Are Ravin Crossbows Worth The Money? (Let’s Discuss)

Ravin is one of the quietest crossbows that rules the current archery market. It’s easier to carry, trouble-free to unlock and the accuracy is top-notch. But still, users often struggle to cope with it and that’s normal. 

So, Is Ravin crossbow worth the money? If you don’t analyze the overall Ravin crossbow features and compare them with your needs, you can’t judge it immediately. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to read all of that and want a quick answer, it would certainly be worth it.

Are ravin crossbow worth it

But, if you think my words are not enough to believe; “welcome”, as I have laid out a comprehensive Ravin crossbow review so that you can make your own data-driven decision.

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So, Why Should You Buy A Ravin Crossbow?

Take a look at these amazing features that make Ravin unique. I also experienced difficulties, as did other users. (will mention those in the next section) After that, it will be up to you to decide-

Easy To Carry

Ravin crossbows have a very compact structure and are lightweight that you can carry them easily. Even archers having back pain prefer Ravin over others. 

The more interesting fact is you can adjust the weight by installing and uninstalling inserts, arrows, and stings. 


None of us like the harsh and cranky loud sound while shooting, right? In fact, after continuous firing, we suffer headaches badly. 

Here come Ravin crossbows with a well-made silencer. 

It reduces sound pollution faster than a compound bow. Especially when you are practicing for a long time, Ravin’s silencer is gonna save your ears at times. 

Easy to Use

Ravin crossbows are fairly easy to load and unload and install parts. And what’s more peaceful than doing all the fixing on your own without any extra gadgets? 

Ravin’s troubleshooting tutorial has got everything you’ll need to deal with it.

Arrow Speed

Ravins’ got some of the fastest models that professional archers prefer. If you haven’t heard about Ravin R500 then it’s high time you search for it.

It is the first crossbow that can shoot 500 feet per second. Can you imagine that? That’s faster than a sprinting Cheetah. It’s the best choice for archers shooting for hunting purposes.

Safety options

All the newest Ravin models got a safety option. Now don’t be afraid of leaving your crossbow on loading or cocking for a long time.

It will help you to detect whether the crossbow is kept in a safe position or not. This “safety” mode is a blessing to all the archers out there. 

Finest Accuracy

Ravin says their crossbows have got the finest accuracy and yes that’s true. Ravin users always mention their satisfaction with Ravin’s accuracy. 

As you can balance it according to your comfort, you don’t need to struggle with consistency as well. 


Ravin crossbows are always budget-friendly according to their features. 

Even the most preferred Ravin model r29 having 29- an inch diameter costs $20.95

Can you imagine that? You can get the most popular, lightweight r10 for Only $1249!

They have more user-friendly regular crossbows that can be a total safety of your money. 

Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Ravin Crossbow?

You already know the amazing features this crossbow has to offer. But, there are also some of its features that are not helpful for many archers and in many use cases. In this section, you are going to know about those.

Heavy Arrows

The Ravin crossbow body is very lightweight to carry. But some of the Ravin models got very heavy arrows for distance shooting.

Let’s talk about the fastest Ravin model, r500 which has arrows weighing 400 grains. That increases the overall bow weight and becomes too heavy for a normally weighted person. 

So, if you don’t know how to control and shoot with a heavy arrow then think more before purchasing.

Note: Ravin crossbow isn’t for those who are just getting started with archery and hunting. It’s for experienced professionals. So, this setback has nothing to do with professional archers.

String Performance Issues

My Ravin R10 strings performance is poor. I’ve been using it for more than 2 years.

This is the statement of a Ravin user who that says after a long time of use Ravin strings start serving poorly. Other bows, however, often degrade performance over time.

Also, that’s not a big deal if you change the strings after a certain stage. But if you feel it is troublesome, then Ravin’ is not the best option for you.

Fast Speed

Huh! Fast speed? Isn’t that a great feature?

The speed can be both a blessing and a struggle, depending on the user.

The fastest Ravin models create a very stressful release and that pushes backward really hard.

Most of the new archers get a shock here. If you are not familiar with the power and usage of fast-speed arrows like Ravin, I’m afraid you’ll face unwanted accidents.

Ravin’s Technology: Are Ravin Crossbows Any Good?

Apart from a few difficulties, Ravin crossbows functioned very professionally. Ravin scopes give an amazing performance while optics are highly durable. 

And the glasses are top-notch that provide easy and clear eye placement.

However, the sensor device is an amazing addition to the new Ravin crossbows. Even all the current models got a Safety option and you can add lighted nocks as well! 

In easy words, Ravin crossbows have got stunning features from the greatest manufacturers. 

Drawbacks of Ravin crossbow

Like all crossbows, Ravin has also got some cons that I found and other users often mention. 


Clutch Slipping

One of the most common issues is clutch slipping. After 20-25 shots you may face this problem with the Ravin r10 model. 

Strings Blowing Up

Sometimes the Ravin r20 users can face string problems like, strings suddenly blowing up.

Grouping Problem With Ravin R20

Users often complain that Ravin r20 can not group at times. And also hinders the loading.

Limb problems

The limb-breaking problem mostly happens with r26 users as the strings are larger than the regular ones. 

We, Ravin users, face different problems at stages but all of these are easy to fix.

Nevertheless, the raven’s bow accessories and parts are easy to find. And most of the fixation can be done freehanded. So you don’t need to waste a lot of money here. 

How Long Does The Ravinavin Crossbow Last?

The duration of your Ravin crossbow depends mostly on the string’s performance; a regular Ravin bow will give the first 200 shots with great accuracy. 

And most of the new bows last for 500 shots. But they recommend you replace the strings after 400 shots. It can increase longevity. 

Which Is The Best Ravin Crossbow?

Till 2020 the Ravin r29 was the best among all the Ravin models. After the fastest Ravin model r500 was launched, some users considered the r500 as the best crossbow for bow hunting. 

But still, Ravin r29 is ruling as the overall performance is extremely satisfactory to the archers. 

Finally, should I get a Ravin crossbow? If yes, which one is suitable for me?

Don’t be too puzzled to select a Ravin crossbow as they have a lot of unique models with specific features to match your demands.

Like, if you are looking for a fast-speed crossbow for distance shooting, Ravin has the fastest r500 model, costing $2,889. That’s fair enough!

Many archers out there can’t carry the weight of a heavy crossbow. 

Here Ravin provides you with the r10, the most common Ravin model. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and saves your pocket as well!

Final Thoughts

Ravin’s Helicoil technology with high speed, balanced accuracy, perfect rifle director, and Trac firing functions, makes it one of the best in the crossbow market.

And Ravin r29 is an “all in all” here. If you are focusing on the speed you can even go for R500 as well. And a number of Ravin models are there for you with superior specifications.

And still, you have to spend more for any other crossbow on the list, where you can get a budget-friendly option with Ravin. 

Even the lowest-priced Ravin r10 model has top-end technology which is dominating the bow-hunting world. 

So, the question on our Ravin crossbows worth the money- you got the answer right?

So why not go for Ravin?

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