Are Lighted Nocks Worth It? (Here’s the truth)

So, before starting out with lighted nocks many archers get confused about whether should get lighted nocks or not. There is confusion because they don’t know how it works and what benefits it offers.

So, are lighted nocks worth it? Lighted nocks assist you in tracking arrows, shooting precisely, finding out arrows after shooting, identifying patterns, tuning arrows properly, and thus evaluating the shot and improving accuracy.

Aren’t you interested to know the benefits of lighted nocks and how it works? Follow along.

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Do You Need Lighted Nocks?

Yes, if you need lighted nocks if you are serious about precise shooting and hunting. Since lighted nocks allow archers to help in many ways. 

Lighted nocks help archers by-

  1. Allowing them to track arrows.
  2. Make sure you shoot precisely where they allow it.
  3. Finding the arrow after shooting is easy.
  4. Identifying pattern.
  5. Tuning arrow properly.
  6. Evaluating your shot and improving accuracy.
  7. Marking the spot where the arrow struck.

And, those are invaluable insights for hunters, aren’t they? But from my own experience I think the most important aspect of using a lighted nock is to shoot precisely as it enables tracking arrows and made identification a child’s play.

Got the answer of your question now?

Let’s move on.

Are Lighted Nocks Worth The price?

Since you know what lighted nocks has to offer and what you can do with it. This raises the obvious question of whether all these features are worth the price.

Let’s break it down.

Before that you should know how much lighted nocks are. Typically, lighted nocks range from $10-$40 for a three-piece pack. If I consider a median price of $25 for a three-pack of nocks, then on average each item cost $9.

Do you think it’s worth it to spend 9 bucks?

Well, there are nocks out there that come with a rechargeable battery it lasts as much as 40 hours long! Even to your surprise if you can use lighted nocks in accordance with proper guidelines- their overall service life would be more than 2-3 years. Unbelievable right?

Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary for a fantastic hunting experience and precise shooting. With lighted nocks, you can detect the wiggling in arrow flight that causes fishtailing.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use lighted nocks. So, I won’t wonder hearing that lighted nocks are actually worth its expense (and even more so considering the features they offer).

How Long Do Lighted Nocks Last?

A very significant question is the lifespan of lighted nocks and how long it stays lit.

So, first of all, service life is hard to say accurately. Because it would take guesswork to say how long it can last. Because it all depends on how you use it and whether you follow the best practices to care for your lighted nocks. Like how you install and turn off it.

There are also many lighted nock users who say theirs lasted 3 years. Those might be lucky users, and you might not get that much shelf life.

The second question is how long lighted nocks stay lit. It’s hard for me to tell exactly how long they will stay lit. 

Depending on the brand, it varies greatly. But, on average it can last between 20-40 hours. Battery types and charging methods (if rechargeable) greatly affect how long it stays lit. Nocks with rechargeable batteries can be reused after they are charged.

Do Lighted Nocks Fly Differently?

Here’s an interesting question and you must be curious to know. The answer is yes, lighted nocks affect arrow flight. It adds almost 8-9 grains to the weight of the arrow and decreases the FOC of the arrow. It makes sense that it would affect arrow flights. 

Nevertheless, nock manufacturers are aware of this information and know how to handle it. Additionally, you could adjust the effect of using a lighted nock by using a stainless steel or brass arrow insert.

What is the best color for a lighted nock?

That’s a good question and you should have a clear idea about it. Certain colors have higher wavelengths, which means that they will travel further than other colors.

Hence, the red color can be seen far away. So, red is the best color lighted nock I must say.

We can pick based on visibility since most bows do not have a long range. In that sense, green is also a good choice.

Wrap Up

This concludes our discussion of the value of lighted nocks. I think you can make a rational decision on your own.

Last but not least, if you are still unsure, I would say to go for it, you’ll have a great experience. Now, if you made up your mind, it’s worth checking out how lighted nocks work.

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