How To Install Nockturnal Nocks? (Simple Guide)

Every time I try to install a Nockturnal lighted nock the nock pops out of the shaft. Am I doing it wrong?  Then how to install Nockturnal nocks? 

Nocturnals are special featured nocks that need specific tools to install. If you try to install them you may harm yourself as well as damage the arrow and nocks. With a special pair of pliers, nocks, and a towel you can install them easily. even a specific nocturnal tool is an amazing way out.

But you need to follow the steps systematically or it’ll be a mess. Let’s see what’s the secret sauce here to install your nockturnal nocks easily.

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How To Install Nockturnal Nocks? (Step By Step)

So how do you install Nockturnal nocks? See the easiest way possible – 

#Step 1: Remove the old nocks

So the first thing I want you to do is to remove the old nocks from the arrow shafts. So you’re gonna need the pliers which will act like a multi-tool for you. So hold the top of the nock with the tip of the pliers and give it a little shake. 

Then pull straight back gently. Now twist the nock ever slightly and do this process again and it’ll come off.

#Step 2: Line up the vane

In this part of the installation, you will learn to install your nockturnal nocks with the nockturnal lighted nock tool. 

Now what you are going to do is line up the vane that you want on top with your Nockturnal lighted nocks. 

#Step 3: Installation with nocturnal tools

Then you have to put the nock tool and nock combination near the carbon arrow shafts. Put them at the bottom of the shaft and now it’s time to push. You’ll push until you hear the fine little click.

If you don’t hear it then hold the nockturnal nock tool and adjust it by twisting left-right. And then try to push again but the force can’t be above 20 pounds. This will light it up. So this is-  how do you use nockturnal lighted nocks?

#Step-4: Adjustment of the nocks

Now you can install nockturnal lighted nocks by using regular tools you have at your home. Just pick up a pair of pliers, a towel, and nocks.

Take a nock that exactly fits your arrow shafts. If not then adjust them by cutting a little bit and removing the excess parts.

#Step-5: Smoothing and lining up

Make the surface of the nocks smooth for this. Now line up the nocturnal again the way you want it. Push it in.

Which is just probably not gonna be too far. I prefer to get it about there keeping a little gap and then.

#Step-6: Final Installation

Take the towel which is going to act as a buffer between the nock and the table. It softens both the impact on the table and prevents it from scratching, nicking, and denting and also prevents you from breaking nocturnals. 

Now put it on the table and place the nocks on the arrow. Put the arrow against the towel and push until you hear a little click. And yes, you are done installing a Nockturnal nock. 

If you are worried about how to turn off Nockturnal nocks (The link will take you to a full guide) then just simply use the pliers to pull out the nock and turn them off.

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How Long Do Nockturnal Nocks Stay Lit?

With proper installation and care your Nockturnal nocks can stay lit for up to 20 hours. But their ability varies depending on their usage. As sometimes I use old nocks again and again they stay lit for about 5-8 hours. The efficiency decreases overuse.

Nockturnal Lighted Nock Size Chart: What Fits Best?

Well, it’s really important to know the nock size before you install it. Special nocturnals as they are a bit sensitive and lightweight.  The size chart for nocturnal is-

  • .165 ID for G fit arrows
  • .246 ID for GT fit arrows 
  • .233 ID for H fit arrows 
  • .244 ID for D fit arrows

All of them are amazing but most of the archers prefer .246 ID AS they fit perfectly to all arrows. And also their lightweight acts as a benefit here. 

You can access the complete size chart here.

Key Takeaways

Nocturnals have always been a bit tricky to install but never too tough. As they are a bit sensitive nocks it’s prohibited to install them freehanded.

Just use the nocturnal installation tool to get it done fast. Or use some regular tools and you can already see how easy it was! 

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