How To Reset Ravin Broadheads? (Including Rage, SEVR, and Killzone)

Using the arrowhead once while hunting doesn’t mean we can’t use it again. To make the next shot better and more accurate, we have to reset the broadheads.

At the same time, different companies that make broadheads have different ways of resetting them. In this article, we’ll guide you through all the steps, especially focusing on how to reset Ravin broadheads. But we’ll also cover the whole topic.

So, how do we reset broadheads? First, we need to put the blades back in the right position. Some broadheads let the blades stay open, while others need them to be closed. We have to be careful when we do this. Also, we need to clean the clips inside and the slot where the arrow attaches.

But there’s more to it. Don’t worry, we’ve explained the whole process for popular brands like Ravin, Rage, and SEVR, and more.

How To Reset Ravin Broadheads? (Step by Step)

Wondering how we can close and reset our Ravin broadheads? Here’s the big piece of the puzzle! Follow the steps exactly, and we’re ready to go.

Step 1

Generally, Ravin broadheads come with a single-piece ferrule as well as an inner spring clip. We need to position the spring clip first and put it into the holes.

Step 2

Next, we should guide the internal spring clip down to the bottom while aligning it nicely with the holes. 

Step 3

Cleaning the ferrule slot as thoroughly as possible is crucial during the resetting process. Slide the blades so that they can fit into the ferrule slot.

Step 4

Afterward, let’s rotate the blades while they’re in the closed position. It’s worth noting that Ravin doesn’t include any rings, so we’ll need to install O-rings along with lock rings. However, please remember that this step is optional. Many hunters find hunting flexible without using any rings.

How Do You Close A Ravin Steel Broadhead?

Ravin broadheads typically come in three main types: aluminum, steel, and titanium. However, each type follows the same process for closing the heads.

To close the steel broadheads, we begin by shutting one blade at a time. Following that, we push the other blade closed as well. We continue this process until we hear an audible snap.

How To Reset Rage Broadheads?

Step 1

To start, we loosen the head part, making sure not to forget about the collar.

Step 2

Furthermore, we need to ensure that the blades are completely closed. This step might present a bit of a challenge for some users. Consequently, taking along old and used broadheads with closed blades can make our hunting experience more average.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to rotate the collar, which will keep the flat part sealing the blades. This method is used to secure the head in place.

When leaving the collars, arrange them in a line. Then, apply the bands to enhance their strength. Even using 3 to 4 tightly twisted bands is effective and won’t cause any problems.

Step 4

Similarly, we can tighten down the collar. Making sure there’s no rattling indicates a successful job.

Step 5

Orthodontic bands can be used without any issues. Concerned about their impact on flight accuracy? Not really! These bands can be easily employed on knockoffs as well.

How To Reset SEVR Broadheads?

Step 1

Firstly, we need to remove and discard the pivot screw. The same action should be taken with the blades and wave washers.

Step 2

Additionally, we must remember to thoroughly clean the ferrule slot.

Step 3

Now, we can position the new left blade over the right one, both in the open and locked positions. By keeping the blades sliding, they will fit into the ferrule slot.

Step 4

During this process, it’s highly important to rotate the blades while they are closed.

Step 5

On the top side, installing a wave washer is crucial. Specifically, it fits between the ferrule and blade.

Step 6

It’s time to tighten the set screws.

Step 7

Simultaneously, we need to reinstall the O-ring. Following these steps completes the resetting process.

How To Reset Nap Killzone Broadheads?

Here are the precise steps we need to follow to close Nap Killzone broadheads.

Step 1

Our initial step is to position the spring clip tabs of the NAP Killzone into the holes on the broadhead’s blade. Subsequently, we thread the brass guide pin placed in the pivot bolt.

Step 2

Next, we insert the blades into the body, taking care to ensure that the spring clip goes to the bottom. Afterward, we properly align the holes.

Step 3

We proceed to insert the pivot bolt and guide pin into the blades using the holes.

Step 4

Now, we reverse the process by extracting the pin from the bolt.

Step 5

We then secure the lock nut onto the bolt, making sure that the flat side is positioned against the broadhead’s body. After that, we tighten it.

Step 6

On the backside, we rotate the blades. Finally, we use the safety wrench to force the blades into place.

What Broadheads To Use With Ravin Crossbows?

You can begin using Ravin’s new Titanium broadheads, which are specifically designed for Ravin crossbows. These broadheads utilize a higher grade 5 titanium material, making them an excellent choice for your needs.

Furthermore, their exceptional penetration quality and overall performance are noteworthy. With a weight of 100 grains, these user-friendly mechanical broadheads feature a single-piece ferrule and inner spring clip.

Meanwhile, your shopping list should also include Ravin Steel Broadheads and Ravin Aluminum Broadheads.

Moreover, all of these options can achieve speeds ranging from 450 to over 500 FPS when used with Ravin crossbows.


Do I have to tune Rage broadheads?

Yes! But most importantly, do the bow tuning first before giving a hand to Rage broadhead tuning. This approach will increase the accuracy of broadheads along with ensuring consistent arrow flights. 

Can I use broadheads more than once?

Definitely yes! As long as you take proper care of your broadheads by cleaning the blades and all, reusing is highly possible. 

What distance should a broadhead tune be?

On average, 20 to 30 yards is okay for this. Don’t require 100 yards! However, distance also depends on which range you feel more comfortable and confident shooting. 

Final Words

Now that we’ve covered how to reset broadheads, we have a good understanding, right?

However, it’s important to note that, similar to the resetting process, keeping the blades closed initially is of utmost importance. It’s these small yet effective steps that you need to follow!

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