How To Turn Off Ravin Lighted Nocks? (Easy Peasy)

“I just can’t turn off my Ravin-lighted nocks! Even when I turn the lights off they just turn on again. Why is it happening?”

So, How to turn off Ravin lighted nocks? Archers having Ravin-lighted nocks are often struggling on this terrible turn-off. It’s because they aren’t set up or squared off correctly. Or maybe the 2 tiny tabs of the nocks are not having good contact with the carbon shaft. 

But don’t give up on it right away. Look into these easy peasy tricks to turn off your Ravin-lighted nocks and stay trouble-free at all times.

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How do lighted nocks work?

Let me make this process a bit easier for you by explaining how lighted nocks work.

It’s a carbonate-made or plastic insert placed in the hind part of arrow fletching. They are attached with the arrow properly and usually come in five different sizes- X, H, G, S, and GT. 

There is a tiny switch present in the nock named piston, which is the key to nock technology. When you push this one, the piston immediately activates the Lithium batteries. And thus the LED lights turn on. 

If you are hesitating to use lighted nocks, you should consider whether they are actually helpful.

Are Ravin lighted nocks worth it?

Lumenok lighted nocks are well-worth as you can reduce the number of your lost lighted arrows during the shoot. 

Well, lighted nocks have batteries that will surely go down over time. But if your lighted nock remains active for approximately 20 cumulative hours then yes, this one is worth your money.

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Should you practice with lighted nocks?

A big yes here, because practicing with lighted nocks is the best option for regular shoots. 

They are going to help you to find your lost arrows while practicing. 

Guess what’s more interesting here. With current Ravin lighted nocks, you can turn on practice mode for a better experience.  

Ravin Crossbow lighted nocks difficult to turn off: Here’s how to do it

Here is how you will turn off Ravin lighted nocks and beat all these difficulties- 

Step 1:

The first step is to remove the nocks from the arrow. And seat it again, maintaining a proper distance with the other inserts. So that they can’t block the pathway. 

Step 2:

Open up the tabs present on both sides. Place them in a manner that they keep attached to the shafts. 

Step 3:

Grip the nock with the arrow puller for approximately 1-3 seconds. 

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Step 4: 

Now twitch the Ravin crossbow bolt up and down several times. And it’s off!

If not open up the nocks again, insert a rubber tool, and place it again. This time the tabs will not get displaced.

Note: Insert a little pointy tool into the designated hole present on each side of the nock. It can be a safety pin, hard spine, or a lighted nock extinguisher. That’s gonna help you to avoid this trouble next time. 

How to install Ravin lighted nocks?

Installing Ravin lighted nocks is fairly easy. Just follow these steps-

  1. Bring an arrow squaring tool and level the surface smooth to place the crossbow nocks 
  2. Find out the two small tabs of the nocks and mount them to the arrow. Notice if they get attached with the arrow shafts properly. 
  3. In case your nocks don’t have plastic tabs. Then just wrap up two pieces of serving particle. 
  4. It will help the nocks to light and remove the particles very carefully when you are intended to turn them off. 

How to use Ravin lighted nocks?

First, install the nocks into the arrow ensuring that they are placed properly. 

And the next thing is to simply push the piston (the tiny switch of nocks) and it’s on. 

And to turn it off follow the procedure that I’ve already mentioned. 

What lighted nocks fit Ravin arrows?

Lumenok LED illuminated nocks are used in Ravin arrows. But Ravin lighted nock 3 pack Orange fits every Raven crossbow model.

In the case of Ravin r136, you can also use Ravin lighted 3-pack Orange Lumenok nocks

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How to Replace the Ravin lighted nocks battery?

First, you need to pull off the batteries by heating the glue and separating the light-battery combo.

When you are left with a clean nock body, place another battery having the same diameters.

This time try to fix them with scotch tape so that next time you don’t need to struggle with the glue. 

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Ravin lighted nock problems (Plus solutions)

The common problem with Ravin lighted nocks are-

  • The light is not turning on
  • The light turns on again after turning it off once

Light Isn’t Turning Off

The Ravin lighted nocks are difficult to turn off as many users can’t seat them properly into the arrow. Or the tabs aren’t attached. 


Place the nocks carefully into the arrow and keep a good attachment to the carbon shafts. 

Hold the nock for a few seconds and wriggle the arrow ⅔ times and it’s fixed!

The light turns on again after turning it off once

Does the light keep turning on again and again even when you turn it off? It’s because there is support to hold it back.


Try using a rubber tool while placing the nocks at the beginning. Or you can keep a small sharp tool like safety in the nock holes to avoid this situation. You can use a Ravin r141 lighted nock extinguisher as well.

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Can you put lighted nocks On Ravin Bolts?

Yes. Even in non-lighted modeled arrows, bolts are where you put the lighted nocks.  

How long do Ravin lighted nocks stay lit?

Ravin manufacturers say the lights stay lit for 24 hours. But as users mention the light gives the best performance for about 20 hours max. But when you turn on the practice mode it can serve approximately 30-35 hours.

How do you turn an illuminated nock off?

While loading an arrow press the piston present on the nocks. And they will light immediately once you shoot. 

How do you remove an Omni nock?

Bring a hammer and give the rods of the end steal of the arrow a few hits. And it will pop out.

Will lighted nocks affect arrow flight?

Lighted nocks can affect the arrow flight as they add weight and affect the weight distribution as well. But using a balanced nock will not create much difference.

Wrap Up

Unfortunately, most of the old Ravin models don’t have tabs to place the lighted nocks and you have to struggle to turn off the lights. Just mount them correctly and follow the guidelines. Don’t need to be puzzled at all. 

Anyway, hope this article helped how to turn off Ravin lighted nocks. If so, you can also check out some of the articles related to the Ravin crossbow.


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