Are Lighted Nocks Reusable?

Whenever I went hunting, I lost my arrows, so the majority of my time was spent looking for arrows rather than hunting. Then I discovered lighted nocks. 

Lighted nocks use LED lights, and batteries make the lighted nocks useful for tracking your arrow. It’s cheap yet effective, which saved me both time and money. 

Now, you may be wondering, are lighted nocks reusable? Yes, it is! You just need to change its batteries, and it is ready to give you company your hunt.

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Can You Reuse Lighted Nocks?

It is certainly possible to reuse a lighted nock. This is for hunters who want to save time and money.

Let’s cut to the chase and learn how to reuse lighted nocks. Shall we? 

Well, You just need to change nocks batteries. That simple? 

Yeap! But how?

Well, lighted nock is basically made with just two things: light and battery, which isn’t rocket science. And its working process is also simple.

So, how does a lighted nock work? The lighted nock has a positive end attached to the longer leg. As soon as the LED’s shorter or negative leg contacts your hand, the light will turn on.

The light will then go out when the nock is detached. In the nock, there is a piston that controls the light. And, as soon as the button is pressed, the lithium-ion battery will be activated, and the LED will be turned on.

Can You Replace The Batteries In Lighted Nocks?

Yes, the battery is replaceable. That’s how you can reuse lighting nocks. 

Here is how you can replace your nocks batteries easily: 

  • The wire wrapped around the battery is a test wire. Uncoil it, fold it over the contact it forms, and hold it in place. 
  • If you place the wire over the shank of the nock, then use an Emery cloth to rasp it off with and rotate it straight out. It will come out in one piece, and there will be wiring to be seen. 
  • When you take the battery cover off, you will need to put it on the new one. Make sure you put it on the battery with a smaller diameter. 
  • Place the test wire over the contact that it forms on the nock and dampen the o-ring before inserting it. 
  • Push it straight in until you can’t move it anymore, and the test wire should touch the opposite contact as you reach around. 

And that’s it! Your lighted nock is ready to hunt again.

How Long Do Lighted Nocks Last? (Lifespan)

As a matter of fact, it depends on the quality of the lighted nock as well as the battery life of the device.

Lighted nocks usually use lithium batteries with a defined life span and can remain lit for quite a long time. 

Battery-powered nocks usually last more than 20 to 30 hours if they are of decent quality and can be used for an extended period of time.

The quality of the batteries can vary from one model to another, as can the lifespan of the lighted nocks.

Are Lighted Nocks A One-Time Use?

No, of course not. Lighted nock is reusable and ready to get you company or help in your hunt whenever you want. It just needs a new battery, and it’s ready to go.

But since it’s made with just a light and battery, keeping them secure through all hunts is hard. It may get damaged or broken or lose its charm of its.

According to experts (also, I believe), a hunter can use lighted nock for one season. For next year’s hunting, they should get the new one. 

Why? Because continuously using it can ruin it, keeping them off-season may damage its wire. It doesn’t cost much, so getting a new year and a new lighted nock won’t hurt you much. 

Are you feeling sad about the new one? Don’t worry; you can use it to practice.

Wrap Up

I really love hunting with lighted nock. It takes the interest and excitement of hunting to the next level because I don’t have to worry about losing the arrow anymore; it’s reusable, too. 

What more do you need? I can assure you that once you start choosing lighted nock, you will start loving the hunting season a little more.

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