Centerpoint CP400 Vs Ravin: The Ultimate Battle

Centerpoint offers excellent value and accuracy, while Ravin has some of the most powerful crossbows available.

So, archers are a bit confused about choosing between these options. When you are not sure whether you should choose a specific model of Centerpoint, like the Centerpoint CP400, over Ravin, it’s a difficult choice.

Well, that’s why you came here in the first place.

So, Centerpoint CP400 vs Ravin – which is better? Between the Centerpoint CP400 and Ravin, you will find that Ravin crossbows deliver better performance. Its shot accuracy is top-notch, as it can reach speeds of almost 430 feet per second. Additionally, its energy power is incredible. Meanwhile, the power stroke is superior in the CP400, but that’s not enough to claim it as the best one.

This is a quick answer, but don’t take it with a grain of salt. Rather, read through it.

Comparison Of The Specs Between Centerpoint CP400 And Ravin

So, here’s the sneak peak of the major specs worth comparison side by side.

FeaturesCenterpoint cp400Ravin
Speed400 foot-per-second430 foot-per-second
Energy Power142 foot-pounds170 foot-pounds
Power Stroke13.5 inches12 inches
Width (Cocked)6.5 inches5 inches
Width (Uncocked)9 inches10 inches
Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)AXCV200TPKVarying due to models like Ravin R10, Ravin R20, Ravin R29, etc.
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

In Depth Comparison: Ravin vs Centerpoint cp400

Well, cp400 is a specific model of centerpoint. While Ravin is a brand itself. So, it’s difficult to compare a brand with a model.

That’s why, I feel showing you the comparison in detail is necessary to come up with a verdict. 


The Ravin Crossbows like R10 or R20 are highly competent in discharging your arrows at the speed of 430 foot-per-second. Meanwhile, you may see the speed lacks a bit in the Centerpoint cp400. 

This crossbow can accelerate its speed up to 400 FPS. Though 400 FPS is well enough, shifting to Ravin will provide you with more benefits. Accuracy has a direct relationship with gaining speed. So, the more speed your bow can achieve, the better.

Energy Power

Along with that, Centerpoint cp400 has 142 foot-pounds of energy power. At the same time, the maximum kinetic energy output of Ravin crossbows is more than 170 foot-pounds. So, Ravin will provide you with better shoot accuracy, and better buck-stopping power.


Centerpoint CP400 comes with a gentle level of accuracy. With the simplicity in its body design, you may not get the highest level of accuracy here. But if you can maintain it properly, it will deliver tight groups and accurate shots in the long run.

On the other hand, Ravin crossbows are popular for their superior accuracy. Ravin employs better and advanced technology which leads to innovative crossbow designs. 

These are highly compact and come with low-profile design which can maintain accuracy over more elongated distances. Their advanced tracking system is another strength to achieve better accuracy and precision.

Power Stroke

The power stroke of cp400 is not less than 13.5 inches. And, the Ravin ones contain approximately 12 inches power stroke. If you don’t know what a power stroke does, well let me tell you! 

It decides how much energy has been generated while you fire with the crossbow. The longer the power stroke, the greater speed and penetrating power it will generate. So, cp400 is more preferable for you!

Is the Ravin crossbow worth the money?

Actually, it depends on the specific needs and preferences. Ravin crossbow is a high-end crossbow that offers several advanced features, such as a compact design, exceptional accuracy, and a high arrow speed. 

These features, however, come at a premium price, so some people may not find it worthwhile. 

Ultimately, whether or not the Ravin crossbow is worth the money will depend on the buyer’s budget, intended use, and personal preferences.

Here’s a link to a separate where I discussed if a Ravin crossbow is actually worth the money.

Are CenterPoint crossbows any good?

Of course, they are. In fact, on the market Centerpoint offers a superior precision crossbow. Coming with an average sizing and weight, CenterPoint is quite user-friendly. 

You can quite comfortably hold it for longer periods. The foregrip is adjustable and customizable with respect to arm length. Also, it can last longer compared to any other crossbow. 


Is CenterPoint made by Ravin?

No, and CenterPoint Archery and Ravin aren’t related directly. Meanwhile, CenterPoint Archery belongs to Crosman Corporation which is a subsidiary concern of Velocity Outdoor group. Velocity is also the owner of Ravin crossbows. So, both brands come from the same coalition.

Who bought Ravin?

Velocity Outdoor Inc. is responsible for acquiring Ravin crossbows recently. Meanwhile, this company is a subsidiary concern of Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI).

Which Ravin crossbow is the fastest?

Ravin R500 Series Crossbows are the fastest among all Ravin models. These are capable of shooting at a speed of 500 FPS while carrying a 400-grain arrow. You won’t find any faster Ravin models other than this while having a consolidated and slim frame.

How long will a Ravin crossbow last?

A Ravin crossbow can easily last up to 2 years. In other words, it may sustain until you shoot 400 times. After that, you need to get brand-new strings and cables. In the meantime, durability depends on how you maintain and care for them. 

Where are CenterPoint crossbows made?

Centerpoint crossbows are made and designed in the USA. Offering high-quality crossbows is their specialty which eases your hunting experience. 

Are Ravin crossbows made in the USA?

Yes, Ravin crossbows are from the USA. Their headquarter is in Superior, Wisconsin which has now become a leading manufacturer of good-quality crossbows and relevant accessories.

What Target does the Ravin crossbow use?

Ravin crossbows utilize SpyderWeb Targets while creating no barriers or damage to the arrows. This type of target is stunning in terms of providing extreme power and longevity.

How far will a Ravin crossbow shoot accurately?

Within 100 yards, Ravin crossbows can shoot extremely well. And, you can shoot it with 3-inch groups while being quite lightweight and maneuverable.

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