Ravin R29x Vs R500: Which Is Superior?

Ravin is probably the fastest crossbow brand. The speed and the precision all set the brand apart from the rest.

Interestingly the brand doesn’t compete with others rather its different models compete with each other.

Of them, the Ravin r29x and r500 are two of the most popular models. Each model boasts a staggering number of features. Hence, it’s pretty hard to decide which model is best for you.

Don’t worry. In this post, I will bring all those features and use cases and finally compare them from a different user point of view.

So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for solving the puzzle.

Comparison of Specs Between Ravin R29x and R500

Let’s have a closer look at the specs of Ravin r29x and r500 so you can compare the features you like.

FeaturesRavin R29XRavin R500
Weight6.75 pounds8.4 pounds
Speed450 FPS502.5 FPS
Kinetic Energy180 FT-LBS165 FT-LBS
Length29 inches33.5 inches
Width (Cocked)6 inches axle to axle6 inches axle to axle
Width (Uncocked)10.5 inches axle to axle7.75 inches axle to axle
Power stroke12.5 inches13.5 inches
Draw Force12 lbs.17 lbs
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

But this info is not enough to showcase the actual differences that both Ravin crossbows hold. So, let’s get deeper!

In-Depth Comparison Between R29x and R500

So, in this section, I’ll deep dive into a detailed analysis. I will bring all the notable features into the table and show a side-by-side comparison.

It’s hard to reach a conclusion by just comparing features and specs. How each will perform actually on the field is a big question. 

So, after discussing the features and their relative comparison I’ll take my own experience with these crossbows in the field to pick the winner. 

Now, let’s get to know about the features!

Frictionless Flight System

Frictionless flighting is an exceptional flagship and patented technology made for Ravin only. So, both crossbow models are more or less the same in terms of quality. You can shoot your arrows frictionlessly. Also, arrows along with string can drift freely above the rail.

Trac-trigger firing system

The same trigger-firing mechanism is available in both Ravin models. This unique mechanism guarantees that you’re having accurate shots. Along with that, the rail glides ahead and grabs exactly centered on the bowstring. As a result, the nock can go straight without any issues.

Silent cocking

Will you allow a cocking sound? It really irritates, isn’t it? But these high-quality crossbows from Ravin don’t allow any sort of sound when you cock. You’ll absolutely enjoy their fully integrated Silent Cocking System.

Which one is right for you?


When it comes to hunting and high-end bows, The significance of accuracy is incomparable when you take your crossbow in charge! 

Ravin R500 and R29X- both are high-end bows! But don’t they differ while shooting in terms of accuracy? Yes, they highly do!

Well, let’s consider three-bolt groups at 50 yards distance for each crossbow for accuracy testing. You’ll see the R29X finish shooting with an average of 0.7 inches only. On the other hand, the R500 brings a 2.7-inch group. 

That’s why the Ravin R29X is considered the most accurate crossbow that you find ever in the market right now!


Giving a clear verdict on whether you should go for longer crossbows or not is critical. However, longer ones generally provide some particular benefits. These may improve shooting accuracy. Also, in some cases, experts find them quite stable and durable. 

In the meantime, you’ll see the Ravin R500 longer as it comes with a 33.5 inches long bow while the R29X is 29 inches longer. So, it’s expected that you can achieve shooting your arrow at a more elevated velocity via Ravin R500. 

But in terms of transporting or moving your crossbow, R500 might put you in a difficult scenario. Managing it in tighter spaces is also challenging. Also, you need more space for storage. 

Meanwhile, the R29X is quite smaller and more compact than the R500. And it won’t create such trouble for users at all. However, how intense the accuracy and power it can generate is still a question! 


Next up is speed! Though both crossbows provide top-notch speed, you can’t oversee such a massive speed of R500. I don’t say R29X is lower, but the more speed your crossbow can achieve the better. 

As a result, Ravin R500 will make arrows less affected by air. Also, it’ll pass longer distances while having a flatter trajectory! So, I’ll put the R500 model first in the race.


Do you want to carry bulkier crossbows? I hope not! As lightweight bows are flexible, you can’t resist using them. So, you need to add Ravin R29X to the purchase list for having a manageable weight of 6.75 pounds. At the same time, with a weight of 8.4 pounds, you may feel R500 much heavier and intractable while performing. 


Having high-tech crossbows like these two can be an ideal pick for you whereas pricing is a factor! But here, R29X comes with less pricing comparatively. However, while R29X stays around $2000, R500 will demand around $500 to $600 more to buy!

Finally, here’s my take

I think both models have something unique and appealing to attract users.

However, if you wanna snatch the maximum advantage out of the crossbow,

I’d suggest you go for the Ravin R29X based on analysis.

Yes, R500 might speed up the arrow more quickly, but if you see the other features, R29X wins over R500.

Final Thoughts

Now, you get a clear idea of which one is better R29X vs R500! 

You may relate to the fact that no model is the absolute winner. But if you explore them thoroughly, it seems that R29X has more to offer. 

Also, here’s my tip-

Be concerned and know your zone! You should learn what are your key priorities while shooting.

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