How To Shoot A Ravin Crossbow? (The Safest Way)

My Ravin crossbow just keeps shooting high! Sometimes it does not fire at all. How can I shoot it properly? Are you struggling with how to shoot a Ravin crossbow with precise accuracy? 

Shooting a ravin crossbow

The first reason for failing to shoot Ravin’s crossbow is not maintaining the loading and cocking steps accordingly. And when you forget to keep the safety mode in position, it starts shooting high or targets unintended aims.

What could be more terrible than this for an archer? Well, it’s not the time to be scared.

I’m going to cover how to shoot a Ravin crossbow safely and get you out of this inconvenience. 

Step By Step Guide On How To Shoot A Ravin Crossbow

Shooting a Ravin crossbow requires a systematic process. If not, it will just mess up. Let’s see how to do it.

how to shoot a ravin crossbow


As Ravin crossbows are designed to shoot only with Ravin branded arrows, collect arrows equipped with a new orange Ravin clip on the nock. 

And point your Ravin crossbow in a safe direction when loading. 


Now visually confirm that the safe mode is on and the white dot is noticeable. If It’s not then push it to the safe position. 


Inspect every arrow and insert it if it’s damaged or broken. Never try to shoot with damaged arrows. Firing with broken arrows will bring serious personal injury and harm the bow as well.

Also, look into the nocks and veins. Check if there is any splintering or cracking in the carbon shaft by flexing the arrow back and forth with your hand.


This time make sure the nock and the white fletching are properly oriented.  Look down to the length of the arrow with the white cock fletching straight down.

The nock opening should be horizontal and perpendicular to the white cock fletching. If the nock is not properly oriented rotate the nock to the required position. 


Inspect the bolts so that there are no cracks or chips present. Never place your hand or any of the body parts before the bolts and bowstrings. Always keep your hand forward on the strings stoppage.  


Next grasp your arrow directly behind the field tip. The white-colored fletching must be positioned downward in the rail at the 6 o’clock position.  

Now insert the nock end of the Ravin branded arrow under the riser archway and into the center of the TTFS until it’s fully engaged with the bowstring. You will need 5lb of force to do it. 


Now push the bowstring firmly. You’ll hear an audible click. If you don’t get any sound, completely remove the nock from TTFS and place it again. 

Then confirm the odd colored fletching is in the down position. Center the forward end of the arrow on the arrow rest


By sliding the safety into the fire position we will allow the Ravin crossbow to fire. And attempt to fire immediately. And yes, you’re done shooting your Ravin crossbow finally!

If your Ravin crossbow does not fire immediately, then push the safety in safe mode and uncock it without removing the arrow. Then try the cocking sequence again and begin to shoot. 

How To Shoot A Ravin R10 Crossbow?

Ravin r10 is referred to as the most effective crossbow as it allows 50 to 100 yards distance shots. Shooting an r10 is almost as similar as regular crossbows but the minute diffidence is-

While shooting 50 yards the arrows will be at the center of the arrow rest. And in case of 100 yards shooting, you’ll need to place the arrows further. 

How To Shoot A Ravin R26 Crossbow?

Shooting Ravin r26 is a bit difficult as this one is fast as a beast. First, you need to get used to regular crossbow shooting. Once you are adjusted with the backward force, you can try R26.

The procedure to shoot r26 is the same as a normal crossbow but you need to be more careful with the extremely fast release and backward force. 

How To Shoot Other Crossbows From Ravin? (R29x, R500, And More)

Shooting all the Ravin bands is almost the same. A slight variation could arise in the distance, speed, and safety precautions in different models.

Like Ravin R29x, the speed should be 450 FPS and the required arrow models have to be 500gr. Shooting the r500 model requires 550 FPS as the fastest crossbow and it can shoot up to 100 yards.

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The other Ravin models required normal speed and a regular new orange Ravin clip.

Key Takeaways

Load and cock ensure safety and shot! Shooting Ravin crossbows is a complete pleasure for an archer. You can follow the same easy procedure for each one.

But you must have to maintain the speed, distance, and safety measures for different models and you’re done.

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