Lumenok Vs Nockturnal: Which Is Better?

Those who are just getting started with lighted nocks seem to be confused between choosing Lumenok and nocturnal nocks. It’s also not easy for everybody to say this unless they used both of them.

And fortunately, I have used both of the nocks and therefore I think I can talk on this subject.

So, Lumenok vs Nockturnal: Which is better? In terms of brightness, price, and ease of use, Nockturnal nocks are better than Lumenok. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can’t make an informed decision from this excerpt. 

Let’s compare the two lighted nock brands if you’re interested in analyzing all the features and differences.

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Differences Between Lumenok and Nockturnal Nocks

Although Lumenok and nocturnal nocks are both lighted nocks, there are differences between them. In this section, I’ll explain all the differences between them.

GlowDim GlowBrighter Glow
Battery Life40+ hours20+ Hours
Weight24 grains25 grains
Battery TypeReplaceableRechargeable
Differences between Lumenok and nocturnal

Lumenok Vs Nockturnal: Which Is Better?

In this section, I’ll show you a comparative analysis of these two nocks. By the end of this analysis, I’ll pick one winner based on my test between this two.

So, how did I test?

First of all, I shot two arrows at a time with these two nocks. I kept my eyes on arrow flight, how long each of the nocks stay lit.

As well as real tests, I dig deeper into some technical aspects. As part of this comparison, this will also be taken into account.

Let’s move on to the actual comparisons now that we’ve covered the methodology. 

  1. Brightness

In deciding between the two lighted nocks, how well they glow is a crucial factor to consider.

A lighted nock serves mainly this purpose. So, if a lighted nock doesn’t glow much or doesn’t last long, that won’t be a good choice.

Nockturnal nocks outperform Lumnock based on brightness and glow.

Winner: Nockturnal

  1. Price

If both of the nocks come in the same price tier and offer more or less the same features, it won’t be a good value for the money, right?

A pack with 3 lighted Lumenok comes with a $31.49 price tag. Each item costs $10.49.

A nocturnal, on the other hand, costs an average of $8.

So, you see nocturnal is cheaper.

Winner: Nockturnal

  1. Installation and Activation

Activation plays a vital role in dictating the user-friendliness of lighted nocks. Also, activation is crucial. If activation takes too much time, it will create a bottleneck in your shooting.

So, the installation of any kind of lighted nocks is a critical component to consider. So, let’s have a birds-eye view of each of the nocks.

First off, nocturnal. Installing nocturnal nocks is duck soup. A string-activated switch comes with nocturnal nocks for turning them off. It made installing nocks with arrows so easy. Also, I had no problems installing this nock with different arrows.

What about Lumenok? Is it easy to install on different arrows and activate it with an arrow shaft?

Sorry! There are some issues with installing Lumenok with carbon arrows. Even installing it on supported arrows is a chore.

In order for Lumenok to work, it must be firmly pressed against the back of your arrow shaft after it has been released, which completes the electrical circuit that allows it to function.

Having a non-square back or material that blocks the electrical charge may prevent your nocks from working.

Winner: Nocturnal

  1. Deactivation

It is necessary to turn off the switch after shooting lighted nocks. Moreover, it must be easy to use.

So, let’s look at how either of the lighted nocks performs at this.

Let’s start with Lumenok. Turning off the light in lumenok is pretty easy and straightforward. However, you can use an extinguisher to turn off Lumenok.

However, in the case of nocturnal, it’s a pain in the ass, I must say. In nocturnal, the switch for turning off the lights is nowhere convenient. 

The switch lies between the grooved tail of the nocks which makes it hard to reach and turn off the switch. Usually, you will have to press the switch with a knife or other object.

Lumenok wins over nocturnal when it comes to turning off lights in nocks.

Winner: Lumenok

  1. Battery Life

Since lighted nocks are powered by batteries, it is a crucial feature. You obviously won’t like to charge the batteries of your lighted nocks over and over again.

According to Nocturnal, its battery life is 20+ hours compared to Lumenok’s 40+ hours.

Another thing to consider is whether the battery is rechargeable or replaceable.

Lumenok comes with a replaceable battery but nocturnal offers a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

So, when it comes to battery life, Lumenok performs better than nocturnal. Nocturnal, however, offers a rechargeable battery that will save you money in the long run. In this regard, nocturnal wins.

The result is therefore a tie.

Winner: Tie

So, which is the winner?

Now, it’s time to declare the ultimate winner. Analyzing five important features, I discovered that nocturnal dominates.

The winner is Nocturnal.

Recommendations For You

Both brands have their own strong sides. So, I can’t say one is completely better than the other.

For example, Lumenok is better for turning off after each shot. Also, it comes with a replaceable battery. Those who don’t like rechargeable batteries might find it interesting.

Now you might have a question on which color lumenok should you get. Well, I would prefer the color red. Because you know the wavelength of red is smaller than others thus it’s visible from a long distance and exactly what you need right?

On the other hand, nocturnal is our overall winner. So, you can buy nocturnal nocks without thinking much. I’d also recommend red color nocks for nocturnal.

Final Thoughts

There are many options when it comes to choosing lighted nocks. Lumenok and nocturnal are two of the most popular ones.

However, you must choose one, right? That’s why I decided to do a comparative analysis and choose the winner.

In my opinion, Nockturnal nocks are superior to Lumenoks based on my experience in place, meticulous analysis, and side-by-side comparisons.

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