How To Glue Arrow Inserts? [Simple Guide]

I’ve bought premade arrow inserts but they are too small for my finger. They are always at risk of contamination. How can I customize arrow inserts on my own? 

Glues are the best options for customizing your arrow inserts. To get accurate inserts you need to glue and modify them according to your needs. As they leave no way for contamination and are easy to remove afterward gluing inserts always get priority over premade ones. 

But you need to follow a systematic way otherwise gluing inserts can turn into a mess. 

Check out the easiest and most effective way how to glue arrow inserts.

Why Should You Glue Your Arrow Inserts?

Many of my archer friends often ask, “Do I need glue for arrow inserts?”

That’s a big yes from me. Because most of the pre-made inserts are made based on a standard size. That may not be suitable for us all.

Even professional archers prefer gluing arrow inserts as we can customize them on our own.

Changing or replacing any damaged parts is also easier with glued inserts. So, It’s always a great decision to glue them!

How To Glue Arrow Inserts? (Step By Step)

To glue arrow inserts you don’t need much equipment or effort. Just need to follow the steps accordingly. Check out the best way to glue arrow inserts.

As I show you step by step, make sure you have Glue ready to use.

Buy one if you haven’t already. Let me help you come up with a suggestion. This one from Amazon is my favorite.


Before you glue in the inserts, first cut some arrows. They must be cut according to the required size of your model. Remember the finishing should be smooth and the excess has to be removed from the ends.


Once you are done cutting your arrow to the desired length now we go ahead to collect some inserts for our specific model of the arrow, a glue gun, hot glue sticks, a lighter and wiper, and adjustable pliers.


Now heat the inserts for about 30-60 seconds. It depends on the insert quality and how fast they melt. We don’t want to melt it more so we’re gonna heat it a little. However, overheating can bring changes in insert size.


Now heat the glue sticks for 20 seconds at least and also be careful about overheating.

Then it is time to put the melted glue on the inserts. Put the glue very carefully because many archers burn their fingers at this step.


Now twist off the excess glue but don’t overdo it. Place the insert right after you put glue on it. Push the insert as hard as you can to reach the desired position.

If you need to glue the arrow tips too then this time use the hot-melt glue in the pointed area of the arrow. And heat the inserts and push them into the desired position.

How To Glue Carbon Arrow Inserts?

We use super glue to glue in the carbon arrow insert. Here the procedure is simple!

You just need to put the glue on the desired location of the arrow and place the inserts there!

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If we want to hot glue arrow inserts then we must take hot glue sticks or hot melt glue.

How Do You Glue Easton Inserts?

There is a slight difference in glue in the Easton arrow inserts. Once you install all the Easton inserts we go gluing it. You have used a pointed tool like a pin or sharp stick here.

Put the melted glue in every desired location and use the pin so that the glue can reach every possible depth. And You’re done gluing Easton inserts. 

How To Remove Glue Arrow Inserts?

To remove super glue arrow inserts you have to follow the two-way technique. Put a small drill into the arrow that fits your arrow’s diameter.

Put the drill from the opposite side of the insert. Then block the open part with your hand and swing it a couple of times. And It’s out! 

To remove super glue from carbon arrows you have to put the pointed parts of the arrows in warm water. But not that hot which damages your arrow.

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What Kind Of Glue To Use To Glue An Insert?

Hot glue for arrow inserts is always the best decision for me as they are easier to remove.

But a few users prefer gorilla glue for arrow inserts at cool temperatures as they don’t crack in cold. You can choose both! 

Most used glue carbon arrow inserts are super glues because hot glue sticks sometimes damage the carbon inserts.

How Do You Change Arrow Inserts?

To change arrow inserts we can use many paths like pulling off the inserts after heating them or removing them with a  drill. 

But the safest way is to swing and gradually let the insert fall off on its own.

Or you can put in some warm water to change the insert. 

But remember don’t try the hot water method with carbon arrow inserts. 

I normally use super glue or hot-melt, or glue sticks to glue in the inserts. And sometimes they are a bit tricky to remove. But if you remove the inserts without any damage, you can even reuse them.


Can you use super glue for arrow inserts?

Yes, you can. Even super glues are one of the best options for carbon arrows.

Can you use fletching glue for inserts?

Fetching glue is too brittle and harmful for your arrow tips. So it’s better not to use fletching glue.

Can you use gorilla glue on arrow inserts?

Yes, you can use gorilla glue on arrow inserts as they don’t crack in extremely cold weather.

How long does arrow insert glue take to dry?

The arrow inserts glue takes approximately 2insertss to dry. If any of the dries fast it’s better not to use them before 1 day.

Does anyone have any problems with aae insert glue?

Aae glues are best for temporary use. But archers often face not- sticking problems with aae glues.

Can you use gorilla glue on carbon arrows?

Gorilla glues are urethane type which is not a good choice for carbon arrow inserts.

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