Mathews Chill R Problems And Solutions

Does your brand new Mathews chill crossbow show track difficulties? Or are you facing slow speed and tuning problems? Then it’s a big headache for a new archer who hasn’t got enough idea about this compound crossbow yet. 

Mathews chill or crossbow is very popular among the archers for its exceptional features. But these exceptions sometimes become complicated for new users. I have found a lot of beginners complaining about Mathews Chill r problems.

New users find difficulties with the functions while old users complain about the speed and the tracking. But let’s come up with the solutions with the research I’ve done. 

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Mathews Monster Chill specs

Mathew Monster chill has so many specifications that have made it exceptional. Let’s check out what specs have made it special among other crossbows.

Mathews Monster chill has a brace height of 7 inches with a 30.5-inch axle length. The draw weight of Mathews monster chill r is 50-70lbs while the draw length is about 23-30 inches. 

IBO speed for Monster chill r is 333 fps. Mass weight is 3.90 lbs. and it has an 80% let-off.  

List of Mathews chill r problems

  1. Paper Tuning Problems with Mathew Chill R
  2. Cam lean Problems 
  3. Speed Problem

Paper Tuning Problems with Mathew Chill R

Paper tuning is the most common problem that users complain about. You may find difficulties while shooting. The tears sometimes become shaky. 

It happens because of this problem. Moreover, many of us are not using it correctly. 


There are two types of solutions that I’ve found according to the tears. If you are getting problems with the left tear, then it’s because your arrow is too weak. And if you are facing difficulties with the right one, then it’s that the arrow is too stiff. 

In case of a left tear, fix the weak arrow by replacing the tip or the knock.

Or, in case of a right tear, fix the stiff by adjusting poundage. 

Cam lean Problems

Another problem that users complained about is the lean cam problem. Most beginners can find the setup for it. 

Sometimes the monster chill tune is not set up before. They leave it for the archers to set up according to their accuracy. And new users get in trouble with this.


The first solution is to check the tunes to see if they are previously settled. If not, adjust the lean and the stock bows before shooting.

Or if it’s fixed from the beginning, the problem is with the old arrow string. All you can do is swamp up all the limbs. All the monster series can be fixed this way. 

Speed Problem

This high-speed compound crossbow often gives slow-speed problems. The dirty knobs and unstable limb setup are the leading causes. Most old crossbows show speed problems due to overuse or dirt stuck on them.


The first thing you need to remember is to check your crossbow’s speed limit. If the limit is below 250 fps, then It’s pretty sure to have slow speed after a few uses. Here the solution is to change it and come up with crossbows with more than 350 fps speed. 

If your bow is already over 350 fps, but still you face slow speed, then go for another solution. Open up the limb area and string parts. Check for the dirt or anything stuck on it. Cleaning and replacing can speed up your crossbow once again. 

If you are a user of Mathews bows you might also face Mathews creed problems.

Matthew Monster Chill R price

Mathews monster chill r, which has the specification of 33″ axle-to-axle length, is an accurate combination of motion and softness. The Chill R also comes from the perfect manufacturer, adjusting Grip and Zebra bowstrings. This one has an MSRP of $999.

Mathew Monster Price

The prices for an average Mathew monster can range from 300 to 800 dollars, but it varies depending on the features. But the models that offer more than 350 fps speed can cost more. 

The 350 fps speed with 450-grain arrows can cost almost £1769.99. It can cost a little more if you add more features like extra arrows or speeding up. 

Wrap Up

So, that was all about Mathews chill r problems, and In this post, I’ve discussed everything you need to know on the topic. Mathews bows are good but that doesn’t mean it can’t get worse.

Now, let me know in the comment if you have faced similar problems or if not would you like to put that on the comment?


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