Drop Away Vs Whisker Biscuit: Which Is Better?

The drop-away arrow rest is an excellent option for anyone who likes the traditional look of their guns but doesn’t like the way it looks when you’re firing.

The whisker biscuit arrow rest is more of a modern look, and it has a more sleek design, which allows it to be used with a variety of different stocks. These two options are both handy, but they are entirely different.

However, drop-away rest is better as it wins on most feature points. The features to assess include speed, accuracy and precision, hunting, and ease of use.

I’ll discuss the feature points in detail, show you a side-by-side comparison of drop away vs whisker biscuit arrow rest, and pick the winner.

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How Does Arrow Rest Work?

This section aims to inform you how an arrow rest works so that you can clearly understand the differences between drop away vs whisker Biscuit. As long as you can understand the nuances of how arrow rest works, it will be easier for you to judge.

The Arrow rest holds the arrow in position until it is fired. There are different rest functions, and a simple launcher rest is made of single blends with the arrow in place.

Well, what arrow rest does do? Arrow rest holds arrows in place as long as you have them until the shooting. The job is straightforward, and that is holding it till the firing. For compound bow arrows, rest is crucial. To reach the full potential of hunting and target shooting, matching rest with an arrow is vital. Otherwise, this may hurt accuracy and shooting.

What Is Drop Away Arrow Rest?

Drop away arrow rest is a high velocity and low frictional arrow rests feature better accuracy and grouping. Drop away arrow rest can shoot angular targets precisely.

Back in 1980 drop away arrow rest kicked in and became popular with the advancement of compound bow technology. The invention of a new modern arrow rest became imperative as traditional shelf rest due to low accuracy.

Drop arrow rest is also known as fall away arrow rests. This type of arrow rest is more accurate and easy to install. 

The drop-away arrow rests help drop off the arrow in a compact manner. Reduced friction with the arrow allows for more powerful shots with less contact.

Drop Away Rest Pros

  1. Comes with a laterally adjustable launcher.
  2. Offers a full arrow containment.
  3. It comes with an in-built noise-reducing laser.
  4. Solid build quality, made with Aluminum.

Drop Away Rest Cons

  1. This can fall at any time due to automated rests.
  2. Initially, the installation may seem complicated.
  3. There is quite a bit of noise.

Where does Drop away arrow rest truly stand out?

Target shooting, for example, hunting, is a sweet spot for this kind of rest. If you want to shoot the target precisely, a drop-away arrow rest would be better. 

The rest also offers to hit the target in an angular way. Another notable feature is a bullseye which makes it superior for shooting. Bowhunters love to drop-away rest.

What Is Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest?

Whisker Biscuit is an advanced yet straightforward arrow rest that makes sure the arrow shaft is in perfect alignment so that it lets feathers or vanes quickly pass through and create no fletch clearance problem. Whisker biscuit arrow rest also helps keep your bow sliding down the string. 

Whisker biscuit arrow rest was developed by an archery shop owner Don Smith. The Whisker Biscuit is durable, adjustable, and holds the arrow securely on the bow, allowing you to hunt in any circumstance.

Whisker Biscuit Pros

  • Comes in a traditional appearance. History enthusiasts love this.
  • Allows adjusting arrow rest effortlessly each time you change arrows.
  • They are great for people with a traditional look in mind.
  • They are easy to install and don’t require any special tools.
  • You don’t have to worry about them moving while you’re shooting.
  • The appearance of the whisker arrow rest is visually charming.
  • Thanks to the design, it’s duck soup for users to install whisker biscuit rest. Bonus? You will need any unique tool to install!
  • The preciseness of shooting won’t fluctuate even if you move the rest around. How amazing!

Whisker Biscuit Cons

  1. They can be a little difficult to adjust without the proper tools.
  2. You have to be careful not to get your hand or fingers caught in the string when releasing it.  
  3. Both the drop-away arrow rest and the whisker biscuit arrow rest are helpful, but I would recommend getting a whisker biscuit if you’re looking for something that has a more modern look and is easy to use.  
  4. The drop-away is good if you want something that looks more traditional, but you might want to look into the whisker biscuit if you like it.

You should also consider the pros and cons of each before you decide.  If you take your time, you’ll be able to find something that will suit your needs perfectly.

Head To Head Comparison: Drop Away Vs Whisker Biscuit Rest

In this section, I will compare the two arrow rest in terms of various feature points. We will then decide based on which rest outstrip another in each of the features, and together that will entail a result to make a final verdict.

Are you ready?

  1. Speed

Imagine a bullet hitting you at 5mm/sec speed. If that bullet hits you, what will happen. In the worst case, you will just feel a stroke, and this will not kill or injure you. And chances are the arrow will not hit the target due to air friction.

