Hawke Scope Problems (Solved)

Does your Hawke scope fog up while aiming? Sometimes the speed rings may fail to adjust. Or do crossbow scopes keep loosening again and again? 

The Hawke users mention some common Hawke scope problems like these. The solutions to Hawke’s scope problems are simple. 

If you’re having the same problem, let’s examine all the reasons behind your distress and find solutions that work.

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List of Hawke scope Problems And Solutions

There are some common problems that most Hawke users face. Here have a look at the list of common problems:

  1. Moisture Retention Problem with Hawke scope.
  2. Hawke scope speed selector problem. 
  3. Blurry crosshairs on the scope.

#1 Moisture Retention Problem with Hawke scope

The moisture retention of the scopes mostly depends on the temperature changes. So the adjustment must maintain the moisture content. 

Otherwise, the scopes will become foggy. And you’ll have difficulties with shooting, aiming, loading, and many more.

The temperature changes if the seals get exposed and nitrogen on the scopes leaks.


Open up the scopes if it becomes foggy. Clean and check the compressed seals. If they have holes in them or are damaged, then replace them. 

And in news adjustments, try to place the screw more tightly to avoid future problems. 

#2 Hawke scope speed selector problem

Hawke users complained that they faced problems with the speed selector. As the speed ring on the doesn’t adjust well. Or displaced after a few uses. Speed ring also can get locked if something is stuck on it. 


Open up all the scopes. First, check if anything is stuck on the rings. If something is stopping the rings from moving, clean them immediately.

If the speed selector still does not work or move further, adjust the ring an inch backward because it comes forward sometimes after overuse.

#3 Blurry crosshairs on the scope

Hawke crossbows have a very high magnification; blurry crosshairs appear. It gives you a poor image, and you may miss the target. 

If you are not maintaining the reticle sharpness, a high magnification crossbow will give blurry effects. Cheap scopes can also be a reason here. 


The first task is to clean up the blurry errors. But, it is not a permanent solution. In such cases, adjust the scope with an AO (Adjustable objectives) at an estimated distance. It will keep the image quality optimal.

Hawke vantage 3-9×40 22lr scope problems

An exceptional problem that is commonly seen with Hawke vantage 3-9×40 22lr is:

  • Scope Zoom problem

Hawke Scope Zoom problem

The zooming ability of scopes sometimes decreases. And the image quality becomes very poor and blurry also. It happens because of the broken bipod. And if scopes themselves are broken, zooms may also fail.


The solution is to remove the damaged bipod from the scope. And place a more flexible and high-quality bipod every time you zoom in or out; stress comes over it.

Hawke vantage scope problems

The only difficulties that Hawke vantage scope user face is:

  • Scope mounting problem

Scope mounting problem

While loading the arrows, you may have problems with mounting the scopes. This happens if you over-tight the scope rings. Or the screws holding the scopes are loosened or over-tightened.


Open up all the screws, scopes, and rings. Adjust them again, maintaining the hardiness. Try ⅔ blank fire to test the proper adjustments. And also, balance the trigger correctly while shooting. 

Wrap Up

Those are all the Hawke scope issues I discussed in the post. In addition, I have provided exact solutions to all those problems. You can confidently solve those problems if you follow those tips.

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