QAD Drop Away Rest Problems & Solutions

I can’t adjust the drop-away rest timing. The rest does not drop on time! How can I solve all of my QAD drop away rest problems? 

Sometimes the rest refuse to drop on time because of their positioning. Rests should be placed vertically, but most people don’t maintain them this way. In turn, this prevents the rest from dropping. The time is not maintained.

There are more difficulties we all face with QAD drop-away rests but they have accurate solutions too. Come find out the solutions with me and get all the answers to your related queries. 

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QAD Drop Away Rest Problems (With Solutions)

Here I’m gonna mention all your QAD arrow rest problems and possible solutions to them. Have a look at the list of all the problems- 

  1. Rest not dropping 
  2. Rest lines not matching
  3. Stretch issues
  4. Fletching problems
  5. Rest failure

#1 Rest Not Dropping

Sometimes the drop away rest doesn’t drop on time or drops very slowly. It makes us suffer to have reliable timing while working. It happens because of the misplacement of the rest or if there are any faults to set up the cords. 


Before we shoot the bow we must check the rest position. If it’s at an upright position then you must set the rest again until it lays vertically.

Or another solution can be setting up the cords. 

Open up the inserts section and see if the cords are attached to the cable. If not then use a plier and attach it tightly. They will help the rest to remain in its accurate position.

#2 Rest Lines Not Matching

The rest lines will be at a considerable distance where you can see the middle two lines. If you do not maintain the distance then the lines will come closer. And as a result, the rest drop timing will be interrupted. 

A loose screw also can make the line come closer. And the white lines become invisible.


Keep the lines in a manner that the middle two white lines stay visible. If they do not stay at that position much longer then check the screws. 

Take a screwdriver to tighten them up. It will help you to keep the lines matched. 

#3 Stretch Issues

The stretch issues arise mostly because of misplacement or faulty settings. 

Sometimes overused cords can be a problem here. Stretch makes obstacles on the rest pathway and it affects the timing.


First, you have to set all the inserts carefully and inspect every detail before using the bow. If you still face stretching problems then check the cords. 

Also, keep in mind if they are overused or damaged. Resetting the cords is the final solution to your stretching issues.

#4 Fletching problems

The two major issues that create a fletching problem are setting timing and set distance. 

After setting up the rest we must wait for a while before shooting. Otherwise, the fletching starts hitting the strings constantly. 


To solve this fletching issue, set the bow at full draw and let it relax 1- 1.5 inches. If the fletching is too stubborn then relax the bow up to 3 inches. 

After that, release. It will prevent the strings from coming into contact with the fletching.

#5 Rest failure

We knew about the slow timing or bad timing of rest drops but what if the rest completely fails? It happens when you don’t set the fletch and string at an accurate distance. 

As a result, the fletch keeps bouncing and it affects the rest. And when you shoot at this point rest fails. 


Before shooting, check the placement of strings. Keep it at least 1 inch away from the rest and the fletching to avoid bouncing or vibrations. 

And also maintain the rest vertical positioning to avoid rest failure.

How Does A Qad Arrow Rest Work?

QAD arrow rest is a tiny gear that you attach with your arrow. When you knock the arrow with the rest it helps your bow to hold the arrow at an accurate place during shooting.

Mainly the cords attached to the cable connect the limb. When you draw back before shooting the limb goes inward. 

And it flips outward when you release the arrows and the arrow vines on the rest hold it in position. 

How Do I Adjust The Timing On QAD Rest?

To adjust the time of a QAD drop away rest-measure 3 or 4 inches below the rest. Loosely attach the provided clamp or a half hitch as a D-loop. Slowly draw the bow back in a press or by hand. 

Now let the cord slide into the position. Lock it down or serve the rest cord into the string. The rest will rise to height in the last few diameters of the drawing board. And you are done.

Wrap Up

QAD is a cutting-edge drop-away rest that comes with anti-vibration technology. When it comes to hunting, you need precise accuracy and this rest can help you on your way. (Yes, arrow rest actually helps in many ways, if wondering check out Do you need an Arrow Rest on Bow)

However, sometimes you might face some problems with your QAD rest. And, if you have read up to this, you should have learned how to deal with and get around those problems like a pro!

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