How To Reset Ravin Broadheads? (Including Rage, SEVR, and Killzone)

Utilizing the head once during hunting does not mean you can not reuse them. To make the next shoot more proper and accurate, resetting broadheads is inevitable. 

At the same time, different broadhead brands bring different strategies to reset. In this article, I will guide you on everything related to this specifically on how to reset Ravin broadheads. However, I’ll also share the topic as a whole. 

So, how to reset broadheads? Blades’ positioning comes first in terms of resetting the broadheads. Some heads might allow blades open, some might keep them closed. You need to handle them carefully. Also, internal clips and the ferrule slot need to be cleaned. 

But that’s not everything. Worry not, we have sorted the whole process for the popular brands for example Ravin, rage and SEVR, and many more.

Shall we start then?

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How To Reset Ravin Broadheads? (Step by Step)

How to reset ravin broadheads

Wondering how you can close and reset your Ravin broadheads? Here’s the big piece of the puzzle! Follow the steps exactly and you’re ready to go.

Step 1

Generally. Ravin broadheads come with a single-piece ferrule as well as an innerspring clip. You need to position the spring clip first. Put it into the holes. 

Step 2

And then, keep the internal spring clip going to the bottom. At the same time, do an alignment to the holes nicely. 

Step 3

Cleaning the ferrule slot as much as possible is quite crucial while resetting. Slide the blades so that they can enter into the ferrule slot.

Step 4

And then, make the blades rotate when they stay in the closed position. You might know that Ravin does not come with any rings. So, you need to install O-rings along with lock rings. 

However, this step is not mandatory. Many hunters find hunting flexible without using any rings. 

How Do You Close A Ravin Steel Broadhead?

Ravin broadheads usually come in three major types- aluminum, steel, and titanium. However, each carries the same process of closing the heads down. 

Start closing the steel broadheads by closing one blade at a time. After that, push the other blade closed. And, keep the process going until hearing any audible snap. 

Simple, doesn’t it?

How To Reset Rage Broadheads?

Step 1

First of all, loosen the head part. You should not miss losing the collar too. 

Step 2

And yes, make sure the blades are completely closed. That’s the reason, many users might find resetting a bit challenging. As a result, carrying the old and used broadheads along with blades makes your hunt pretty average. 

Step 3

Now, it’s time to turn the collar which will let the flat part keep the blades sealed. This approach has been done to tighten the head. 

To leave the collars, sort them in a line. And then, add the bands which boost strength. Even 3 to 4 bands twisted on tight are good to go without creating any issues.

Step 4

Relevantly, cinching down the collar becomes possible. Remember not to have any rattling which shows you have done it properly. 

Step 5

You can try the Orthodontic bands without any issues. Heard about it may affect flight? Not really! You can easily utilize them on the knockoffs too.

How To Reset SEVR Broadheads?

Step 1

First, make sure to remove and discard the pivot screw. You should do the same to the blades along with wave washers.

Step 2

Along with that, don’t forget to clean the ferrule slot completely out. 

Step 3

Now, you are in a position to overlap the new left blade over the right one in the open along with the locked position. Keep the blades sliding so that they enter into the ferrule slot. 

Step 4

In the meantime, rotating blades is very crucial while they are in the closed position.

Step 5

On the top side, installing a wave washer is important. More particularly, it suits between the ferrule and blade. 

Step 6

It’s time to tighten up the set screws.

Step 7

At the same time, the O-ring has to be reinstalled. With this approach, your resetting activities are done. 

How To Reset Nap Killzone Broadheads?

Here are the exact steps you need to follow to close Nap Killzone broadheads.

Step 1

Positioning the spring clip tabs of the NAP Killzone into the holes on your broadhead’s blade should be the first approach. And then, thread the brass guide pin placed into the pivot bolt.

Step 2

Now, it’s time to insert blades into the body. Remember, you need to let the spring clip go on the bottom part. After that, align the holes properly. 

Step 3

Make the pivot bolt and guide pin inserted in the blades via utilizing holes.

Step 4

Do a reverse now- extract the pin out of the bolt.

Step 5

Knit the lock nut onto the bolt. Ensure that the flat side is positioned against the broadhead’s body or not! And then, tighten it.

Step 6

At the back side, make the blades rotate there. Finally, utilize the safety wrench in order to compel the blades.

What Broadheads To Use With Ravin Crossbows?

You can start working with Ravin’s new Titanium broadheads. These are highly exclusive for Ravin crossbows. By utilizing a higher grade 5 titanium material in it, this broadhead can be the ideal pick for you. 

Also, its penetration quality along with overall performance is top-notch. Coming with a 100-grain weight, this user-friendly mechanical broadhead brings a single-piece ferrule, and inner spring clip. 

At the same time, your purchase list should contain the Ravin Steel Broadheads and Ravin Sluminum Broadheads too!

Additionally, these all can provide you 450 to even more than 500 FPS with Ravin crossbows. 


Do I have to tune Rage broadheads?

Yes! But most importantly, do the bow tuning first before giving a hand to Rage broadhead tuning. This approach will increase the accuracy of broadheads along with ensuring consistent arrow flights. 

Can I use broadheads more than once?

Definitely yes! As long as you take proper care of your broadheads by cleaning the blades and all, reusing is highly possible. 

What distance should a broadhead tune be?

On average, 20 to 30 yards is okay for this. Don’t require 100 yards! However, distance also depends on which range you feel more comfortable and confident shooting. 

Final Words

Now you know exactly how to reset broadheads, don’t you? 

But look, just like the resetting process, keeping the blades closed at the first hand is very crucial. Small but effective steps like this you need to follow!

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