How To Install Nockturnal Nocks? (Simple Guide)

Every time you attempt to install a Nockturnal lighted nock, the nock pops out of the shaft. Are you doing something wrong? Allow us to provide guidance on the correct method for installing Nockturnal nocks.

Nockturnal nocks come with unique features that necessitate the use of specific tools during installation. Incorrect installation attempts can potentially result in personal injury and damage to both the arrow and the nocks. To achieve a successful installation, you will need specialized pliers, the appropriate nocks, and a towel. Moreover, utilizing a dedicated Nockturnal tool can significantly simplify the process.

However, it’s imperative to follow the installation steps systematically to avoid any complications. Let’s explore the essential steps that will assist you in smoothly installing your Nockturnal nocks while ensuring their proper functionality.

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How To Install Nockturnal Nocks? (Step By Step)

Below is a list of steps to walk you through installing Nockturnal Nocks.

#Step 1: Remove the old nocks

The initial step you should take involves removing the old nocks from the arrow shafts. To accomplish this, you’ll require pliers, which will serve as a versatile tool in this process. Begin by gripping the top of the nock using the pliers’ tip and giving it a slight shake.

Subsequently, exert a gentle and direct backward pull. Afterward, apply a slight twist to the nock and repeat this procedure; this should facilitate its removal.

#Step 2: Line up the vane

In this phase of the installation, you will learn how to install your Nockturnal nocks using the Nockturnal lighted nock tool.

Now, what you need to do is align the desired vane on top with your Nockturnal lighted nocks.

#Step 3: Installation with nocturnal tools

Next, you need to position the nock tool and nock combination close to the carbon arrow shafts. Place them at the base of the shaft, and now it’s time to apply pressure. Continue to push until you hear a subtle clicking sound.

In case you don’t hear the click, hold the Nockturnal nock tool and make slight adjustments by twisting it left and right. Then, attempt to push again, ensuring that the force exerted remains below 20 pounds. This action will activate the light. So, this is how you utilize Nockturnal lighted nocks.

#Step-4: Adjustment of the nocks

You can now install Nockturnal lighted nocks using the pliers from step 1.

Choose a nock that fits precisely onto your arrow shafts. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, you can make adjustments by carefully trimming a small portion and removing any excess material.

#Step-5: Smoothing and lining up

Ensure the surface of the nock is smooth for this. Now, align the Nockturnal once again the way you desire. Push it in.

It’s likely that it won’t need to go in too far. I prefer to position it around that point, maintaining a small gap, and then proceed.

#Step-6: Final Installation

Grab a towel, which will serve as a buffer between the nock and the table. It cushions both the impact on the table and safeguards it from potential scratches, nicks, and dents, while also preventing any harm to your Nockturnal nocks.

Now, lay the towel on the table and position the nocks on the arrow. Place the arrow against the towel and apply pressure until you hear a soft click. Congratulations, you have now successfully completed the installation of a Nockturnal nock.

If you are worried about how to turn off Nockturnal nocks (The link will take you to a full guide) then just simply use the pliers to pull out the nock and turn them off.

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How Long Do Nockturnal Nocks Stay Lit?

With proper installation and care, your Nockturnal nocks can remain illuminated for up to 20 hours. However, their duration may vary based on usage. For instance, when reusing old nocks repeatedly, they tend to stay lit for approximately 5-8 hours. Efficiency diminishes with excessive use.

Nockturnal Lighted Nock Size Chart: What Fits Best?

Well, it’s truly crucial to be aware of the nock size before installing it, especially for special nocks, as they are slightly sensitive and lightweight. The size chart for Nockturnal is as follows:

  • .165 ID for G fit arrows
  • .246 ID for GT fit arrows 
  • .233 ID for H fit arrows 
  • .244 ID for D fit arrows

All of them are amazing but most of the archers prefer .246 ID AS they fit perfectly to all arrows. And also their lightweight acts as a benefit here. 

You can access the complete size chart here.

Key Takeaways

Nocturnals have often been somewhat tricky to install, but never overly challenging. Given their sensitivity, it’s advised not to install them freehanded.

Simply utilize the nocturnal installation tool for a quicker process. Alternatively, you can employ regular tools, and you’ll quickly notice how straightforward it truly is!

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