How To Glue Arrow Inserts? (Simple Guide)

You’ve purchased premade arrow inserts, but they’re too small for your fingers, making them susceptible to contamination. How can you customize arrow inserts yourself?

Using glue is the optimal choice for customizing arrow inserts. Achieving precise inserts requires gluing and adjusting them to fit your requirements. Since they prevent contamination and are easily removable, glued inserts take precedence over premade ones.

However, it’s essential for you to follow a structured approach; otherwise, gluing inserts can become messy.

Explore the simplest and most efficient method for gluing arrow inserts.

Why Should You Glue Your Arrow Inserts?

Many of my archer friends often ask, “Do I need glue for arrow inserts?”

I can confirm that you do. This is because most pre-made inserts are manufactured using a standard size, which might not be suitable for everyone.

Even professional archers opt for gluing arrow inserts since they can be customized to our individual needs.

Moreover, changing or replacing any damaged parts becomes easier with glued inserts. So, it’s always a wise decision to use glue!

How To Glue Arrow Inserts? (Step By Step)

Gluing arrow inserts doesn’t require a lot of equipment or effort. You just need to follow the steps carefully. Let’s take a look at the most effective way to glue arrow inserts.

As you are guided through each step, ensure that you have the glue ready for use.

Step 1

Before you glue in the inserts, first cut some arrows. They must be cut according to the required size of your model. Remember the finishing should be smooth and the excess has to be removed from the ends.

Step 2

Once you are done cutting your arrow to the desired length now we go ahead to collect some inserts for our specific model of the arrow, a glue gun, hot glue sticks, a lighter and wiper, and adjustable pliers.

Step 3

Now, heat the inserts for approximately 30-60 seconds, depending on the insert quality and the speed at which they melt. The goal is to warm them slightly without excessive melting, as overheating could alter the insert size.

Step 4

Next, heat the glue sticks for a minimum of 20 seconds, being cautious not to overheat them. Afterward, proceed to apply the melted glue to the inserts. Take extra care during this step to avoid any burns on your fingers, a common concern among archers.

Step 5

Following this, gently twist off any excess glue, ensuring not to go overboard. Once you’ve applied the glue, promptly position the insert. Apply firm pressure while pushing the insert into place until it reaches the desired position.

If you’re also gluing arrow tips, use the hot-melt glue on the pointed section of the arrow this time. Heat the inserts and gently push them into the desired position.

How To Glue Carbon Arrow Inserts?

Super glue is used to secure the carbon arrow insert. The procedure is straightforward.

You only need to apply the glue to the desired location on the arrow and position the inserts there.

How Do You Glue Easton Inserts?

When gluing Easton arrow inserts, there’s a minor variation in the process. After installing all the Easton inserts, it’s time to start gluing. For this step, you’ll need a pointed tool, such as a pin or a sharp stick.

Here’s how you do it: Apply the melted glue to each desired location and use the pin to ensure the glue reaches the appropriate depth. Once you’ve completed this, you’re finished with gluing the Easton inserts.

How To Remove Glue Arrow Inserts?

To remove super glue arrow inserts, follow this two-step technique:

  1. Choose a small drill that matches your arrow’s diameter.
  2. Insert the drill from the opposite side of the insert. Block the open part with your hand and swing it a few times. The insert should come out easily.

To remove super glue from carbon arrows you have to put the pointed parts of the arrows in warm water. Water that is too hot can damage the arrow.

What Kind Of Glue To Use To Glue An Insert?

Opting for hot glue when attaching arrow inserts is generally my preferred choice due to its easy removal.

However, some users lean towards using Gorilla Glue for arrow inserts in cooler temperatures, as it doesn’t tend to crack in the cold. You have the flexibility to choose between these options!

For carbon arrow inserts, super glues are commonly utilized. This is because hot glue sticks can sometimes cause damage to the carbon inserts.

How Do You Change Arrow Inserts?

To change arrow inserts, there are various approaches available, such as heating the inserts and pulling them off, or using a drill to remove them.

However, the most secure method involves gently swinging the arrow and allowing the insert to come off naturally.

Alternatively, you can soak the area in warm water to facilitate the insert change.

Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t attempt the hot water method with carbon arrow inserts.

For gluing in the inserts, my usual choices are super glue, hot-melt adhesive, or glue sticks. Occasionally, these inserts can be a bit tricky to remove. However, if you manage to remove them without causing any damage, you might even be able to reuse them.


Can you use super glue for arrow inserts?

Yes, you can. Even super glues are one of the best options for carbon arrows.

Can you use fletching glue for inserts?

Fletching glue is too brittle and harmful for your arrow tips. So it’s better not to use fletching glue.

Can you use Gorilla Glue on arrow inserts?

Yes, you can use Gorilla Glue on arrow inserts as they don’t crack in extremely cold weather.

How long does arrow insert glue take to dry?

The arrow insert glue takes around 2 hours to dry. If any of them dry quickly, it’s better not to use them for at least 1 day.

Does anyone have any problems with AAE insert glue?

AAE glues are best for temporary use. But archers often face not- sticking problems with AAE glues.

Can you use Gorilla Glue on carbon arrows?

Gorilla Glues are urethane type which is not a good choice for carbon arrow inserts.

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