

The regular Tenpoint crossbow scope has a common problem of not illuminating. The dots sometimes do not illuminate, and the crossbow doesn’t fire right after cocking.  Also, the speed becomes slow. 


Open up the back box of your crossbow, and you’ll find a focus ring at the back end of it. Replace it if it is damaged. Because a damaged one stops the dots from illuminating. You can replace it with a Pro View scope for better shooting as well.


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  1. my hunting artner just bought a new cross bow with a accudraw system. he fired it 3 times and we determed there was a problem with the accudraw.. the engagement level was not centered in slot,so we took cover off to look. we could see that the screw holding the lever had metal shavings coming out of it. the screw was stripped in assembly. at this point ten point has not helped to correct this problem.

  2. there is also a problem with the 505 scope mount flexing when at the end of the cocking. had horrible issues with accuracy. thought it was the oracle scope. so they sent a new one and still all over and some flying off to never be found after shooting a nice 4 shot group. more inspecting found it was clear as day that they didnt add any support after basically cutting a chunk or actually the trigger away from frame. sucks bc if i wouldve known i wouldnt have spent 4k on it and would have gotten the raven. ive 3d scanned it and working a
    on a part im cnc machining to fix their screwup that im going to give away for me to any owners having the same issues. thats once i figure out how ima design it

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