Mathews creed problems (and Solutions)

The Mathews Creed Bow is one of the most popular bowhunting bows in the world. It has a sleek, ultra-lightweight, modern design that is perfect for any hunter. The Creed bow is made from high-quality materials and features that make it a powerful and efficient hunting tool.

However, Mathews Creed problems have been a topic of discussion for archers for years. Several factors can lead to problems. Often, the cause of these problems is unclear.

I’ll discuss the Mathews Creed bow issues in this article and give some practical solutions. In addition, I will discuss how to adjust the drow length of Mathews Creed XS.

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List of Mathews Creed problems

The Mathews Creed bow is a powerful hunting bow designed to give hunters the power and performance they need to take down big game.

When practicing with this bow, there are some issues that shooters need to be aware of. Below are some of the common creed problems that occur in Mathews’s crossbow.

Problem #1: Trouble adjusting the draw length

The draw length can be challenging to adjust, leading to inconsistent performance. 

First, adjust the draw length using a tool such as a draw rangefinder. If the r idler wheel is stuck, try lubricating it with light oil or WD-40 before attempting to use the bow again.

Problem #2: R idler wheel stuck

The r idler wheel can become stuck between the crank rail and axle, causing the bow to malfunction. 

If the r idler wheel is stuck, try lubricating it with light oil or WD-40 before attempting to use the bow again.

Problem #3: Crossbow isn’t Cocking

It’s most common for creed crossbows not to cock. The problem can occur if the safety mechanism is set to “fire”.


Follow the simple steps to solve the problem. Remember, Our goal is to switch the safety from “fire” to “safe” position. Follow these exact steps and you will be able fix cocking problem.

  1. First lay down the bow flat so that you can clearly see the trigger, safety and claw.
  2. Now, use a scredriver and position it in front of the claw.
  3. Rearrange the safety so that it is at the rear of the stock. You can do that by simply sliding the safety.
  4. Take off the screwdriver and carefully squeeze the trigger. You should see that claw is moving veritcally forward as you are carrying out the process.
  5. Now, all you have to do is to switch the safety from fire to safe.
  6. Finally, check if the bow is cocked properly by squeezing the trigger. You should not see any kind of resistance if its okay.

Problem #4 Bow isn’t firing

No matter how much you teeing up other things nothing will come to work unless you can fire the bow, right?

That’s the problem!

Sometimes exactly this occurs in mathews crossbow- bow isn’t firing. Inexperienced archers are tend to face the issue.

Don’t worry as I will tell you exactly how to solve this problem.


  1. First, check if your bow is cocking the string all the way around.
  2. Secondly, make sure the arrow is properly seated otherwise the arrow won’t be fired..
  3. And, finally check out if your arrow is properly nocked. This guide on how to nock an arrow will help you on the way.

Problem #5 Inaccurate shot

Nothing hurts so much than not getting the arrow to shoot properly. If you can’t shoot the target accurately?

That being said, you might face accuracy issues in your mathews bow.


The most pervasive reason of the problem is the wrong selection of arrow. Knowing how to select the right arrow for your bow can rescue you from that problem.

Some of the best practices while selecting arrows are:

  1. Selecting arrows matching the draw length. Here’s how to measure draw length.
  2. Getting arrows and bows from same manufacturer.
  3. Not changing the arrow constantly.

Mathews creed performs best with XS and 500 grain arrows. So, using these pair can make sure the ultimate accuracy.

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Mathews creed xs problems

The Mathews creed xs is a beautiful and innovative bow that has been getting much attention lately. However, some problems with it need to be fixed.

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The first problem is that the draw length adjustment range is minimal, making it difficult to find a perfect fit for different archers. The second problem is that the draw weight range is also minimal, which makes it challenging to find a bow that suits everyone’s shooting style.

Several problems can occur with Mathews bows, but fortunately, there is a solution. 

  • First, make sure that your Mathews archery and bow are appropriately taken care of. 
  • Second, inspect the stringing and bracing to ensure they are in good condition. 
  • Third, keep an eye on the wear on the limbs and fletching to ensure they are not getting too worn down.

Mathews creed limb problems

Mathews has been producing quality bows for over 50 years. Its mission is to provide the best bow possible for the customer. One of their top-selling bows is the Mathews Creed bow. 

This bow is known for its excellent shooting performance and its reliability. The Creed bow has a problem with one of its limbs that causes it to shoot crooked. 

The Creed limb problem can be solved by replacing the limb with a new one. If you take care of and maintain your Mathews Creed bow, it will provide outstanding shooting performance for years to come. 

It is vital to clean your Mathews Creed bow on a regular basis to prevent dirt and change it at the right intervals to keep your bow in the best condition. 

Mathews Creed XS draw length adjustment: here’s how to do it

The Mathews Creed XS draw length adjustment lets shooters customize the length of their bows to fit their shooting style better.

Wondering how to determine draw length? Here’s our detailed guide on that.

With this adjustable feature, shooters can fine-tune the draw length to get an ideal bow feel and performance for their individual archery needs.

It has a 6-9″ draw length adjustment that can be adjusted with a hex key. This makes it possible to personalize the bow for each shooter. The Creed XS also has an adjustable mechanical release and an anti-sway bar.

Adjustment of the Mathews Creed XS draw length is simple and can be done with just a few simple steps. Follow these instructions, and your bow will be ready to shoot with the perfect draw length for your shooting style.

#Step 1:  Loosen the bow’s cam-lock screw (usually located on the left side of the bow). This will allow you to adjust the draw length without having to remove any components from the bow.

#Step 2: Lift on the bow arm and slide it forward or backward until the desired adjustment is reached.

#Step 3: Tighten the screw to hold the adjustment in place.

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