Mathews DXT problems (Solved)

The Mathew DXT bow is a new release from Mathews and is the company’s most powerful bow yet. It has a draw weight of 140 pounds and a shooting range of up to 330 yards.

However, there are several Mathews DXT problems that people are experiencing. 

The common problems of this bow are the non-adjustable cam system, lateral nock problems, String Binding issues, and Not having the smoothest single-cam bow.

Here are some solutions to these problems. Let’s take a look!

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List of all the Mathews DXT problems (With solution)

There are some of Mathew’s DXT problems that shooters face. It’s mostly due to the bow’s lack of user-friendliness. 

Common issues include failing internal components, incorrect drawing weight, and poor accuracy.

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Let’s get to know each of the problems. 

#1. non-adjustable cam system

There is no adjustable cam system in Mathew’s DXT bow that can affect the bow’s accuracy.


You can shoot more accurately as you gain experience with a non-adjustable cam.

If you are skeptical about cam issues, you should take your bow to a nearby pro shop.

#2. Lateral nock Problem

The left lateral nock may not travel on the top hats due to its straight shaft. So, what should you do?


The hats you use to shim the cam can be bought in different sizes. Obtain a complete set so you can make your modifications to the setup. You’re only supposed to shim the moth once. 

Be sure to operate only one cam at a time, as you may need to know where another cam might be situated.

#3. Not having the smoothest single-cam bow

The cam bearings came apart while shooting. It canted horribly and looked as if the limb twisted.


The slack must often be set at the same rate on both sides of the bus cable to reach balance. A broken cable on each side necessitates equal tensions.

#4. String Binding issue

One issue that can be a significant inconvenience is an older string that no more extended grips the bow. 


The screw that secures the string can be tightened to fix this annoying instance. If the vibration occurs for any reason, you can try experimenting with the draw weight and height of the bow.

Mathews DXT price and where to buy?

The Mathews DXT bow is a new release from Mathews Archery. The bow is one of the most popular bows in the market. 

It is a beautiful hunting bow that can be used for any hunting. The Dxt bow is a copy of the famous Mathews XT bow but comes with a higher price tag. 

The Dxt is perfect for those who are just starting hunting or want an affordable option. And it’s worth $ 450.00 to $550.00

The bow is available at many different Mathews dealerships and online retailers.

How do you adjust the draw weight on a Mathews DXT?

Adjusting the draw weight on a Mathews DXT bow is an easy task that can improve your shooting experience.

To change the draw weight, loosen the screw on the tip and slide the weight adjustment collar up or down the limb.

So, disassemble the nozzle to raise the draw weight, then turn the bolt clockwise to pull reduced draw weight and counter-clockwise to lift increased draw weight. 

Every bolt corresponds to roughly 2 to 4 pounds of drawing weight. 

When both limb bolts are adjusted, the pitch of the bow will remain equalized unless the bow may become out of tune.


What year was the Mathews DXT bow made?

Mathews DXT bow was released as a 2008 model.

How fast does a Mathews DXT shoot?

 The Mathews DXT still is said to shoot arrows at 322 fps.

How long is a Mathews DXT bow? 

Mathews outfits the DXT3 with its second-generation SE4 Composite SlimIliums. Limbs are straight, solid, and measure 13.9 inches in length.

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