Mathews No Cam Problems (Solved)

Mathews no cam htr is a bow that bowhunter loves. The bow can shoot accurately and precisely. Its made with cutting-edge technology and require less nock travel. This is a smooth drawing bow that offers tons of fantastic features.

Despite many unique and modern features, the bow has some problems that archers often face. In this post, I’ll discuss those features in detail and tell you what you should do when you face Mathews no cam problems.

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Mathews no cam specs

Mathews no cam htr bow is a hunting bow designed for hunting in close quarters. It features a quick draw and the Mathews string system.

Draw weight30 lbs
Draw length27″
Brace height7 1/2″
axle to axle length32″
IBO speed330 fps
IBO mass weight4.5 lbs
Mathews no cam specs

Mathews no cam htr problems (Solved)

Mathews no cam htr problems occur when the bowstring is not taut enough, and the arrow cannot be drawn back. As a result, you may face a slower draw cycle.

Bows can be damaged and inaccurate if this happens. Bows made by Mathews are designed to work with a string pulled tight enough to prevent this problem. 

However, if you experience a Mathews htr problem, you should consider adjusting your draw weight or using a stabilizer to keep your arrows from bouncing off branches or other objects during your hunt.

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Mathews bows use a self-locking nock which is designed to prevent the arrow from slipping off of the bowstring unless you pull it out of the nock.

This design can cause problems if you’re shooting in wet conditions or near a body of water where mud or sediment might have accumulated on the string and wrapped around the nock. In that case, you should use a nock protector to reduce the chance of this happening.

Hoyt has a string gap, which allows the arrow to slip off if the tension is not strong enough. This isn’t an issue with Hoyt bows, as they’re designed to have a better draw weight than Mathews bows. You can solve the problems in Mathews by adjusting them. Also, you can make use of a stabilizer to get around the problem.

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Mathews no cam htr draw length adjustment

Before attempting to adjust, make sure you know how to properly determine draw length.

 The Mathews no cam bow is a straightforward bow to adjust. It features a full draw cycle and some other great features.

  1. Using a set of Allen wrenches, loosen the limb bolts and remove one side of the limbs from the riser.
  2. On the inside of each limb, there is a tapered surface that fits into a corresponding tapered slot on either side of the riser. The limbs are marked for draw length, and you will want to ensure that these marks are lined up with their corresponding slots before tightening them back down with the Allen wrench.
  3. Once your draw length is set correctly, tighten down all four limb bolts to secure your new bow setup.


Mathews no cam htr is a fantastic bow that bowhunter felicitates. This is an extremely efficient tool for bow hunting. But, sometimes, archers face problems with the bow. And in this post, I have compiled all those problems with fixes.

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