Bowtech Carbon Knight Problems (Solved)

Bowtech Carbon Knight bows are popular because high-quality mechanisms make them more reliable and efficient, despite their high costs. 

Yet I’ve been using this carbon bow for a long time, and I observed that while some users have reported the same issues, they mostly stemmed from less-than-ideal setup and misuse. Those issues can arise due to poor assembly, misuse, or even a mishap.

What are the Bowtech carbon knight problems? The bows continue to misfire after being loaded several times, breaking strings of stealth, dryfire issues, and so forth.

If there are no major differences in the time, it takes to fix a difficulty for that problem, it could cause serious injury or illness. Learn more by reading this whole article.

List of Bowtech Carbon Knight Problems and Solutions

So, what are the problems Bowtech carbon knight shows usually? Well, in this section you will get to know about them as I will break down each problem. I will also try to provide you with possible solutions that you can use to fix the problem.

Okay, over to that.

#1 Strings breaking issues

Bowstring breakings often occur during multiple shootings. Over-crooking is also the main source of the string breaking in the middle part of the bowstring. It’s not likely that these are caused by damaged nocks or cracks in the arrows used by shooting groups.

In addition, when I detached the stock cables, both were damaged. That little end has practically very small space between the two pegs and where it wraps around the lens; very poor design, in my opinion.

Bow manufacturers should pay close attention to design and whether it is appropriate before buying parts to set the stage for manufacturing perfectly uniform products. Some of the latter from Hoyt’s are barely distinguishable from straight razors.


I think the focus needs to be put into the focal check of shooting compound bows, rechecking until you reach a good posture. 

You’ll need to follow a procedure repeatedly to ensure you are in the right position, such as: is the arrow vane securely situated against the arrow? You may want to ensure your nocks are lined up correctly on your arrows. Is there a systematic pattern?

Try to work out exactly what went wrong, then ascertain what the string might have hit while shooting an arrow. Please give it to the dealer to fix.

#2 Dryfire issue

bowtech carbon knight dry fire problems

Sometimes a broken string, a malaligned nock, or a limb indicates that the dryfire has not worked because the arrow is not fitted correctly, the arrow is bent or wounded, or the arrow has not been pushed back against the string.


Sometimes, it is necessary to recognize and take the necessary measures to eradicate a weakness. In my case, this means recognizing that I have a certain weakness in focus that might make me more vulnerable to dryfire the arrow, for example.

Additionally, I will need to take steps to protect myself from falling or being hit by something else.

#3 Lightweight issue

A lightweight Bowtech Carbon Knight is more difficult to hold steady in high winds, leading to instability and a decreased range of motion.


But I’m thrilled with my new Bbowtech carbon knight bow! It operates much more expensive than other options on the market, but it’s worth it since it has top performance. 

The draw cycle is smooth, cam rollover does take a while to get used to, you can very easy to change the draw length and draw stop, and it shoots extremely fast and flat. Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchase!


So, that was all about the problems of the Bowtech carbon knight bow. I haven’t experienced all the problems that I mentioned here however these are some of the common problems other archers came up with.

I tried to share all those problems and provide possible solutions. In case, you are experiencing other issues, would you please let me know that in the comment box?

3 thoughts on “Bowtech Carbon Knight Problems (Solved)

  1. Brandon,
    I thank you for your input & knowledge, it has been going on 15 yrs. since I last walked off into the woods with a compound & since then have sold my old bow’s off being happy with what they achieved prize wise,
    I am now talking with a local whom has chosen to sell his “Carbon Knight” the bow from what i can see picture wise is in great shape & price ??? well let’s just say I’m very, very pleased with it. He has chosen to go to a higher pound let off bow. Me myself am pls with the let off on the carbon knight as same as my older bows however sooooooooooooo much lighter big difference compared to my “browning summit” what a brute,
    Don’t get me wrong it took down a lot of deer and gave me arms like atlas, lol! but now with the years catching up to me I see the lighter version of bow’s on market allow more time holding to get that right shot without arm fatigue , your input is gratefully appreciated and will be keeping a close eye on these and ?? any other lil’ things as with a new bow used or new i always new in a new owner’s hands & must find the lil things to be finely tune for a tool to make your day complete

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