But when you want to go hunting or even practice target shooting, you will require a high arrow speed. Otherwise, your arrow might wobble in the air and result in a mistarget.

A study conducted by fieldstream found that the speed of fall-away arrow rest outstrips others.

So, drop away rest is ahead of its counterpart in terms of speed!

Winner: Drop away rest

  1. Accuracy and Precision

If you shoot a target, and if it can’t hit the mark precisely, what’s the point of having an arrow then?

The importance of accuracy is that much. So, accuracy stands at the top when it comes down to the main points of arrow shooting. Arrow rest plays a huge role in maintaining accuracy.

According to the fieldstream’s study, at longer distances, fall away rest shoots more accurately than others, although this difference is slight when the length of the target is under 60 meters. 

Drop away rest provides more accuracy in the long range than a whisker. This rest manages to do this inherently because all of the bristles do not touch the arrow while it is firing.

Protip: Get a fall-away arrow rest if you are looking for a high-precision shot.

Winner: Drop away rest

  1. Bowhunting and hunting

If you ask me to bet on drop away rest for any advantages, I’ll opt for bowhunting, closing my eyes.

If you are a hunter, you know the importance of hitting the target precisely in a matter of time. If the accuracy and speed vary for seconds, you can’t catch your prey.

Since the drop-away rest offers a more accurate and high-speed shot, it’s better for any hunting.

Winner: Drop away arrow rest

  1. Stick an arrow with the rest

Sliding arrow from the rest is a common problem most the new archers’ constantly face. This is a big problem if the arrow to shoot slips, right? When the arrow falls, everything else is meaningless.

Generally, archers solve this by pressing their index finger on the arrow to protect the position. But, that can’t be a good solution.

Here comes choosing the best arrow rest. A good rest can solve this problem. And drop away rest like Trophy Ridge is better solving this problem.

Although there are many other reasons why new archers face this problem and you can solve this in many ways, which is beyond the scope of this topic. Here is an excellent article on that for further read on it.

Winner: Drop away rest

  1. Ease Of Use

Ease of use is a good metric from the usability perspective. No matter how good the feature it offers, the rest won’t be any good if the user feels overwhelmed by using it.

And, in terms of ease of use, whisker rest surpasses drop away. This rest doesn’t require an additional reset each time after letting down the full draw.

Winner: Whisker Biscuit.

Endgame: Drop Away Vs Whisker Biscuit (Which Is Better?)

So, if you’re seeking a simple and straight answer to the question, I have an answer for you also.

So, Drop away vs Whisker Biscuit, which is better? Drop away rest is better than its whisker biscuit. Based on the criteria, the draw-away arrow rests by most measures surpasses the whisker biscuit arrow rests by most measures.

In the preceding section, I discussed different criteria that mostly dictate performance. And based on several criteria, I picked the winner and finally gave you the data-backed take.

Want Me To Suggest You?

You already got a clear idea about which is better and better on what features. Since each of the rest wins variably on different feature points, the preference will vary also.

Due to this reason, I’ve figured out the best drop away rest and best whisker biscuit rest for you. 

Based on my research and experience, I’d suggest this for drop-away rest and this for whisker biscuits.


Is a whisker biscuit better than a drop away?

Whisker biscuit surpasses drop away on many features. Again drop away wins on a lot of necessary features. Both are good but upon our judgment based on data-driven analysis of different feature points, drop away is better.

How many FPS do you lose with a whisker biscuit?

According to the field stream, whisker biscuits lose 3-6 feet per second (fps).

Does a whisker biscuit affect speed?

Yes, whisker biscuit affects speed, and a study suggests this range fluctuates from 3 to 6 feet per second.

Do whisker biscuits wear out?

Yes, whisker biscuits wear over time, and worn-out rests lead to arrow fishtailing. But, you shouldn’t worry much since it takes many years to get worn out. 

Will the whisker biscuit arrow rests work with fingers?

Yes, it usually works with fingers.

Final Thoughts

That is all about dropped away vs. whisker Biscuit battle, and I hope you already understood who is the winner from this side-by-side comparison.

I declared the winner, but the rest is good. Besides, each of them has its unique proposition, and it’s tough to decide which is best. At this stage, you should consider your preferred features. For bowhunting, you should prioritize speed and precision.

And, you will want to do this for different use cases; you end up choosing the best one that suits best for you.

Hence, it’s not fair to conclude thus I won’t. Take the one that suits best your personalization.

However, if you choose to drop away, this rest is the best, and if you choose whisker no other rest can beat this.

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