How To Nock An Arrow With A Drop Away Rest? (Easy Pessy)

If you are a bowhunter, you must know how far a well-tuned and proper setup takes you, right? A drop away arrow rest enhances accuracy by releasing the arrow more suitably. 

However, nocking the arrow while having this rest needs a different approach than what a traditional rest might require. That’s what I’m going to spell out throughout this article. 

So, how to nock an arrow with a drop away rest? Finding the nocking point comes first. Then, you need to open up the rest and correct the arrow’s direction. Balancing the string’s two sides is important. Also, factors such as arrow size and weight and draw weights, etc., play vital roles when you place the arrow rest. 

But these all do not conclude the process. Many more you require in order to have a better nocking! Worry not, I will be expanding the whole thing in detail. So, let’s dive in!

Considerable Things While Positioning Your Drop Away Arrow Rest

A few things taken into account can save you time. Also, following them will make your set-up of drop-away arrow rest easier and effortless. Let’s find out!

Arrow Size

Got an arrow 16 inches long or less than that? You need to utilize a drop-away arrow rest of 3/4 inches tall or less. If you have got more than 16 inches of the arrow in length, I suggest you get an arrow rest with a height of 1 inch at least. Even experts will recommend this measurement!

Arrow Weight

Your arrow weight should not surpass 85% of the bow’s draw weight. For instance, your bow carries a 50-pound draw weight. In this case, your ideal arrow weight might limit to 42.5 pounds or less. 

Draw Weight of Bow

Want to pull the bowstring back to its full length?  That’s where a certain amount of force named draw weight is required. 

The higher the draw weight, the faster shoots your bow will generate with more energy. You can place arrow rests nearer to your bow for lower draw weight. 

This approach is quite helpful in keeping your arrow in the middle of the bowstring. Relevantly, you will find it shooting with more accuracy. 

Don’t know about the draw weight? Go check out the manufacturer’s website. Mostly, details might be found on the label of your bow too.

How To Nock An Arrow With A Drop Away Rest?

Now, it’s time to explore how you can nock the arrow suitably step-by-step! Let’s unfold!

Step 1: Find Nocking Point

First of all, find the nocking point on the bowstring. Without exploring this, you can not place the arrow. And, ensuring the arrow mounting on the string perfectly will be much more challenging. 

So, do that asap! Finding this is not that hard. A small metal ring or an indentation in the string you might discover there. 

Step 2: Open Up The Rest

Found the nocking point already? Unfold the jaws of the rest so that you can easily place the arrow there. 

Step 3: Checking Arrow’s Direction

Check whether your arrow is indicating the right direction or not! Also, make sure that your fletching should not be touching the arrow rest.

Step 4: Placing Arrow at Right Place

The string needs to line up nicely with the grooved shaft of your arrow. Now, place your index finger at top of the arrow and your middle finger at the bottom part. 

Start applying some force gently. This approach will help you hold the arrow in the right position. Until you hear any clicking sound, the arrow is not placed correctly yet!

Apart from these, make sure that your arrow rest is on the same level as the bow arm. The rest needs to be adjusted nicely. As a result, the arrow will get released at the right time.

Step 5: String Balancing

Grab the string on top of your arrow by using your thumb and forefinger. Make sure to hold the middle part of the string. It ensures balancing string’s each side evenly. And then. shut the jaws off. 

Step 6: Final Step

Draw the bow back and aim. Ready to release? Then, just permit the arrow rest to “drop away” from your arrow! You will see an arrow falling off nicely and approaching the target.


Are drop away arrow rests better?

Yes, drop away arrow rests might push your bow to become more accurate and forgiving. No other individual tweaks might work like this.

Along with that, they can permit having a bold fletching attitude. So, you will find it quite hunter-friendly while delivering incredible quiet shots. Read this article on drop-away rest vs whisker biscuit to get a better idea.

How far should my arrow be past my rest?

Place your arrow at least an inch beyond the arrow considered the best safety practice. Make sure the bow is situated at its full draw!

Even a little portion of additional arrow length can provide your arrow adequate security. However, the length being a bit too long can be problematic. 

Is a weightier arrow more accurate?

Yes! You might have a more accurate range for your hunting shots while executing a heavier arrow. It can absorb more energy which results in minor stress and noise.

On the other hand, lightweight arrows can’t absorb all the bow’s stored energy. As a result, vibration and noise get produced.

Why is my fletching pounding drop away rest?

Hunting in excessive heat conditions might force the bond to fail. And, the fletchings tend to fall off. Also, ordinary quality glue or poorly bonded fletching plays a vital role in the falling issue of your fletching.

Smashing something harder with your arrow can strike the fletchings badly and make them loose. 

Final Words

Now you know How to nock an arrow with a drop-away rest! Nocking an arrow with a drop away rest is scarcely distinct from a traditional rest. I can bet you, nocking arrows with this rest will become second nature! 

Hopefully, now you understand how to tackle this! If you have any query if you really need arrow rest, read this article.

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