How to Install Arrow Rest on Compound Bow? (6 Foolproof Steps!)

While using a compound bow, shooting comfort and consistency should be your first priority! And, utilizing a proper arrow rest helps you store the arrows in the right place. Wondering how to place them in an ideal manner? 

Well, that’s my motto here to educate you on how to install arrow rest properly. As a result, the next time you do that won’t put you into hardship!  

So, how to install arrow rest on compound bow? The first approach should be reading all the instructions. Get to learn how to link the rest to the riser. Also, tying the knot properly on the downward cable plays a vital role here.

You might have got some hints. But I want you to have these in detail! Bet, you were looking for them too! 

So, let’s get into it!

6 Steps To Install Arrow Rests On Your Compound Bow

To help you in understanding, I’ll show you the whole process divided into some easy-to-go steps. So, let’s explore them here!

#Step 1: Read the Instructions

It might seem quite an easy task! But interestingly, most users avoid this prerequisite before diving deeper into the installation. 

First of all, check out all of the parts of your arrow rest. Get the arrow rest package unboxed and read the given instructions or manual paper thoroughly. 

You probably know a variety of arrows available in the market. As a result, things might seem strange and unexpected for you while working if you don’t give the manual a shot! And so, you won’t miss out on any special requirements or guidance attached to the arrows. 

#Step 2: Linking Arrow Rest To The Bows Riser

It’s time to join your arrow rest to the riser. Do this step carefully while adding the Berger Hole screw. Apart from this, you might have to install a few extra screws too.

#Step 3: Setting In Position

Now, I suggest you pull the cord when your arrow is sitting in the bowstring. This approach will help the cord get back to the up position. 

In the meantime, make sure that your arrow’s center stays horizontally with respect to the Berger hole’s center. You might need some adjustments for this. But worry not, it’s DIY-friendly indeed! At the same time, check the down position too. 

It will enlighten you whether the arrow shelf touches the arrow-holding arm or not. Are they in contact? Then, make sure that they don’t touch again.

#Step 4: Setting Rest’s Center

You might know the location directing left to the right of your arrow rest is called the center shot. You need to install this shot at a certain distance. Simply, follow the bow manufacturer’s manual to get the exact measurements. 

Once you have centered the arrow rest, tie the drop-away cord properly. I suggest not making it too loose or tight. Tie this cord to the downward cable while utilizing a setting knot.

#Step 5: Knot Hooking Properly On The Downward Cable

Now, pull your bow back to engage the drop-away rest. And then, measure if you can draw the bow completely in this placement or not. 

Struggling to continue with the full draw? Focus on the cable tightness then and adjust accordingly! Once you do this, the next step is to tie the last knot on the cord under the setting knot. 

#Step 6: Finishing Touch

You already set up the arrow rest. Now check if there are any extra cords beneath the knots or not. If you find them, start to trim them down. Also, you can go for melting the frayed pieces down via a lighter.

And, that’s how to install arrow rest on a compound bow in a nutshell for you!

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How Can I Line Up An Arrow Rest On Compound Bow?

I already spelled out how to adjust and install your arrow rest on the compound bow. But wondering how to line it up, right?

Your bow’s riser wall needs a second arrow for this! Make sure that you have attached them properly. And, utilizing a rubber band is always an easy and effective task here. 

Keep the band around the bow riser. And then, feed the second picked arrow via the rubber band’s each end. 

Fold it on a piece of paper so that two arrows can adopt it between them. And now, accommodate the arrow to a sidewards rest position. 

Where the paper fitting between the arrows should be the starting point. In this manner, you’ll find the rest perfectly aligned while removing the paper.


How far should the arrow rest be from the riser?

Most cases suggest the middle of the arrow shaft should be placed around 11/16 to 13/16 inches away from your bow’s riser edge.

Carry this measurement roughly when you bisect the threaded rest spot. However, this distance might vary depending on how narrow the bow is.

Can I have too stiff of an arrow spine?

Your arrow will not correct itself while flighting if the arrow has got a weaker or even stiffer spine. Arrows continuing to flex or having a lower spine rate can turn your hunts into off-targets mostly.

And, chances of being unforgiving and stiffer at the same time are there. So, what you intend to target won’t be achieved.

Do you knock the arrow above or below?

Your nocked arrow demands placing just a quarter inch above your arrow rest on the bow grip. To gain the correct position, most standard bows come with a tinier brass named nocking point. This brass is usually rumpled onto the bowstring.

What arrow rest do Olympic archers use?

Olympic or even most professional archers generally prefer a bolt-on magnetic arrow rest. This arrow type being a vital part of Olympic-style recurve bows can last for ages. During competitions, it doesn’t fall off too.

Final Words

Now you know exactly how to install an arrow rest on a compound bow. 

In the meantime, I suggest buying the compound bow while focusing if there is enough space for adjustment or not. Also, ensure that you can align the arrows easily. 

If you follow these instructions, you’ll feel installing the arrow rest is much more effortless.

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