How To Turn Off Lumenok (With And Without Tool)

When I heard Lumenok is better than nocturnal nocks, I switched to it; however, after that, I discovered it’s a little trickier to turn off Lumenok.

Over time, I figured it out and I’m now pretty fast to turn it off. It took repeated practice until I learned the right way to turn off Lumenok.

So, what’s that secret sauce? 

How to turn off Lumenok? Turning off a Lumenok needs a sight to pull out of the nocks. You can do it free-handed or with a toll. But turning it off with a hand is a bit difficult while using a tool is tricky

This is just a glimpse of the topic, and it’s a whole lot deeper than that. Come along with me?

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How Do Lumenoks Work?

Lumenok is the tool that we use to recognize shot placement. It generally gets activated when we release the arrows. The force created through this release makes it work. 

There need no magnets to activate it and we can follow the way of our arrow. Based on different models Lumenok can light up to 40 hours and make a lot of long distances at night.  

How Do You Turn Off Lumenok? (Step By Step)

Turning off your Lumenok is easy. Just follow these steps-


The quickest way to turn off your Lumenok is to use an extinguisher. So bring a Lumenok extinguisher arrow puller for this. And the ends, if they are already a bit, are pulled out. 


If Lumenoks are already a bit displaced and you see any gap then simply grab the nock with the tip of the extinguisher. Now wriggle it very carefully a few times. 

This time don’t hold the extinguisher too tightly. Keep it flexible enough to move.  


Notice when the gap starts increasing. Once there is enough of a gap present grab the extinguisher tightly. 

And pull out the nocks slightly. You’ll need approximately 40-50 pounds of force to do it. And your Lumenoks are turned off!

You can use other arrow pullers but I prefer Lumenoks extinguishers in this case.

But in case you want to shut off a Lumenok you need an extinguisher or arrow puller. 

Pull out both the nocks and shaft completely from the arrow and the Lumenoks are shut down easily. You can also remove the Lumenoks batteries to increase the battery life. 

How To Turn Off Lumenok Without A Tool?

Here is the systematic way to turn off my Lumenoks without using any extra tool- 


Take your Lumenok inserted arrow and check the ends. Sometimes after you release the arrow the nock gets a bit displaced. If so then use your hand and push it against the hand forcefully.


Once the nock is in place, now wriggle the arrow a couple of times. Keep an eye on the Lumenoks if they create a gap. Wriggle it until there is a gap between the nock point and the Lumenok. 


After a few tries, you will see a little gap there. Now it’s time to turn it off. It’s a bit tricky to turn off Lumenoks with a free hand. 

Now take the arrow and lose the nock screws with your hand. Not remove it  

Step #4:

If the screws are too hard to move then hold the Lumenok side tight and twist the arrow carefully. Don’t overdo it as it can damage both the arrow end and Lumenoks.

Step #5:

Once you are done with the screws now pull the nocks with your hand a bit. And the Lumenok is turned off!! 

How Do You Turn Off Ravin Lumenok?

Turning off Ravin Lumenok is not very difficult. But some of us use the wrong pliers and even pull them out with our teeth. And mess up everything.  The simple way is-

Step #1

Take an unused rubber fuel line about half a quarter and cut a slit 2 inches back there. 

Step #2

Slip that on your lighted nocks and squeeze the base of the slit. Now wiggle it gradually and pull the nocks outwards.

Step #3

Just wriggle and pull it outward a few times and don’t twist it. Here you go.

To turn off the regular arrow light you can just use a puller to do it. Freehanded is also a safe option.  But the puller or extinguisher must suit your arrow model. 

How Do You Turn On A Lumenok?

Turning on Lumenok is easy. Just find out if there is a gap between the inserts or not. If you find a gap push the nock with a hard tool like the tip of the screws driver or simply just push it against a wall.

You can turn on a Lumenok by pushing against your thumb. But I’m afraid it may hurt your finger.

How Long Will A Lumenok Stay Lit?

With proper maintenance, your Lumenok can stay lit up to up tours. But the longevity depends on the nock condition. If it gets damaged after shooting, it may not light for too long.


Will lighted nocks affect arrow flight?

Most of the cases the lighted nocks don’t affect the arrow flight and act the same as the non-lighted ones.

How many grains is a Lumenok?

The weight of our Lumenok is about 24 grains. 

Are lighted nocks reusable?

If you can uninstall the nocks without any damage and affecting the shape, you can reuse them. But with simple damage, they can be unable to light again. 

How do you turn off glory Nocks?

Push the turn-off -button and pull the plunger down. Now hold down the button and let the plunger go. And you are done. 

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